New Spice Racks and Paper Towel Holder

In trying to make our motorhome more homey and user-friendly, I searched the web for a paper towel holder and a spice rack.  I knew I could buy one of those cheap white plastic paper towel holders that screw into the top of the cabinet, but I was looking for something with a little style.  The space is only 5″ high where it will go, which limits my selection.  I found a really cute black iron paper towel holder  online at Bed Bath and Beyond, but it is 6″ high.  I ordered it anyway because it just might work depending on where the paper towel sits.  It is supposed to come today.  I can’t wait to see if it will work.  Another good thing, if it does work, is that my daughter Melissa and I went into the store and had them order it for us.  Ordering it that way eliminated the shipping charges and we got to use a $5.00 off coupon.  Can you say “sweet”.

Paper towel holderWhile looking for the paper towel holder online, I came across the perfect spice racks for Winnie.  I had my daughter Melissa order them using her Amazon Prime account.  The spice racks came yesterday and fit perfectly.  I can put 3 of the 4 across the back of the stove wall and still have room for the paper towel holder.  That sure will free up cupboard space for something else and make it easier to find the spice I need.  I can’t wait until my son Kevin has time to put them up for me.

When I get them both hung up I will take a picture and show them to you.

Until next time,


It’s Time To Sell


After talking about the full-time RV lifestyle for a few years now and actually acting on it for over a year, the time has finally arrived to put our home on the market.  We’ve had many good years here in this home, but this is not a home suited for retirement.  We’ve had some bumps in the road to get to this point and ideally I would have preferred to list our home last spring, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

We’ve purged our home of almost everything except for the items needed to live here.  I thought getting rid of everything you spent a lifetime collecting would be harder than it was.  It was nice to see who wanted what and give those items to that person.  It was kind of funny that some of the things you thought someone might want they didn’t and the things you didn’t think they would want they did.  Go figure.

It was also nice to see that some of the items family members didn’t want and we sold went to good homes.  I really have to laugh at the prices people paid.  Some things went for a lot more than I would have thought, while other items I thought would have sold for more didn’t.  We are not garage sellers or buyers so pricing items was hit and miss. Purple Heart and the Salvation Army received a good portion of items.

We did have to rent a storage locker for some items, like my craft supplies.  I just wasn’t willing to give it all away yet.  I have too much money invested in it and I do use all of it.  By renting the storage unit it will give me time to see how much crafting I will do on the road.  Who knows, my hobbies on the road may be different from what I did in the sticks and bricks.  I am taking a goodly amount of basic supplies with me.  Such as; my sewing machine, quilting and sewing tools, knitting needles and crocheting hooks, needlework floss and threads, paint and brushes, and other basic craft supplies.  Yep, I’ve got enough to keep me busy and out of trouble.

Now to find the right buyer for this home quickly.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Until next time,




Ice in the Bucket

Remember last week I was telling you about the ice maker in Winnie not making ice and I couldn’t figure out why?  Well guess what!  We have ice!  I have no idea why or how that happened.  I’ve looked at it a few times, wiggled the bar, moved the bucket around, talked to it, nothing.  Now all of a sudden there is a bucket full of ice!  I’m not complaining, not at all.  I’m just baffled and very happy.

I have the appointment made for next Tuesday to bring Winnie in to General RV and have the ice maker looked at, along with having the igniter switch on the stove installed.  I won’t need to spend money on having the ice maker looked at, but I still need the igniter switch installed.  And, as long as I am there, I think I will have them fill up the propane tank.  It is reading 1/2 full.  I am also going to ask them to look her over good to see if she needs sealant, especially the roof.  Neither of us can or should be up there.

As long as we have Winnie out and about over that way, we might as well go camping.  Right?  I made reservations at Proud Lake Recreation Area.  It’s the state park we went to last year.  It is very close to Clyde’s work, as well as my daughter Melissa and grandson Tristan’s home.

On the home front, we are moving along nicely, going through everything and readying the home for sale.  Hopefully we will be able to get it listed this Sunday or Monday before we leave to go camping.

Until next time,


New Folding Table

I love to read RV forums and other RV’ers blogs.  I find many good ideas from seasoned RV’ers that I can implement into our motorhome and our way of life.  Recently I was looking at a roll-up table that would fit in a bag no bigger than a camp chair bag.  We have limited space which makes that table very appealing.  On the down side, it is not made to use for dining or cards. The way it is made makes it hard when sitting to put your legs under it.  I also read that it was hard to get back in the bag and not very sturdy.

Other forum posters suggested a folding camp table the size of a card table that folded in half for storage.  I really liked this table.  It is identical in construction to the folding banquet table my daughter, Melissa, has that she purchased at Costco.  I measured the storage area I had in mind to store the table in and it would fit perfectly.  So, I asked Melissa to order it for me on her Amazon Prime account.  The table came yesterday.  We tested it out with our camp chairs.  My husbands chair is a bit higher than the other camp chairs and works perfectly.  My chair is a bit lower, but sitting on a pillow will bring me up to the perfect height.  I am really happy with this table.  It fits perfect in our storage bay, takes up very little space and will come in handy when a picnic table is not available or we are in need of extra table space.  I also prefer to sit in a chair with a back, which a picnic table does not have.  Another reason to love my new table.

Until next time,




Still No Ice

Ever since we brought Winnie back from getting repaired 2 weeks ago the ice-maker hasn’t made ice.  I’m not sure why.  We have her plugged in to the house’s electric, filled her up with water, checked to make sure valves were open, the refrigerator is set at the coldest setting, the pump is on, the coach battery is on and we have the metal bar in the ice machine down.  Still no ice.  The funny thing is we had ice the last time we went camping.

Yesterday I called General RV to make an appointment to bring Winnie in to get the ice-maker looked at and fixed.  I also needed to find out why I hadn’t gotten a call yet about the igniter switch for the stove, which was supposed to be ordered 2 weeks ago when we had her in for repairs.  First, I talked to the parts department about the igniter switch.  I found out the part was never order.  He transferred me to the service department.

The service department didn’t know why the igniter switch wasn’t ordered.  The service writer we dealt with was busy with a customer and was supposed to call us back.  That never happened.  No surprise.  I’ve never gotten a call back from them.

I told the woman I was talking to about the ice-maker and I told her I needed to make an appointment to bring her in and have it looked at.  She asked me if I had the metal bar in the ice-maker up or down.  I told her down.  She said it needs to be up.  She checked with someone else sitting next to her and they said up also.  It didn’t make sense to me, but I’d give it a try.  I always believed the bar was there to measure the amount of ice being made and when the container was full, no more ice would fall down.  If the bar was up, no ice would drop.  But what do I know.

I also told her that the connector under the kitchen sink either had a slow leak or it was condensation, but the part was damp.  She gave me her e-mail address and I sent her a picture.


After trying her way with the bar up and still no ice, I e-mailed her and told her I needed to make an appointment.  She was nice enough to call me back. We set a date to bring Winnie in for August 15th.  I told her I still hadn’t heard from the service writer and she said she was still trying to find out about it for me.  I will e-mail her again today to check on it.  I want to make sure the part is in when I take her in on the 15th.

Until next time,



Plugging Along

Things are moving along here on the home front.  We are purging our belonging by selling and giving away what we do not want or need in the motorhome.  It is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over the years.  It feels good to get it done now.

I hope to have our home close to being empty before we list it, except for what we need immediately.  I did have to rent a storage unit for all of my craft supplies.  I’ve got too much invested in it to just give it away.  And, I do use all of it during the year.  I’ve just got to decide what projects I will be working on while we are away so I can have what I need in Winnie.  But, I am sure I will have left something behind.

Wednesday we took my sewing machine in to have it cleaned.  It was a good time to do it being I was emptying out my sewing room.  I had previously spent many hours going through everything and putting it away in totes. My sewing machine should be ready to pick up tomorrow.

Today I took down the pictures around the house and hung some in Winnie.  I’m enjoying making her ours instead of the standard motorhome look.  I want her to feel like home.

As I said, we are plugging along and if all goes good, we should be able to list our home in the next couple of weeks.

Until next time,



Repairs and General Maintenance

Good Morning everyone.  We haven’t been able to do any more camping, but we have been working hard to obtain our goal of being full-time RV’ers.  It sure is a slow process.

We took Winnie over to Cummins-Bridgeway to have the air conditioning looked at.  When driving we had no cool air at all.  Ugh.  It was a good thing we did take her in.  They found a few other repairs that needed to be taken care of.  The sway bars were broken.  Whatever that is.  No idea how they break.  They might have been broken when we bought her a year ago.  There was also a leak in the oil cooling seal or there about.  And, as we knew already, we needed a new chassis battery.  They mentioned in their notes when we picked her up that the 2 coach batteries were in poor condition.  If they would have said something to us we would have had them replace them also.  Maybe they didn’t have that type of battery in stock.  Who knows.  Anyway, it was as rather expensive visit.  It’s a good thing we had purchased the extended warranty which covered $970.  It still cost us $1,300.  I’m just happy to have her back and repairs completed.

The next week we took her to General RV to have the left front jack looked at.  It would go down but not back up.  We had to assist the process with a board.  The other repair we needed to have looked at was the stove igniter switch.  It wouldn’t light the stove.  I needed to use a match.  The jack they said wasn’t anything major.  The stove igniter switch needs replacing and they had to order the part.  When it comes in we will pay for that.  They told me there would be no charge for them to install it.  While we were there we had them replace the 2 coach batteries.  Another expensive day – $550.  But, I am really happy to have the peace of mind that the repairs are done.  We just have to get the stove part in and installed.

On the home front, we had a garage sale the week-end after the 4th of July.  It was a perfect weekend weather wise.  We managed to eliminate a few things from our pile, just not enough.  Many items ended up being donated.   We’ve been working hard giving away and purging items.  We are getting there, slowly but surely.  Hopefully we will soon be ready to list our home and it will sell quickly.

Until next time,