Decisions Decisions

Good morning family and friends. Oh my it got cold last night. The temperature is only 34° now, but at least it is supposed to warm up to 61°; which is warmer than it was yesterday.

Tomorrow is a travel day. Our original plan was to spend the next two weeks in a Corps of Engineering campground along the Georgia/Florida line. We have had to change those plans. One month ago hurricane Michael decimated much of the Florida panhandle and surrounding areas. The East Bank corps of engineering park on Lake Seminole was one of the areas that suffered damage and is still closed for repairs.

So what are our choices and where do we go. We could stay here another 6 days, but that would mean we would need to leave on Thanksgiving day. No thank you. We have reservations for the month of December at Gulf Shores state park in Alabama. We were there last year and really liked it. Looking at our options heading that way were slim and none. The parks were either damaged from the hurricane and closed, or they were full or too expensive for our budget.

Fortunately we were able to get a site at Gulf Shores state park. It is not the same site we have for the month of December, which means we will have to move in 2 weeks. But, that’s fine. At least we were able to get in. They have a long waiting list. It is a very popular park.

Gulf Shores is about 265 miles from here. For us that is about a 5 1/2 hour drive. The park is also in a different time zone. We are in the eastern and the park is in the central time zone (1 hour behind us).

Mapquest has us going north along I-10. I would like to take the scenic drive along the ocean, but I am a bit leery. I am not sure the roads are all clear from hurricane Michael. For us, driving a motorhome pulling a car is not as easy as just going through an area in a car. We cannot back up. If we get stuck some place we have to unhook the car to turn around. What to do. Decisions decisions.

Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,


A Day Indoors

Good morning. A brisk one at that. It is 48° now with a high of only 57°. I am glad we are not up north with the rest of our family. Some are getting measurable amounts of snow and none have high temperatures that will reach 40°.

We are happy the rain is now out of the forecast for the remainder of our stay here and the temperature is forecast to improve each day with lots of sunshine. So, pleasant days ahead.

As yesterday was another gloomy rainy day. We spent the day playing games and watching movies. I even did some beading. Our “go to” games inside are Skip.Bo and Phase 10. We have a couple other games we like to play outside on the picnic table where we have more room.

I just have one picture for you today. I took it yesterday morning while I was sitting here writing to you. I can never get enough of watching the wildlife around us. I don’t know what kind of berries are there, but the deer sure do like that tree.


Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,



Movie Day

Good morning. As predicted we had an overcast gloomy day with lots of rain. It was a great day to stay in and watch old movies. We do not pay for cable or satellite TV and our antenna channels come in spotty here. It is frustrating to start watching something and have the program fade in and out continually looking for reception.

A good alternative is DVD’s. Thanks to my sister and niece who were cleaning out their stashes while we were visiting them during the summer, we became the grateful recipients of a very large bag of old DVD’s.

We are not movie goers. We wait for the movies to come to TV or DVD. That means there are many movies we have never seen. On the other hand, we do (or I do) have a tendency to not remember movies I have seen. I can watch a movie almost to its entirety until I remember I may have seen it before. So this very large bag of movies we were gifted with was perfect for us. Thanks again Barb and Tina.

For those of you curious as to what we watched, we viewed 3 movies. #1-Friday Night Lights, #2-Crash, and #3-Good Will Hunting. None of which we had seen before. We’ve also been enjoying a movie in the evenings. It’s been a nice change of pace for us.

On our walk yesterday between the rain I didn’t find anything new and exciting to share with you. But, Clyde did find a tiny lizard that blended in with the twigs just outside our motorhome. I believe it is an Ornate Tree Lizard.


I was also able to take a picture of a bird through the motorhome window. I think it is the Northern Mockingbird which is the state bird of Florida.


Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,


P.S. As I am sitting here I see 3 deer right in front of our motorhome. How cool is that.😊



Good morning. As the song says “the sun’ll come out tomorrow”, that’s what we are hoping for. Today is going to be an overcast rainy day. Good thing we have nothing planned.

Yesterday we took a drive into Sopchoppy for a few groceries. It is a very small town with less than 500 people. The town has more churches than anything else. We counted 6 in town and 2 just outside of town. There is one mom and pop grocery store that even has a small deli.

On our walk around the park we ventured down a few paths that lead to the water. The path behind our campsite is blocked with fallen trees and debris left from hurricane Michael. We can see the water from our site, so the walk isn’t a long one.

The white squirrels are fun to take pictures of, as they seem to pose for you. We were hoping to see the white deer they say is in the area or a black bear or even a snake, but no such luck 🍀 yet. We don’t leave here until Saturday so you never know.

Here are a few more pictures for you.




Enjoying our lifestyle.

Until next time.



Bald Point

Good morning. Waking up here in the Ochlockonee State Park is so peaceful with the wildlife outside my front window. The deer are frequent and the squirrels are numerous. You see many grey squirrels with a few white squirrels scattered in. They are entertaining to watch, chasing each other up, down and around the trees.

This is a small park with only 30 sites. Each site is separated by vegetation, which helps give you more privacy and space. The park recently updated the electric and now offers 50 amps; always a plus for us. We are in site #7 which is deep enough for our unit. Some sites are short and wide, perfect for smaller units and tents. They have both sites to reserve and 1st come sites. The park is a favorite for fishermen and has a boat launch.

Yesterday we took a ride in the opposite direction along the coast to Panacea. We crossed over the Ochlockonee Bay bridge. The picture below shows the unusual (at least to us)water swirls. We thought it was interesting.


We also drove over to Bald Point State Park and walked to the shore. There we spotted a horseshoe crab. We have no idea if it was dead or alive. We did not want to disturb it.


We are enjoying our stay here. Loving our lifestyle .

Until next time.





St. George Island

Good morning. We woke up to a chilly morning. I had to turn the heat on to get the nip out of the air. No complaining mind you, just stating a fact. I am very happy to be south where sandals are on and coats are in the closet.

I’m not sure about Patty Pepper though. She is finding all this sand a bit hard to find the perfect place to do her business. She much prefers thick grassy areas.

We took a short drive yesterday to Camp Gordon Johnston, a WWII exhibit in Carrabelle, Florida on the gulf coast. For such a small museum they sure had a lot of memorabilia. And, again we learned something new. The museum is free with a donation box by the door.

From there we took a drive along the coast and across to St. George Island. The causeway across was the longest we’ve been on thus far. I love the homes along the coast and on the island. They are all so colorful and different from what you find up north. As in other areas along the ocean and gulf, the homes are all on stilts. Those who live here must be in good physical condition to take those stairs everyday along with their groceries. Not something I’d like to do, but the view would be amazing.

The state park on the island was closed. We are assuming due to the destruction hurricane Michael left behind.  All along our drive we witnessed piles of debris, damaged homes and roads. We understand this area escaped the worse of it’s havoc, but it is still so sad to see.

We never found an area to get out and walk along the beach on the island. The island is mostly private homes.

Here are a few pictures from our drive yesterday and one of the white squirrels in the park. Enjoy.



We haven’t seen any yet, but we are looking.









Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time.





Catching Up

Good evening friends and family,

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated you on our travels. I could make lots of excuses, but mostly we’ve been having too much fun. Another excuse I’ll give is that I am having computer problems. I have to use it like a tablet and do not have access to the keyboard which makes typing so much slower. A trip to Best Buy is on my “to do” list. Enough with the excuses, let’s catch you up.

Last time I wrote we were heading to our daughter Karen’s in Berea, Kentucky. While there, we stayed at a small RV/mobile home park right off the expressway. There are two parks to choose from right across the road from each other. Both parks are very convenient for those just needing an overnight stop and those who want to visit the area.

As with our stays in Peoria, Illinois and Lebanon, Ohio, we enjoyed not only visiting our family, but also going sightseeing around the areas. What I enjoy most (2nd to visiting with those I love) is seeing and doing what they enjoy most. Each of them took us to their favorite places. The hard part is time goes by too quickly and we have to say goodbye.

We left Berea on the 6th and spent that night in Forsyth, Georgia in the Walmart parking lot. We arrived much later than we had intended. Traffic going through Atlanta was worse than we’ve experienced going through any other large town. Even Chicago! The best part of the drive was seeing the beautiful fall colors. What a perfect time of year to travel. It was a very nice Walmart with a huge parking lot. We were able to park next to an island so we could extend the bedroom slideout.

From there we went into Florida and spent 2 days at Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs. We loved the park and the area.



Today we arrived in Sopchoppy where we will spend the next 8 days in Ochlochonee State Park. We are looking forward to checking out the area. We have already seen wildlife. We saw our first white squirrel and a small doe.


I will post more pictures tomorrow.

Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,