You would think purchasing an expensive motorhome and getting good customer service would go hand in hand. Not so in our case. From the very beginning it seemed like everything that could go wrong did. In every phase of the purchase there was something that went wrong. I would say the problem was lack of communication between departments (sales, finance and service). I felt like all they were really interested in was closing the sale and moving on to the next customer.

By the time Winnie was supposed to be ready to be brought home it was very late and we were exhausted, physically and mentally.  Following behind Winnie in our car I noticed a tail light out. That was our first inclination that the prep work we paid $1,500 for was not done. Instead they used that time to put on our $500 surge protector, vent covers and a couple other items we paid to have done before we brought her home.

We called our salesman first thing and was told to make a list and bring her back in.  Everything would be taken care of, “don’t worry” he said. Over the next few weeks we found other obvious things that should have been taken care of in their prep work, such as a number of burned out bulbs inside.

When we were ready to take her in to get all the items on our list completed, we texted our salesman to set up the time with the service department so they would be ready for us. We had not moved her since parking in the driveway 2 months earlier. Do to the extreme cold and bad weather it was hard to find time to get outside. It was then that we noticed another problem, and major one. We could not get the back jacks up.  Our son, Kevin, had to pry them up with a 2×4.

Once in the service area we learned they had no idea we were coming.  I sat down with the service writer and listed all of our concerns. He was not sure what the company would pay for, but took our list to our salesman. The lights would be covered, but they weren’t sure about the jacks. After a bit of discussion and insistence, we thought it was to be covered by our extended warranty. We left her there to be serviced.

The service department determined that 3 of the jacks were bent and needed replacement parts. They tried to blame us!  Really? How could we have caused it? We hadn’t moved her. After some persuasion they decided they would cover the cost. The parts needed to be ordered, which would take a week to 10 days. That would not do! We were supposed to be taking our maiden voyage that next weekend. They said they would put a rush on the parts and see what they could do. Meanwhile, we waited.

The parts did not come in on time. We were assured we would be okay to go on our outing and just not use the jacks. So we brought her home. It’s the night before we are to leave, which doesn’t give us much time to pack. We will go, enjoy our mini vacation and bring her back later to be fixed. That is not how we pictured our first outing, but we will make it work.

Until next time,





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