Taking Care of Winnie

We are back from our 1st adventure in Winnie. The parts for the jacks came in. We scheduled our repair time and took her in. They fixed her jacks, checked the battery charge for us, and put a new tail light in. We were also informed that the reason we couldn’t get water to stay in the tank was that the hot water tank valve was left open. Frustrating, but at least we know it was flushed out.

With that taken care of its time to give her a good cleaning. Inside she was thoroughly scrubbed; floors were vacuumed, mopped, and steam cleaned. Refrigerator was cleaned, along with every other inch of her. She looks good and smells good.

Now for the outside. That was not as easy for me. I’m too old to get on the roof and the scrubber I bought attaches to the hose. It is very soft and has a place to fill it with soap. My choice was baby shampoo.  I had read from other veteran rv’ers that it was a good safe product. My problem was that filled with running water it made the scubber very heavy. It took a while,  but I  got her clean. Not as good as I would have liked, but she looks much better. I want to get her roof checked and cleaned, along with a good wash and wax all over.

We filled up the water tank, checked the hot water and what do you know. The water stayed in the tank. We could not get the gage to read full however. It only read 3/4. I turned on the refrigerator to test the ice maker. It took a while, but we did get ice cubes. That is, once I realized that the pump has to be on to make ice cubes.

My next project is organization. With our plans of selling the s & b (sticks and bricks – house) beginning of next year and going FT (full-time), I need to get very organized. The more I am able to figure out now the easier it will be next year.

Until next time,



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