Packing and Organizing

20160429_114040.jpgOrganizing a motorhome is a lot like organizing any other home except for the fact that there is a lot less space, things get jostled around and you have to consider weight and it’s distribution. Ok, so it’s not the same at all. But, I do want my kitchen items in the kitchen area, bath stuff in the bathroom and clothes in the bedroom.  I mean really, who wants to store toilet paper in the kitchen or dishes in the bathroom.  Right?

One thing I wanted when choosing a motorhome was a washer and dryer. Winnie did not come with them, but she did come with the space and hookups. Now that I’ve had her a little while I’m not sure if I want to give up the storage space. We also have to consider what type of camping we are going to be doing.  Will it be mostly full hookups or rustic or electric only? We decided to wait on getting the washer and dryer.  No hurry. Let’s just see what will be best for us.

Right now it seems like we have plenty of room, but this summer is occasional camping only. I am only packing what I know I will need for that trip. Some things I have duplicates of, so I have put what will be going long term in her now.  Other items have to go in and out for each trip. I don’t mind too much because I know next spring we will be living in her full-time.

Until next time,







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