First Year in Winnie Recap – Statistics

img_0368We camped:

  • A total of 26 nights
  • 11 different times
  • 5 different state parks (4 Michigan and 1 Ohio)
  • 2 private parks (1 was a KOA)
  • 3x’s at Brighton Recreation Area-Bishop Lake, Lower Campground
  • 2x’s at Proud Lake Recreation Area
  • 3 different states:  Michigan, Ohio and Illinois

We traveled:

  • 1,911 miles total
  • 732 miles longest trip (to Peoria, Illinois)
  • 610 miles 2nd longest (to Mackinaw)
  • 382 miles 3rd longest (to Ohio)

We spent:

  • $667.63 total camping fees
  • $25.68 average per night

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Road Trip #2

Going to Peoria, Illinois to see our son, Scott and daughter-in-law, Mel. Party time! Happy time! Wedding celebration time! We had originally thought about staying in a hotel, but it is so much nicer to be able to stay in our own rolling hotel. The problem was we weren’t sure where we would park her as the gathering is over a holiday week-end.  And, we have to drive through the dreaded Chicago area traffic.

The trip is long enough in a car, but in Winnie it would take even longer, so we decided to make it a 2 day trip, leaving after work on Thursday.  Our half way point is at the Michigan/Indiana border.  We already have a Michigan State Park sticker and haven’t stayed at the parks in that area yet, so we decided to make a reservation at Warren Dunes State Park in Sawyer, Michigan.  We got site #19, with 50 amps.  The park is very wooded with large dirt sites.  We got there just as it was getting dark.  The mosquitos were awful!! It was set up as fast as possible and get inside.  Our daughter, Melissa and grandson, Tristan were going down also so we had them come stay the night with us.  It was much later when they arrived and very dark out.  I’m glad they were able to find us.  The next morning my daughter and I got some exercise before heading out.  The park was beautiful.  We decided we would love to come again in the summer for a longer stay.  Hopefully the mosquitos will not be around then.


Warren Dunes State Park – site #19

On to Illinois through the dreaded Chicago I-80 traffic.  It was bad, but not as bad as going to Ohio with the cement barriers on both sides almost all the way. Ugh. We arrived at our Campground; Chillicothe Recreation Area.  We were grateful for the available site, but . . .  It wasn’t without issues.  We were given site #3.  A cement pad with a picnic table, water and electric. The dump station was our view across the road.   It’s a good thing all we needed this site for was to get ready and sleep.


Chillicothe Recreation Area – site #3

The location for us was perfect; close to our other daughter, Tina’s  home, close to the venue we would be attending and close to shopping and good food. So, even though we had a few issues, I would stay here again when we come to visit family.

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