Snow and Football


View from our back deck

The weatherman says expect 8″- 11″ of snow.  This picture was taken early this morning when the snow first started to come down.  It is so beautiful to look at and to play in if you enjoy winter sports, but not much fun for those who must drive in it or shovel it.  It is a good day for staying indoors curled up with a good book or watching your favorite football team on TV.  For us, it was watching our Detroit Lions win another game.  This time the Lions played the Chicago Bears.  Final score: bears-fb Bears-17  Lions-20.

It got me to thinking.  Will we be able to pick up our sports teams on TV in Winnie?  We have an antenna that has worked fairly good so far.  We also have a satellite dish on top Winnie but, we do not plan on paying for service right away.   Cable or satellite would have to be included in our entertainment budget and we would rather use that money to explore and see new sites.

As for the snow, I love winter and snow; just not months at a time.  Give me a couple weeks of snow and cold at Christmas then it can go away.  I’m looking forward to spending my winters sitting outside with that good book I would normally be reading snuggled up in a quilt.

Until next time,





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