Toad has a Hitch

Well, just when you think all is going good someone points out a flaw in your plan.  You see, I thought Pearl, our new 2016 Ford Focus Titanium, could be towed 4-down without disconnecting the battery.  At least that’s what Ford’s 2016 towing guide and Motorhome’s 2016 Dinghy Guide says.  Thankfully I stay connected with other very knowledgeable and helpful RV’ers at iRV2 forums who informed me that I most definitely needed to disconnect the black cable to tow 4-down.  I checked the manual that came with the car and sure enough it says you must disconnect the black cable.  A big thank you to those of you who spoke up.  We really appreciate it.

Ugh!  So, a small hitch in our plans.  Too late to look for a different tow vehicle and I’m not really sure I would want to.  We really like Pearl. The only other negatives so far has been the amount of trunk space and the fact that this car doesn’t have a button to connect the car to the garage door.  The trunk space is a little disappointing but the garage door won’t be a problem once we sell our home and we are on the road.

What we have found that we love are the heated seats, remote start, Wi-Fi, navigation, and the list goes on.  Pearl is a really nice comfortable ride that will look like she belongs following behind Winnie. We will just have to add another step to the process which we don’t plan on doing until later in the spring.

Until next time,



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