A Grill for Winnie


Look what we got for Christmas!  A new Weber Q1200 gas grill in my favorite color, burnt orange.   And, we got the portable stand (not pictured).   Such a thoughtful gift from our daughter’s Melissa and Tina.  I am looking forward to warmer weather to try it out.

We will be shopping for a grill cover and some small propane containers.  We had thought about getting a propane tank smaller than the one we use for our home grill and a bit bigger than the tiny 16.4 ounce used for table top grills.  But, the more we thought about it the less we wanted one.  Safety was the main concern.  Propane needs air to breathe so that it doesn’t explode.  Our large propane tank that is used in Winnie is hidden from site but open underneath.  None of the other basement compartments are open and breathable.  It is also dangerous to carry propane in the toads enclosed trunk.  Another reason for just going with the tiny tanks is weight.  Lightweight, easy to carry, disposable and doesn’t take up much space.  Just easier all around.

Next I will be looking for some good recipes to use.  If you have a favorite recipe or tip that you are willing to share, please do.

Until next time,





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