So Much Stuff

The new year is almost a week old.  I’ve spent this week in my sewing room going through everything, organizing and boxing it up.  All day, every day and I’m still working at it.  I really didn’t realize how much stuff I had.  Yarn, material, paints, craft supplies; all items I use regularly.  None of it do I wish to part with.  I’m just not sure what I should do.  If I rent a storage unit to keep what won’t fit in the motorhome, would that be cheaper or more expensive in the long run than getting rid of my excess and buying new as I need it? I have quite a bit I am going to be donating too.  It really is overwhelming.

I am really excited and looking forward to having the house sold and living in Winnie full-time, but the process to get there is physically and mentally tiring and draining.   Ideally I would like the house as empty as possible before listing it.  The weather just isn’t conducive to putting items we are keeping in the motorhome now.  That’s just how it is when you live in Michigan. We’ve had exceptionally cold weather this week with high winds.  A good time to stay in where it is nice and warm.

I’ll be back at it again tomorrow.  Gotta get it done!  The faster I do, the sooner we can list the home, the better chance of selling it.

Until next time,





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