Locks and Keys

A couple weeks ago we wanted to put our new Q1200 gas grill and the new stand for it in the basement of Winnie.  We had some problems with that compartment lock in the summer, but it did open, close and lock with a little effort.  This time the lock stuck and I couldn’t get the compartment door to close.  Finally, between my husband and my son Kevin they got the compartment door to close but they were unable to get it to lock or to stay closed.  The temporary fix was taping that compartment shut.  Not what I really wanted to do.  I was concerned about ruining the paint, but we didn’t have a choice.  The weather was cold, windy and just plain miserable.  Getting it fixed would have to wait for better weather.  Meanwhile our new grill and stand was put inside Winnie.

Yesterday the weather finally improved enough to call a locksmith and have them come out and take a look.  He said he had to go to a neighboring town but would stop by on his way back home.  That was fine with me, no hurry.  He took the panel on the door off, worked the lock and adjusted the piece on the compartment itself to hit the lock properly.  Just a very minor tweak.  It now works like new.  The cost:  $70. – $60 to come out, $20 for repairing it (no part needed), with a $10 new customer discount.  The tool he used was a T40 Torx wrench.  Guess what tool we are going to buy!  Sure will be much cheaper than a locksmith.  Oh, and the tape came off without any damage to the paint.  Yeah.

Today we went out to put our new grill and stand in the compartment and guess what!  Chassis battery is dead.  Stairs wouldn’t go down either.  Ugh.  Not sure what the cause is.  It looks like at least one new battery will be needed fairly soon.  Meanwhile, the new grill and stand fit perfectly in the bay compartment.  As for charging up the battery, it will have to wait for another day.  I don’t think leaving it until the weekend to charge it will hurt it anymore than it is now.  At least I hope not.  Always something.

Until next time,





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