Plugging Along

Things are moving along here on the home front.  We are purging our belonging by selling and giving away what we do not want or need in the motorhome.  It is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over the years.  It feels good to get it done now.

I hope to have our home close to being empty before we list it, except for what we need immediately.  I did have to rent a storage unit for all of my craft supplies.  I’ve got too much invested in it to just give it away.  And, I do use all of it during the year.  I’ve just got to decide what projects I will be working on while we are away so I can have what I need in Winnie.  But, I am sure I will have left something behind.

Wednesday we took my sewing machine in to have it cleaned.  It was a good time to do it being I was emptying out my sewing room.  I had previously spent many hours going through everything and putting it away in totes. My sewing machine should be ready to pick up tomorrow.

Today I took down the pictures around the house and hung some in Winnie.  I’m enjoying making her ours instead of the standard motorhome look.  I want her to feel like home.

As I said, we are plugging along and if all goes good, we should be able to list our home in the next couple of weeks.

Until next time,




Repairs and General Maintenance

Good Morning everyone.  We haven’t been able to do any more camping, but we have been working hard to obtain our goal of being full-time RV’ers.  It sure is a slow process.

We took Winnie over to Cummins-Bridgeway to have the air conditioning looked at.  When driving we had no cool air at all.  Ugh.  It was a good thing we did take her in.  They found a few other repairs that needed to be taken care of.  The sway bars were broken.  Whatever that is.  No idea how they break.  They might have been broken when we bought her a year ago.  There was also a leak in the oil cooling seal or there about.  And, as we knew already, we needed a new chassis battery.  They mentioned in their notes when we picked her up that the 2 coach batteries were in poor condition.  If they would have said something to us we would have had them replace them also.  Maybe they didn’t have that type of battery in stock.  Who knows.  Anyway, it was as rather expensive visit.  It’s a good thing we had purchased the extended warranty which covered $970.  It still cost us $1,300.  I’m just happy to have her back and repairs completed.

The next week we took her to General RV to have the left front jack looked at.  It would go down but not back up.  We had to assist the process with a board.  The other repair we needed to have looked at was the stove igniter switch.  It wouldn’t light the stove.  I needed to use a match.  The jack they said wasn’t anything major.  The stove igniter switch needs replacing and they had to order the part.  When it comes in we will pay for that.  They told me there would be no charge for them to install it.  While we were there we had them replace the 2 coach batteries.  Another expensive day – $550.  But, I am really happy to have the peace of mind that the repairs are done.  We just have to get the stove part in and installed.

On the home front, we had a garage sale the week-end after the 4th of July.  It was a perfect weekend weather wise.  We managed to eliminate a few things from our pile, just not enough.  Many items ended up being donated.   We’ve been working hard giving away and purging items.  We are getting there, slowly but surely.  Hopefully we will soon be ready to list our home and it will sell quickly.

Until next time,