Still No Ice

Ever since we brought Winnie back from getting repaired 2 weeks ago the ice-maker hasn’t made ice.  I’m not sure why.  We have her plugged in to the house’s electric, filled her up with water, checked to make sure valves were open, the refrigerator is set at the coldest setting, the pump is on, the coach battery is on and we have the metal bar in the ice machine down.  Still no ice.  The funny thing is we had ice the last time we went camping.

Yesterday I called General RV to make an appointment to bring Winnie in to get the ice-maker looked at and fixed.  I also needed to find out why I hadn’t gotten a call yet about the igniter switch for the stove, which was supposed to be ordered 2 weeks ago when we had her in for repairs.  First, I talked to the parts department about the igniter switch.  I found out the part was never order.  He transferred me to the service department.

The service department didn’t know why the igniter switch wasn’t ordered.  The service writer we dealt with was busy with a customer and was supposed to call us back.  That never happened.  No surprise.  I’ve never gotten a call back from them.

I told the woman I was talking to about the ice-maker and I told her I needed to make an appointment to bring her in and have it looked at.  She asked me if I had the metal bar in the ice-maker up or down.  I told her down.  She said it needs to be up.  She checked with someone else sitting next to her and they said up also.  It didn’t make sense to me, but I’d give it a try.  I always believed the bar was there to measure the amount of ice being made and when the container was full, no more ice would fall down.  If the bar was up, no ice would drop.  But what do I know.

I also told her that the connector under the kitchen sink either had a slow leak or it was condensation, but the part was damp.  She gave me her e-mail address and I sent her a picture.


After trying her way with the bar up and still no ice, I e-mailed her and told her I needed to make an appointment.  She was nice enough to call me back. We set a date to bring Winnie in for August 15th.  I told her I still hadn’t heard from the service writer and she said she was still trying to find out about it for me.  I will e-mail her again today to check on it.  I want to make sure the part is in when I take her in on the 15th.

Until next time,



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