Refrigerator Problems

Over the weekend, when temperatures were record-breaking high, our refrigerator decided to quit working. The code said it needed to be serviced by our dealer.  Isn’t it just the way.  It’s kind of like when the oven quits working on Thanksgiving. The bad thing is we had a full freezer and refrigerator.  Monday morning 1st thing we were over at General RV without an appointment.  Luckily Jennifer, my service rep., got us right in.  They did something with a magnet and it was fixed.  Yeah!

We were also able to finally get the ignitor switch on our stove repaired.  The part had just come in a couple of days before.  It’s nice to have both fixed. 

Next on our to-do list is a trip to Cummins-Bridgeway to have the generator, chassis battery and electric looked at.  Something is draining the battery and the generator quit working.  Ugh. That won’t be until Wednesday, October 11th when their next available appointment is.

Until next time,




Meeting New People

Campers are a friendly group.  Some campers wave Hi as they pass by. Others like to stop and chat a bit.  Occasionally you meet someone who prefers solitude.  That’s O.K. too.

This past week we met our first couple that are starting the Full-time RV lifestyle too.  They are from Mt. Pleasant, which is a bit north of here.  They have a brand new 5th wheel and are headed down to Alabama.  Her name is Jeannie.  I didn’t catch his, but both are very friendly and nice.  It was a pleasure to get to talk to them and meet them.

Until next time,


House Warming Gifts

Everyone knows I have a brown thumb, not green.  Every plant I’ve ever owned I’ve managed to kill.  That being said, I love plants.  I guess I just love them a little too much.  My daughter Melissa brought two of her friends; Hannah and Emily, out to visit and they brought us the nicest plant.  They informed me that I couldn’t kill it.  HA.  They don’t know my history with house plants.  For now I’ll enjoy it and try my hardest not to over love it or neglect it.


We received the candles as another housewarming gift.  Those are from my daughter Karen. She said a friend of hers made them.  They smell so good and look so nice sitting there that I hate to burn them.  But I will.  Another little bit of fall to enjoy.

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Fall Decorations

It’s fall.  At least that’s what the calendar says.  But, the weather outside is saying summer with temperatures in the 90’s.  I enjoy my summer days of relaxing outside with the warm sun shining down on me while I’m reading a good book.  I also enjoy the cool fall days with the changing colors and walks in the park.  So while I sit outside in shorts and enjoy the last hurrah of summer weather, I’ve decided to decorate for the quickly approaching fall season of beautiful colors and cooler temperatures.

It’s not much, but enough to bring a little seasonal spirit into our home.

Until next time,


We Did It!!

We are now officially full-time RV’ers.  The closing on our house was Friday the 15th.  Which makes it 5 days as full-timers.  Although, we have been sleeping in Winnie since the previous Sunday.  That is because we emptied out the house of everything, including our bedroom set.  Being we still owned the house and used its shower, I’m not counting those days as being a full-timer.  As you can see it has been a very stressful and busy couple of weeks. But WE DID IT!

We still have to stick around this area for a while to finish up my treatments, along with other doctors, optical, and dentist visits. Meanwhile, we are enjoying visiting with our children and grandchildren here.

We are at Brighton Recreation Area, site #138 which is very close to the restrooms.  That’s the plus.  The minus is that it is a very un-level site, but we are making it work.  We picked this site because our daughter Karen and her family came up for the week-end from Kentucky and they like being near the facilities with their large group.  We had a very enjoyable weekend.  It was so nice getting together with her and her family along  with our other daughter Melissa and her son, Tristan, and our youngest son Kevin and his triplets.

Grandpa had fun playing games with the grown grandchildren; Kayleigh and Meghan and the little guy, Wyatt.  The triplets; Xavier, Brooklynn and Zachary loved playing with their cousin Wyatt.  It’s too far and few between visits.

We had relaxing campfires too.

After all the excitement died down, it was time to get to everyday chores.  Laundry was first on our list.  We haven’t used a laundromat in years.  My are they expensive.  We had 6 loads and the total cost was $24.00.  Can you say Ugh!

Next stop was for groceries.  I now have to watch what I purchase, due to the fact that my pantry and refrigerator only hold so much.  I have to plan my meals and stick to it.  No more impulse buying.  Right now my pantry is overflowing with food from our S & B home. I am trying to use up what I have on hand.  Too bad I have so much odd assorted items that don’t go together very well.

Monday I noticed the chassis battery was very low.  It’s a brand new battery.  This shouldn’t be happening.  Kevin went out and bought us a trickle charger.  He hooked it up and guess what, it had a safety feature that wouldn’t allow it to charge because of how depleted the battery was.  He went out and got a second trickle charger thinking that a different one might due the trick.  No such luck.  Same thing.  I then called Cummins Bridgeway where we purchased the battery.  They suggested we disconnect the battery and bring it in.  They exchanged the dead battery for a fully charged one.  They also said they believe something else is going on for it to run down so fast and asked us to make an appointment to have it looked at. That is our next step.  There’s always something isn’t there.

With no Wi-Fi at the campground, I am able to get on-line while having treatment.

Until next time,




Labor Day Weekend at Proud Lake

I spent Wednesday at General RV having our problem with the hot water heater repaired.  It turned out to be a $20 part that had gone bad.  While I was there I bought the 50 amp extension cord I talked about in my last post and a round container to store it in, along with some silicone spray for the jacks.  The carbon monoxide detector came in.  It is smaller than the old one, but I think we can make it work.  I’ll have to talk to my handyman son, Kevin.

From General RV we went to Proud Lake State Park which is very close to them (maybe a 10 minute ride).  The weather for our stay was exceptionally cool for this time of year.  Great campfire weather though, which we took advantage of.  We stayed in site #6 with 50 amps.  We have had this site before and like it, even though it is a hike to the public restrooms and showers.  I did remember to take some pictures this time.


Site #6 – Proud Lake State Park Recreation Area

While the grown-ups went canoeing, which is a main attraction for this campground, grandpa and grandma babysat.  Although, I was told by Xavier that they are not babies and therefore we are not babysitters. Out of the mouth of a 4-year-old.

Grandpa kept the 3 of them entertained the entire afternoon with play dough, a favorite activity they ask to do often.


When the adults got back from canoeing, Aunt Tina took her turn at the play dough table.

It was then time for the kiddos to get rid of some energy.  Daddy helped with that by running up and down the hill, looking for pine cones and just having a good time.

Daddy bought them each a “grabber” that they had fun using to pick up anything in sight; rocks, pinecones, dirt, paper bags, you name it.


I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  We sat by the campfire, ate pie iron pizzas, roasted marshmallows, had s’mores, played games and watched the University of Michigan football game on our outdoor TV. Tis the season. The cooler weather wasn’t going to deter us from having a good time.

Now it’s time to finish cleaning out our S & B house before the closing.  Only 11 more days until we officially become full-time RV’ers.  Can’t wait.

Until next time,