Weighing the Sides

Good morning.  Looking at the temperature this morning I realized it is the same temperature as it was when I went to bed last night – 64.  Our high for today is 75 and for the next 8 days the weatherman is predicting a possibility of rain and overcast, no sun.

And speaking about the weather, I just can’t believe how often and how fast the fog can roll in.  One minute we look out our window and see the water, the next it’s gone.  We have foggy mornings back home, but not as often or in the middle of the day like we’ve seen here.  The humidity in the air is thick.  You can see the drops of water on the window outside.  I thought it was raining until we realized it was just the results of the humidity. There are no good hair days with this much humidity in the air.  Curly hair is even curlier and straight hair is limp and lifeless.  At least we are all having bad hair days.

Day 78. The sun popped out for a short while yesterday and I got to sit outside and bask in it. It felt so nice. It was too breezy to do any needlework outside, but it would have been a good time to read a book if I had one.  I’ll have to work on getting one for next time.

Our daughter Melissa bought Patty Pepper a fenced yard that is open on the top but with sold sides. She is hoping it will help keep her quiet. The theory is if you can’t see it, you can’t bark at it. We finally got to try it out. We put her bed in it to help her feel more comfortable, but she never did settle down and relax.  She didn’t bark as much either, which is a plus.  I think she will just need to get used to it.


Our campsite, compared to others in the park, is a good one.  We sit so that the motorhome gives you shade from the afternoon sun.  We are on a corner lot, which helps us not feel as Claustrophobic as we would on some of the other lots.  And, we are close to the water.  On the down side the picnic table is permanently placed and is directly in front of our door.  The ground is mostly rocks and sand with very little grass and not very level.  You have no place to make a patio and put out your chairs.  The burrs are awful. They are all over the park. Our poor pug can’t take a step without getting one in her. I’m still weighing the good vs the bad here.  I’ll let you know which way I lean later.

We are enjoying the cable.  It’s nice to be able to turn to a channel and get a clear picture.  And, being super bowl Sunday, we enjoyed the game. I love a good close game like this one was.

Until next time,