Good morning.  It’s 65 now with a high of 77.  Humidity is 100%. You can feel it in the air. It’s a good thing we have a couple of DampRid canisters around. They are supposed to absorb the moisture in the air.  Although, we probably need something a bit more. The fog is thick and the wind is whipping the flags around.

I have no idea what is on our agenda for today.  The campground has a sewing group  that meets today.  From what I hear, they bring their machines and they are possibly a group of quilters.  That sounds like fun.  I do sew and I quilt, but my machine is big and very heavy.  It is not the type one easily totes around.  I also do not have any sewing projects in the works to work on, nor did I bring any material in the motorhome.  All my material is back in Michigan in a storage locker. So, I am not sure if I should go or not.

We could do laundry.  Wow. That sounds like fun doesn’t it.  Or, Clyde could work on our taxes.  That sounds like fun too.  Our options are open.  We are saving a couple of the sightseeing places we have in mind for better weather.

Day 79. On the calendar of events for the park I noticed a beading group.  I have some beads (not many) and I really enjoyed making bracelets with my sister Barb and my niece Tina when we visited with them last November. When we were at Walmart last I picked up a few more beads so I would have enough to make something with.  I spent the morning gathering my supplies and organizing my beads to take to work on.

I joined a group of about a dozen other women to create.  They are all seasoned winter Texans who have been coming here for years.  A couple of the women have been spending their winters here for more than 10 years.  They all know each other very well.  I was the only newbie, but they were friendly and made me feel welcome.

The type of beadwork they were working on was not what I brought.  I brought larger beads that are easy to work with.  They all had tiny little seed beads and patterns. (The larger beads don’t require a pattern, just creativity).  Each week they work on a different bracelet pattern.  This is definitely a craft I want to learn.  I have some seed beads I use to decorate my knit Christmas stockings, but I will probably need more. (You never have enough supplies for any craft, just ask any crafter). I was given this weeks pattern even though I didn’t have the right size beads to work on.  I was also given the materials list for next weeks pattern. While they worked on their patterns, I made a couple of bracelets with the beads I brought.

Before next weeks meeting, I am going to read up on the basics of this type of beading so I have some idea on what to do and how to do it.  And, hopefully one of the ladies will be willing to share their craft with me.  I will also be going through and organizing my beads and seed beads.  Clyde asked me if I was having fun organizing my beads before class.  Only another crafter would understand how enjoyable it is to go through your supplies.  As a quilter I can spend an entire day going through my material; ironing, re-folding and thinking of projects for each piece.  So, the answer is yes, I do enjoy going through my bead supplies. 

Until next time,