Good Pick

Good morning family and friends.  The fog is thick this morning.  I can barely see the 5th wheel next door to us.  It’s going to be a great day though with a high around 80.  I’m looking forward to a perfect day spent outdoors.

Day 83. Choosing a laundromat to go to wasn’t easy.  There are a few different ones in the area, both on the island and in Port Isabel. The problem was looking at the reviews on-line, none of them were very good.  I decided on Relax and Just Wash Laundromat. It had the least negative remarks.  We got there mid-morning.  It was very small, with only about half the number of machines that were in other laundromats we have been to.  It was also very busy, but we were able to find 3 machines in a row. We quickly claimed them and got our wash started.  While we were waiting for the wash to finish more people came in.  They had to wait for open machines as all the machines were in use.

As we sat waiting, we got to talking to another winter Texan who was staying in a condo on the island.  She told us this was the best laundromat around.  They had tried the one on the island and found it very expensive with many machines not in use and no attendant on duty. It’s nice to know I picked the right one. The attendant on duty was very nice.  We watched her as she firmly but nicely kept the children from running around and getting hurt. The prices were good too.  We spent about $6.50 for 3 loads. That’s best we’ve done yet. Next time we will just have to try to find a quieter time to get our laundry done.

We then stopped at Walmart for our groceries.  That is a bad idea when you are hungry.  We ended up buying more than was on our list. You would think we would know better by now.

Thinking about family in Michigan and Illinois who were getting lots of snow, I decided to make chili for dinner.  Chili one night, chili dogs another.  My chili turned out really good and I probably ate more than I should have.  I was feeling really full.  It was nice that the day got warmer as it went along.  The weather was perfect for taking a walk.  The fog was thick over the water and the waves crashed along the shore even though it didn’t seem that windy.

Until next time,