My Fun Day

Good morning.  We have no plans for today other than enjoying this beautiful weather. Unfortunately, that also includes the high winds forecasted for today. I won’t be sitting outside with my beads, but I could work on knitting. I do have cotton yarn I am making dishcloths out of.

Day 93.  This was my fun day. First was the Show and Tell group. About 30 of us gathered together to show and tell what we had made. I brought my 4 hand sewn, needle turn applique pillows (shown below) which I brought in a schlep bag I had also made.


Others brought jewelry they had made. One of the lady’s brought a lap quilt she had made. Another brought a baby hat she had knitted. Many of the ladies came just to chat and see what others were working on. It was a fun time and I enjoyed their company.

Later was the Beading group. I brought my completed bracelet (except for the clasp) and the completed base of the 2nd bracelet. (I will post pictures after I add the clasp). My tutor from the previous week was so happy. She had brought in a beginners pattern for me, but laughed and said I didn’t need it anymore. I was no longer a beginner. She said if I could figure that pattern out on my own, I could make anything. That was so nice of her to say. I was just happy to show her she hadn’t wasted her time helping me.

I love looking at what the other gals had made and were working on. I love seeing the same bracelets made in different colors. It gives me ideas for next time. I have one more time with these wonderful women, then it’s time for us to move on. I will miss this group.

Enjoying our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,