Not What I Expected

Good morning.  It looks like another shorts day for me. I haven’t had very many of them since we started our journey. Before we left Michigan I thought I would be wearing summer type clothes all the time. How wrong I was. I’ve worn blue jeans and a lightweight jacket or sweater more than anything else. Yes, that is so much better than bundling up in a heavy winter coat with a scarf, hat and gloves. It is just not what I expected.

Even though the temperature has been warm enough for shorts the last few days, the days have been overcast, humid and very windy. Again, not what I expected but much nicer weather than those back home are getting.

We leave here in a week to start our trek back north. We will take our time, stopping along the way to visit with family and friends, see the sights and enjoy each day as they come. Looking ahead at the weather we will have here for the rest of our stay shows more of the same; cloudy, very windy and temps in the 70’s.

Day 94. Knowing we will be leaving here in a week and that the rest of our time before taxes are due will be either on the road or visiting with family and friends, Clyde spent the day getting them finished and ready to send off. While he did that I got to play. I spent the day beading a bracelet. It was a new pattern. I had purchased the beads for it when I went to Harlingen and the bead store there. I love how it turned out. And, like any craft project, there is a quiet satisfaction in figuring out how to do something new and completing the project. I have to concentrate and think, figure out how to make it, and I am using small muscle coordination in order to complete it. I like to think of it as a way to keep my mind active and young and my hands from cramping up with arthritis. If I’m wrong don’t tell me. I like keeping busy and creating. I will post pictures of my finished beading projects at another time. I still need to buy clasps.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,