Show and Tell

Good morning all.  It looks like we will have another nice day with the temps hitting 80 but overcast. No clue what is on the agenda for today and that’s ok. Our days do not always have to be planned.

Day 96.  Yesterday I spent my day beading. I added the clasp to one of the bracelets as I was making it. That worked out nicely. So far I have 3 bracelets finished and I have started on the 4th. I bought the beads specifically to make the 1st two bracelets but, the 3rd was made using the beads I have on hand. It took a while to find a pattern to make the 4th bracelet I am currently working on that would work with the beads I already have.

As promised I am posting a picture of my finished bracelets. The top two bracelets I found the patterns online. The bottom bracelet was started in the beading group as a group project.


Top: Flower Chain Bracelet   Middle: Lizbeth Band    Bottom: Crystal Tiles

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,


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