Walnut Ridge

Good morning. We are no longer in the warm sunny region of the country. It got cold last night. So cold we even had to turn the heat on! It was 54 in our motorhome. It’s a good thing we have a generator. I cranked that baby on, turn on the heat and the coffee pot. Priorities you know.

Day 120. We ended up going a lot further than we had originally planned. The weather was dark, dreary and sprinkling with the prediction of more rain and colder temperatures. There was no point in stopping. Who knew what the weather would be later or if it might even get worse than it already was. We had hoped for nice weather and getting some sightseeing in, but that was not to be. Steve was right. It looks like we should have stayed another week in the fun and sun of the RGV (Rio Grand Valley where we were wearing shorts and sandals. Unfortunately, I guess I will have to put them away for a bit. Not too long I hope.

I can’t believe we have driven all the way across Arkansas. We ended up in the small town of Walnut Ridge. There is a Walmart here, not a super Walmart, just an old-fashioned regular Walmart. It is a very nice store with very nice friendly people. We are parked along the outer edge of the parking lot that is next to a field. We have plenty of room to put out the bed slideout. It is a very quiet Walmart with no truck traffic. The only thing we heard during the night was the rain and the trains going by. There is a Don’s Steak House within walking distance, which we did not try.

Our drive here was uneventful and boring. We had areas of construction and miles and miles of open dead fields waiting to be plowed and planted. We saw very few cattle or livestock of any kind. I guess that’s why we just kept driving. Nothing of interest to stop and see. When we did pass through Hot Springs and Little Rock the weather wasn’t cooperating with us so we just kept going. The drive might have been different if we had gone a different way, but Clyde is afraid of driving through the mountains in our motorhome pulling a car. Maybe another time. This is only our first year.

Today we will be driving through Missouri. Hopefully we will find something of interest there to draw us in for a couple of days. After looking the map over we think we will take the scenic drive up through the state and hopefully we will find a park that is open (some are closed for the winter) for a night or two. Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,





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