Goodbye Mouse

Good morning. I can’t believe it’s Friday again. Time sure is flying by. It seems like the older you get the faster the days and weeks go by. I want to savor every minute I have with those around me while we have this time together. Life is short, but it seems like the time we have with those we love is even shorter. Especially with everyone scattered all over in different states. This is our last week-end here with this group of family. Next week we will be leaving Peoria and heading to Berea, Kentucky to see our daughter Karen and her family.

Day 138. Yesterday we stayed in and just relaxed. I had fun beading bracelets and Clyde got some steps in. One of the times he left with Patty Pepper to walk the garbage down to the dumpster I was on the phone with my daughter Melissa. I had just gotten up off the couch and was headed to the refrigerator to get my water when I was greeted by Mr. Mouse. He was just as startled as I was. We both froze in our spots not moving an inch. If I moved I was afraid he would take off and I wouldn’t be able to find him again. So I did what any normal person with a phone camera would do. I took his picture.


Mouse in the House

Sorry I couldn’t get him to turn around and smile for the camera.

My next thought was how was I going to catch him and get him out of my house. I saw a clean disposable plastic cereal bowl drying on the counter that Clyde had used for his breakfast. Could I reach it and if I did would the mouse still be sitting in the same spot. I had to do something. We both weren’t going to stay frozen in our tracks all day. Meanwhile, I was still on the phone with my daughter who was trying to give me ideas. I decided to go for it. I grabbed the bowl and plopped it down on top of the mouse. Now what.


Mouse under blue bowl

Step 1: Trap mouse. √ done. Step 2: Get mouse out of house. But how was I going to do it. The clean wastebasket was right there. Thankfully Clyde had just taken our garbage to the dumpster. The problem was how to get the mouse into the wastebasket.

I decided I would slide the bowl to the steps going out of the motorhome. I could put the wastebasket on the step. Then I could slide the bowl with the mouse into the wastebasket. It worked! I now had mouse and bowl in the wastebasket. Now what. I couldn’t stand there holding the bag with the mouse forever and I certainly wasn’t going to kill the little guy. Ugh. I just didn’t invite him into my home.

I decide to release him back into the wooded area. So I walked outside and flung the bag with the bowl and mouse in the direction of the woods.

mouse released.jpg

Mouse Released

I did my job. I would let Clyde pickup the bowl and bag when he returned. Hopefully the mouse would be gone by then and would not return.

So far in this park we have seen 1 squirrel, 1 rabbit, 1 feral cat (who wasn’t doing a very good job of keeping the mice away), a few birds and now 1 mouse.  We saw deer tracks in the snow, but not the deer.

Still loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,