Unfortunate Events

Good morning. Wow! What a gorgeous day it is going to be. A clear bright sunshiny day with a high of 80º. You can’t get much better than that.

Day 144. We took our time leaving the Walmart parking lot in Seymour, Indiana because we knew we only had about a 3 hour drive to reach our daughter Karen’s. We didn’t want to arrive too early, as she works nights and we wanted to let her get some sleep. It was about 10 am after we filled up with gas at the Murphy’s next door and we were on the road.

We stopped at the Midway rest area off I-64 around noon for lunch. It was crowded with truckers who had the same idea. When we arrived at the Berea, Kentucky exit we stopped to fill up the motorhome with propane at the Old Kentucky Campground which is right off the exit. With that accomplished our next stop was Walmart right down the road. They have a nice big parking lot for us to unhook the toad. It is much easier to do it there than it would be in front of our daughter Karen’s house, as she lives on a fairly busy narrow road. Our campground for the next couple weeks is her driveway.

Unfortunately everything did not go smoothly when trying to unhook the toad. Clyde had problems getting the pins out that keep the car hooked up to the motorhome and it was taking him a lot longer than it normally does. He also was not thinking clearly. Why, I have no idea. But, anyway, he didn’t follow through the unhooking procedure in the order he was supposed and missed a very important step. He forgot to put the car in park after removing the braking system from inside the car and before he unhooked the car from the motorhome. I think you can see where this is going. He needs to make himself a check list and refer to it each time he unhooks or something so this never happens again. The car, still in neutral, started to roll. Clyde tried to jump in and stop it but was knocked down by the open door of the car. The car then ran over his left foot. The car didn’t go very far and stopped at a curb.

The car sustained a few scrapes but otherwise is fine. Clyde on the other hand has a large bruise on his thigh from the car door when it knocked him to the ground. He stayed on the ground for quite a while accessing his injuries. He told the crowd forming that he was ok and didn’t need the police or ambulance. We kept telling him the car ran over his foot but he didn’t believe us. He didn’t remember that happening. When he got up off the pavement he seemed to be ok. He was walking with only a slight limp.

By then, our daughter Karen and her husband Rob had arrived. Karen rode with her dad in the motorhome. I followed behind in the car and we proceeded to Karen and Rob’s where we would be parked for the next couple of weeks.

Later that evening, after setting up, visiting with the family and enjoying dinner together, Clyde realized his foot was starting to swell and it was beginning to hurt. We had him elevate it and put ice on it.

I think today we will take the stubborn old guy to the ER for an x-ray like he should have done yesterday. I will let you all know what happens. And just yesterday I mentioned how it wasn’t a very exciting day and how that can be good sometimes.

Still loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,





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