Jennings, Louisiana

Good morning. We are getting an early start on our day. It’s only 7:30 and we are on the road already. That is really good for us, as we usually try to leave no later than 9 am.

We traveled a total of 342 miles yesterday, arriving at the Jennings, Louisiana Walmart at 4:45 pm. It was a bit later than we had hoped, but we stopped at a Pilot service center to fill up with propane only to find out they did not sell propane. So much for relying on GasBuddy.

This Walmart had 12 foot height bars over all the entrances except the truck entrance, where we entered. There were no signs saying no overnight parking so we felt comfortable staying. We were later joined by a travel trailer and a motorhome.

We will go halfway to our destination today, stopping for the night at another Walmart somewhere just past Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, it looks like we will be driving in on and off again rain. At least we weren’t planning on fun in the sun today.

Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,