Pier 19

Good morning.  Good news. We are in for another nice warm day with a high of 83. Bad news. High wind advisory for the entire day with wind gusts up to 45 mph. I’m not sure we will be able to sit outside and that strong of wind gusts will even make going for a walk difficult. I guess we will just play it by ear.

Day 97.  I really enjoyed relaxing in the sun yesterday. The wind made it hard to keep my hat on my head, so I ended up taking it off. And yes, my cheeks got a little red. But it sure did feel good to have that sunshine on me. The breeze helped us not feel too warm while sitting outside, but it made it a little tricky to read or write. My papers kept trying to blow away.

With all the fresh air I was getting, I got so relaxed I didn’t feel like coming up with a meal for dinner. We also hadn’t eaten lunch yet. And, if you know my husband, he likes to eat. I on the other hand have been known to skip meals much to my family’s objection. I am doing better and I am trying to eat three squares a day.

Anyway, hubby suggested going out for a bite. We haven’t done it in a while and we wanted to try the restaurant very close to our campground, Pier 19.  We were told it not only had ambiance (right on the water) but good food and reasonable prices. How could we go wrong.

It was about 3pm when we arrived and the place was very busy. We were put on a wait list, but we only had to wait a few minutes for a table. Our booth overlooked the causeway connecting Port Isabel to South Padre Island. While we were sitting there I saw what I believe to be dolphins in the water. They jumped and dove back into the water so quickly. I got to see them do it a few times and then they were gone. That was such a nice surprise. 

The wait staff was very friendly and nice. They took very good care of us without being annoying. Our server went over the menu with us to point out the various selections and specials available. They have something for everyone on the menu; hamburgers, Mexican, seafood, steak and so on. It was hard for us to decide. Everything looked so good. We both decided to try one of the Friday lunch specials (11am – 4 pm). I had grilled grouper for the first time. It was served with rice and vegetables and was it delicious. It was cooked to perfection. I would definitely have it again. Clyde tried the seafood tampiquena. It was described as a seafood enchilada. His meal was just as good as mine was. We both had more than enough to eat and the prices were very reasonable. We left very satisfied. The restaurant and the food both get two thumbs up for sure. We highly recommend Pier 19.

Enjoying our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,




Show and Tell

Good morning all.  It looks like we will have another nice day with the temps hitting 80 but overcast. No clue what is on the agenda for today and that’s ok. Our days do not always have to be planned.

Day 96.  Yesterday I spent my day beading. I added the clasp to one of the bracelets as I was making it. That worked out nicely. So far I have 3 bracelets finished and I have started on the 4th. I bought the beads specifically to make the 1st two bracelets but, the 3rd was made using the beads I have on hand. It took a while to find a pattern to make the 4th bracelet I am currently working on that would work with the beads I already have.

As promised I am posting a picture of my finished bracelets. The top two bracelets I found the patterns online. The bottom bracelet was started in the beading group as a group project.


Top: Flower Chain Bracelet   Middle: Lizbeth Band    Bottom: Crystal Tiles

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,


Crafting in an RV

Good morning. We have a cooler day in store for us, with temps only reaching mid 60’s and the possibility of some rain throughout the day. That gives me a good excuse to stay in and bead. Not that I wouldn’t do that anyway.

I’ve read that those of us who live full-time in an RV do what they would be doing if they still lived in a stationary S&B home. I find that statement true. Although we may be moving around to different campgrounds and seeing new sights, we still enjoy doing the same types of things we have always done. For me it is any type of creating and crafting. Although I no longer am able to have one room devoted to just my crafts and the supplies needed for each craft. My supplies are now hidden away and stored in every nook and cranny I could find throughout the motorhome. Sometimes I forget where I stored something and it takes me a while to figure out where I put it. Oh wait, I did that when we lived in our home too. So that hasn’t changed either.

What has changed is I no longer am able to leave my sewing machine out or carry the yards and yards of material with us to make something on the spur of the moment. I would need to plan what I want to make and buy only the supplies for that project. Which to some people doesn’t sound to difficult. But, for those of us whose minds work a little differently, that is very difficult to do and maybe hard for others to understand. I look at all of my material, spreading it out over a large table, moving the different colors and patterns around until an idea comes to mind. Then I spend just as long planning what I am going to make with the selection of materials I have chosen.  Sometimes the planning process takes just as long as the actual creating does. I enjoy each and every step in process of creating something new.

That same creating process holds true for my other crafts too. I like to spend time organizing the materials, cogitating on what to make, planning that project and then starting on it.  For knitting and crocheting I cannot bring along all of the different types and colors of yarn needed for different projects. There just isn’t room to store it all. But, knitting and crocheting is easier to pick up and put down. One project being created can be put in a bag to be worked on at anytime. This makes knitting and crocheting a good craft to do on the road.

Embroidery is another needlework craft that can be worked on anywhere and the supplies needed for this craft do not take up as much room as some of the other crafts. As you know I have been working on an embroidery project for a while now.

There are many other types of crafts and supplies I have not mentioned and that I have supplies for in the RV. Right now my creative juices are flowing into beading. Although beading cannot be picked up and worked on anywhere, the supplies for beading do not take up as much room as other crafts and therefore make it a nice craft while in the RV.

Those of you crafters who RV or are thinking about it, take along a project or two. There are many of us crafters on the road. Do what you love and love what you do wherever you are.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,



Not What I Expected

Good morning.  It looks like another shorts day for me. I haven’t had very many of them since we started our journey. Before we left Michigan I thought I would be wearing summer type clothes all the time. How wrong I was. I’ve worn blue jeans and a lightweight jacket or sweater more than anything else. Yes, that is so much better than bundling up in a heavy winter coat with a scarf, hat and gloves. It is just not what I expected.

Even though the temperature has been warm enough for shorts the last few days, the days have been overcast, humid and very windy. Again, not what I expected but much nicer weather than those back home are getting.

We leave here in a week to start our trek back north. We will take our time, stopping along the way to visit with family and friends, see the sights and enjoy each day as they come. Looking ahead at the weather we will have here for the rest of our stay shows more of the same; cloudy, very windy and temps in the 70’s.

Day 94. Knowing we will be leaving here in a week and that the rest of our time before taxes are due will be either on the road or visiting with family and friends, Clyde spent the day getting them finished and ready to send off. While he did that I got to play. I spent the day beading a bracelet. It was a new pattern. I had purchased the beads for it when I went to Harlingen and the bead store there. I love how it turned out. And, like any craft project, there is a quiet satisfaction in figuring out how to do something new and completing the project. I have to concentrate and think, figure out how to make it, and I am using small muscle coordination in order to complete it. I like to think of it as a way to keep my mind active and young and my hands from cramping up with arthritis. If I’m wrong don’t tell me. I like keeping busy and creating. I will post pictures of my finished beading projects at another time. I still need to buy clasps.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,



My Fun Day

Good morning.  We have no plans for today other than enjoying this beautiful weather. Unfortunately, that also includes the high winds forecasted for today. I won’t be sitting outside with my beads, but I could work on knitting. I do have cotton yarn I am making dishcloths out of.

Day 93.  This was my fun day. First was the Show and Tell group. About 30 of us gathered together to show and tell what we had made. I brought my 4 hand sewn, needle turn applique pillows (shown below) which I brought in a schlep bag I had also made.


Others brought jewelry they had made. One of the lady’s brought a lap quilt she had made. Another brought a baby hat she had knitted. Many of the ladies came just to chat and see what others were working on. It was a fun time and I enjoyed their company.

Later was the Beading group. I brought my completed bracelet (except for the clasp) and the completed base of the 2nd bracelet. (I will post pictures after I add the clasp). My tutor from the previous week was so happy. She had brought in a beginners pattern for me, but laughed and said I didn’t need it anymore. I was no longer a beginner. She said if I could figure that pattern out on my own, I could make anything. That was so nice of her to say. I was just happy to show her she hadn’t wasted her time helping me.

I love looking at what the other gals had made and were working on. I love seeing the same bracelets made in different colors. It gives me ideas for next time. I have one more time with these wonderful women, then it’s time for us to move on. I will miss this group.

Enjoying our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,



Wind is the Normal

Good morning.  It looks like another beautiful day here on South Padre Island. There is a wind advisory in effect for the entire day (30-39 mph), which could make sitting outside a little interesting, but I’m just happy for the warmer weather.  It seems that wind is the normal here on the island.

Today I have my Show and Tell group and the Beading group. I am looking forward to both of those. I’m not sure what to take to show and tell. I have a few different types of projects I could share. Last week I shared my embroidered scissor holder, pin cushion and covered Altoids tin box. That was a combination of embroidery, sewing and bead work. I’ll have to think about it some more.

Day 92.  Laundry Day. We went to the same laundromat as last week, but we decided to go in the afternoon this time in hopes that it wouldn’t be as crowded. Wrong. It as just as busy with people waiting for machines to be free to use. We managed to get washers right away, but had to wait for a dryer. I’m just glad we now have clean clothes to wear for another week.

As I’ve said before, we really enjoy walking in this park and along the beach. We couldn’t believe how many people were still on the beach when we took our evening walk. It’s the most people we’ve seen on the beach since we arrived here. I don’t believe the majority of them were campers either (too many children). It must be the combination of a beautiful day and the weekend. Patty Pepper even let a few kids pet her (our not so sociable dog).

All in all it was a good day. I worked some more on beading. A day wouldn’t be complete without working on a project of some kind.

Loving our lifestyle. Enjoy your day.


2nd Time Around

Good morning everyone.  Another beautiful day on the horizon. Can you ever have too many in a row? I don’t think so. Just keep them coming. I’ll take as many as I can get. I love having the windows open with the fresh air flowing through.

Day 91.  As planned, we went to the grand opening to the new building of the Turtle Rescue Center on South Padre Island. We wanted to get there early so that we could go to the Bird and Nature Center afterward. The place was packed. It is nice to see so many people interested in sea turtles. The new parking lot is huge, so finding a spot to park was easy, but the line to get in was long. We waited in line about 20 minutes, which wasn’t too bad. The weather was perfect; not to hot or cold with a light breeze. Last week when we went, there was no fee to get in. They only asked for a donation. With the new building, an entrance fee was initiated. They have a summer and winter fee schedule. For us seniors it was $5 each, $6 in the summer. That’s ok with us. The money goes to a good cause and the fee wasn’t so high as to deter us from going.

When we finally got into the rescue center a presentation in the new amphitheater was about to begin, so we headed there. The amphitheater is a huge covered area that overlooks the bay. There was a large unpacked box with the new projection screen sitting there waiting to be opened and installed. The man who gave the talk was a very good speaker and very knowledgeable. He didn’t have the props he normally would have, but was still able to keep our attention and convey to us the history and the need to protect the endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles. Even though we had gone the week before and listened to that presentation we learned even more this time.

When the presentation was over, we wandered around a bit looking in the different tanks. The place was so filled with people it was hard to get a good look. I really don’t enjoy being that packed in and prefer to go at an off time when it isn’t so crowded.

We decided not to go to the Bird and Nature Center, as we figured the crowds would be going there also, as they are right next door to each other. We will go again another day when it isn’t so busy. We will have a more relaxing and enjoyable time.

Back home I was anxious to see if I could figure out how to do the next step on the beaded bracelet I am making. I did and I finished the beading. All it needs now is the clasp, which I need to buy. I have more seed beads, so I decided to start another bracelet in a different color. I will still need to buy the other types of beads needed to finish it, but while I wait to go to the bead store again I can work on the base, now that I know what I am doing.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,