Good morning. I’m looking forward to another beautiful day. I love days where it’s not too hot or too cold, but just right for sitting outside or taking a walk. Today is the grand opening of the new Sea Turtle Rescue Center building. I think we will go and check it out. We will probably go to the Birding and Nature Center again too. We didn’t get to check out the inside last weekend when we were there because we were tired and hungry.

Day 90.  Yesterday I worked on my seed bead bracelet. You know, the one the beading group is making and that I was able to get started on because one of the ladies in the group was nice enough to spend time teaching me. But, I did not have the concept completely down in my head before I left. When I got home, I spent hours trying to figure it out. Frustrated and disappointed with myself, I finally had to set it aside with the plan of going back to it another time, when my head was clear and fresh.

That day was yesterday. The morning person I am can think clearer then. I got out the pattern, studied the diagrams, read and re-read the directions, studied the diagrams some more and voila! The lightbulb in my head went on. I finally understood how to do it. I couldn’t put it down. I just wanted to keep going. I was able to finish the entire base of the bracelet. Now I will need to study the directions and diagrams some more in order to go any further. Hopefully I will be able to figure it out with having to bother someone in the beading group.

While I was busy having fun, playing and creating, Clyde was busy working on our taxes. Fun, fun, fun. We took a couple breaks and went for walks to enjoy the day and stretch our legs.

Enjoying our lifestyle and each other. Have a good day.

Until next time,



Time for Ice Cream

Good Morning. It looks like we are going to have another nice day with a high nearing 80 and partly sunny.  I’ll take that. I’m not sure what we are going to do today, but we will definitely get outside.

Day 89. It was such a nice day yesterday, I walked almost 2 miles. Don’t you just feel so much better when you are out in the fresh air and get some exercise. This beautiful view doesn’t hurt either. As we walked around by the water, we saw the birds sitting in the sand on the beach and others perched on top of posts. We watched other people enjoying the nice weather too. Some were walking the beach or fishing. Others were sitting in their lounge chairs reading or relaxing as they watched the waves hit the shore. And, there were a few people gathered together just enjoying the company of other campers. Everyone was doing the same thing we were, enjoying the beautiful day.

We took a short drive into Port Isabel to Walmart for a few supplies. On the way home Clyde suggested we stop for ice cream. He has been hankering for some since we started on our journey and I keep saying no, it’s not warm enough to enjoy it. Well, he finally wore me down and I said yes. It’s not that I don’t like ice cream, ice cream is a weakness of mine and he knows it.

We decided to stop at this fun looking tourist souvenir store that said ice cream instead of going to dairy queen, which we can get anywhere and isn’t really true ice cream. This store was huge. They had all kinds of souvenirs but mostly shells and items made from shells. The post cards were the cheapest we’ve seen anywhere and they had a large selection to choose from. He took that as a sign to get some more to send out. The ice cream was good and a nice treat. We may have to stop there again before we head north.


Enjoying our lifestyle. Enjoy your day.

Until next time,





Good morning.  What a beautiful day we had yesterday and it looks like we are going to have a couple more gorgeous days.  I am definitely planning on getting out and walking.  The wind may not make sitting outside enjoyable, especially if I want to work on a project also. We will see.

Days 87 & 88. As you know, I am going to the beading group, held in our campground, where I am learning how to make bracelets out of seed beads. For those of you who are not familiar with the different types of beads, seed beads are itty bitty tiny beads that are hard to see and hold but, when combined with other types of beads, create beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

My problem is the pattern to the bracelet they were making that day was a more advanced pattern and I am a beginner. The written directions I was given were not complete, which makes it hard for me to figure it out on my own.  I had help from one of the ladies in the group, but I didn’t have the concept down pat in my head before group ended. I spent many hours at home trying to figure it out on my own, but I just couldn’t do it. I even looked online for a tutorial on that particular stitch and couldn’t find one. I ended up having to set that bracelet aside for now. Instead of working on the seed bead bracelet, I worked on beading bracelets I was familiar with and enjoy making.

Yesterday was a good day to take a drive to Harlingen, where the bead store is that the ladies in the group highly recommended. JoAnn’s, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Walmart all carry beads and beading supplies, but not every type of beads or all of the sizes of the beads I need to complete any of the bracelets I have found patterns for. We stopped at Hobby Lobby’s first where I found a few of the basic supplies I needed. Then we went to the bead store. I was overwhelmed with all of the beautiful beads and supplies available to me. I could have spent hours in there just drooling and staring. Maybe another time I will do that, but I knew I didn’t have time to dawdle. We had other places yet to go. I held back the temptation to buy more than what was on my supply list and bought only what I needed to complete the bracelet the group was making and one more bracelet I think I can manage to figure out how to make on my own.

I am disappointed I have not been able to find a book on beading that shows all of the basic and more advanced stitches, like I have for my other hobbies (knitting, crocheting, embroidery and quilting). I will just have to keep looking. I have not checked out any of the beading magazines yet. I will have to do that the next time we are shopping.

Our next stop was for lunch/dinner. We decided to try Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant. The food good. Not to die for, but ok. Next time we are hungry for Mexican cuisine we will try somewhere else. We left full, which was good.

We ended our day at our friend Steve’s home where we sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather as we relaxed on his patio. We were able to see his mom again after many years and met a few of his neighbors. The afternoon flew by too quickly, but we needed to get home before it got too dark. Neither of us do well driving at night anymore. It was a good thing we left when we did. The fog was thick as we came into Port Isabel. We could hardly see the road or the front of our car by the time we got to the campground. We are looking forward to getting together with him again while we are here.

Loving our lifestyle. Enjoy your day.

Until next time,



Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day. A big red heart. A good day to think about that heart of yours and how it works. Do what you can do to keep your heart healthy.  We need to eat the right foods, get enough exercise, stay away from bad vices and try not to stress. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. All you can do is try.

It’s also a good day to be kind to one another, show a little love. Every day is, but today might be a good day to try a little harder. You never know what someone else is going through. Just a little smile, kind word or gesture might brighten their day. Just remember, what your demeanor shows to others is how they will react to you. So, be nice. Be kind. Be thoughtful. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all. And, if you are going through a rough patch, try it anyway. You just might brighten up your own day. Be happy to be alive. I know I sure am.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day.

Until next time,


Busy Day

Good morning.  It looks like it’s going to be a bit nicer outside today than it has been the last couple of days; cloudy with a high in the mid 60’s. We have no plans made yet for today and that’s ok too. If we decide to go somewhere that’s fine, if not, that’s fine too. As other full-timers have pointed out, this is a lifestyle. We are not on vacation. We do not have to be doing something and going somewhere every day. If we had decided to spend our retirement years living in a smaller home, apartment or condo we would not be going somewhere everyday. I didn’t before my hubby retired. I was content to stay at home working on my crafts or reading. I was never bored. But then, I had many projects in the works I enjoyed doing. That has not changed.

Day 86.  I was up and out of the house bright and early.  As most of you know, I am a morning person. I like getting up early, so it was nice that a group I wanted to join in on got together in the morning.

First on my agenda was the Show and Tell group.  This was my first time to join them.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how many ladies came to show off what they were doing.  There were probably more than 30 of us.  The variety of crafts was nice to see. A few had made greeting cards. They were part of a group that meets during the week.  There were quilters and sewers that also meet during the week. A couple of ladies from that group that did not bring something to show, told us about their sewing and/or embroidery machines or a quilt shop experience they had. A couple of ladies from a craft group showed us their necklaces made from dominos.  Others showed us their knitting and crocheted projects. The craft types were as varied as their experience. Some ladies were very experienced and very talented. Other ladies were beginners proudly showing us what they had just made and learned. We enjoyed every one of them. It was a good group and I will definitely go back.

When the Show and Tell group was over, it was time for the Beading group who met in the same room. I had met with this group last week for the first time and I knew I wanted to go again. I had my supply list for this weeks project, but I had not made it to the bead store, about an hour away, to get everything on the list. I brought my beads hoping I could get started on the project with something in my stash. I was and one of the ladies was nice enough to help get me started. She spent a good portion of her time teaching me and a couple of the other ladies how to read the charts and directions. I really appreciate her giving of her time to help us. Time sure went by quickly. I didn’t get very far and the perfectionist that I am will probably start it all over to make sure it looks just right.  I am looking forward to working on my bracelet, going to the bead store and going to the group again next week. This is a hobby I enjoy and one that is conducive to working on in the motorhome. You can never have too many hobbies.

After dinner it was time for Bingo. Clyde was looking forward to getting out and seeing what Bingo night was all about. We had never been to an organized group of Bingo players before. We got there early because we weren’t sure where it was held at and found the place to be packed. We were surprised because Bingo is only open to those who are staying in our campground. It’s a good thing we got there when we did. I guess they were anxious to get started. It was a cheap evening out. $5 for 10 cards and we needed to get a couple of daubers to mark the cards ($1.50 each). They gave out money prizes after each game, door prizes and a 50/50. The couple at our table each won $5. We were not as lucky. We had a nice time, but I’m not sure Bingo is our thing. We may or may not go again. We probably should though, as we did buy the daubers.

Until next time,






Necessary Precautions

Good morning readers.  I got to thinking about the fierce winds we are having here.  Are they really any stronger here than we had while living in our S&B home or do we just feel the impact of it more because we are in a motorhome. We have felt the wind against the motorhome before in other areas where we have been, but never to the degree we feel it here. We aren’t even out in the open. We have other campers close by to help block the impact. According to the weather app we are experiencing 20 mph wind gusts and this isn’t anywhere near as bad as it was during the night or yesterday.  We can still feel the motorhome rock when the wind gusts pick up in force.

When we lived in our home we could hear the wind whip through the windows but never felt its force while inside.  Here we can both hear and feel its power and strength. I now understand why these would not be good travel days. I certainly would not feel comfortable being on the road when it is this windy.

We will be starting our trek back north next month, which is the beginning of tornado season. The route we would like to take would bring us through the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois, just to name a few. Tornado alley. We feel the impact of 20 mph winds now, so when we experience higher wind speeds we will definitely need to take some necessary precautions. Those precautions that I am aware of are; face your motorhome toward the wind, keep your slide-outs in, keep your toad hooked up, and of course do not have your awning out. If you know of anything else we need to know or do, please let us know.  Until then, we will enjoy our time here on the island.

Until next time,




Rescue and Nature Centers

Good morning family and friends.  It seems like every morning I tell you all about our weather.  I’m not sure why I do it or even if you care to hear about if we are having sun or rain or cold. Maybe I do it so that when I look back and re-read these posts (like a journal) it will help me to reminisce on each day a little better.  Anyway, today isn’t supposed to be as nice as we had yesterday.  As a matter of fact, I see we might get rain this afternoon with cooler temperatures and high winds.  I’m sure glad we got out and enjoyed our beautiful weather yesterday.

Day 84.  We had talked about what we wanted to do the night before, so we got our move on early instead of taking our time like we usually do. I mean, we are retired, what’s the hurry.

Our first stop was to the Sea Turtle Rescue Center on South Padre Island.  They opened their doors at 10 am. and we got there just a little after that.  We timed it just right as their informational program was just beginning. We learned a lot and really appreciate the work they are doing to save not only the injured turtles, but to protect the sea turtle species. Most of the injured turtles they help are able to return back to the ocean after being rehabilitated.  The few who are too badly injured and would not survive if released back in the ocean become permanent residents.

Next weekend is the grand opening to their new much larger building. We may go back for that. There is no set fee to go there, but they do have a donation box with a suggested amount to give, which we happily gave.

Our next stop was right next door, The South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center. The entrance fee was $5 each (senior citizen discount). Again, we timed it just right as a guided tour was just beginning.  We spent a couple of hours walking along the boardwalk looking and learning about all of the different birds we were seeing. The time flew by (pun intended). It sure didn’t seem like we had been out there that long. I highly recommend utilizing the guides when visiting a place like this. We learned and saw so much more than we would have on our own. The weather was perfect. The sun was out, the temperature was pleasant and the breeze was light. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Don’t ask me to name all of the birds and ducks we saw.  There were just too many.  I did know the American Coot and the Great Blue Heron from our stay in Airport Park, Waco. We also saw a couple of alligators, some turtles, tilapia and mullets (fish). I took a lot and I mean a lot of pictures.  I’ll only share a few of my favorites with you. I still have to figure out the names of most of the birds.



DSC_0326DSC_0370 (2)



American Alligator


We never did check out the inside of the Birding and Nature Center.  Time just got away from us. It was way past lunchtime.  We were getting tired, hungry and thirsty. We decided we would just have to go back there again.

Until next time,