Glass Covers


We all know how things rattle and roll while moving along on the road.  The tighter they are packed the less chance they have of moving around, but if you pack glass items close together they have a tendency to get scratched, chipped or broken.  I thought of making cozies to cover them, but I don’t need insulation or anything fancy.  I just need to protect my glasses and vases, etc. from damage.  I know, I could just take plastic glasses but I enjoy drinking out of glass, especially a nice glass of wine.

My solution was to make covers as simply and easily as possible that would do the trick.  To accomplish that I cut fleece the height and length to go around and sewed a strip of Velcro to each end.  Fast, easy and it works.  Protection with little fuss.

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Just a Little Addition

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest differences.  Today my son Kevin added another runner under the kitchen sink so that I could store more items upright; i.e. cookie sheets, cutting board, serving trays, cast iron griddle, etc.  He found an “L” shaped piece of molding, cut it to fit and placed two lengths next to each other to make a track to place the items in.  To hold the trays upright he has a sticky thing that holds zip ties.  (I know real technical terms).  I am going to use a small bungee cord through the zip ties as my fastener.  The photos show the before and after without my bungee cord. It sure makes it easier to get at what I need when I need it and it takes up less storage space.  I call that a win – win.

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General Maintenance

We can check another couple of things off our to-do list for Winnie.  The people at Cummins-Bridgeway were very nice.  We had a small hick-up getting her there though.  We couldn’t get her started.  We are not sure why we are having problems, or what we are doing wrong with the battery because we had it tested when we took her in and it checked out fine.  When she wouldn’t turn over at all, we turned on the generator hoping that would charge the chassis battery enough to get it started.  No such luck.  Our son Kevin decided to put his trickle charger on it and it started right away.  Way to go Kevin.  So does that mean we should take a trickle charger along with us for the just in case moments?

We dropped Winnie off Tuesday night to be worked on Wednesday.  They changed the engine oil and filters and also did the maintenance on our generator.  They tested the batteries and we were really expecting to replace all three of them, but they said they were fine. While we were there we decided to make an appointment to have the air conditioning looked at.  They were booked up until after our June vacation.  That should be fine.  I am not expecting really hot weather that early in the season, but then this is Michigan and you never know.

I called the special order parts department at the RV center where we purchased Winnie to order the part we need for the ice-maker.  They had said it was a shut-off valve when they did the winterization last fall.  After a few back and forth phone calls the salesman decided that there wasn’t a special shut-off valve and that it was a part we could purchase at our local hardware store.  I thanked him for his help and hung up.  I am keeping the appointment I made for mid June just incase my guys can’t figure it out on their own, but I am really hoping we won’t need it.  As we are having exceptionally cold and wet weather right now, I don’t believe they will be able to work on it for a week or two.

Following behind Winnie as we brought her home I noticed we had a tail light out.  It looks like I’ve got another part to order.

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Maintenance and Repairs

It’s that time of year when we all start to get the urge to go camping. But, first, we have to de-winterize our motor home, make sure all the routine maintenance is completed and everything is in good working order.

We knew we needed to have the generator maintained as it has almost ran the maximum number of hours on the meter.  We have owned Winnie one year now and we have no idea when the engine motor oil was changed, so that was also on our to-do list.  A call to Cummins Bridgeway was made.  The nice people there said yes, along with being able to service our generator they can also take care of our gas engine. They would be happy to set up an appointment for next week to have that done, but if we needed anything more done, appointments were being made for a month out.  We are glad that is all she requires right now.  We scheduled our appointment for next Wednesday.  Check, one item off our list.

Next, de-winterizing and getting the ice-maker leak repaired.  Last fall, when we took Winnie in to be winterized, the service people at the RV center where we bought our motor home found a leak at the shut-off valve to the ice-maker.  Instead of fixing it then, they told us it would have to be repaired in the spring when we de-winterized her.  We made a call to the service department on Friday and asked for the same service rep we dealt with the last few times.  As usual, we were sent to his voicemail.  We left a message telling him exactly what we needed.  As we expected, no return phone call.

The next morning (Saturday) we called as soon as they opened and told the gal at the service desk what we needed.  Why leave another message to someone who never returns your calls.  She told us no appointment was needed to have our unit de-winterized but to have the leaking valve repaired we needed to schedule an appointment.  The soonest they could get us in was a month and a half away! We asked why they couldn’t just replace the valve at the same time they were de-winterizing her.  We were told they would have to see what part was needed and order it.  We knew what part.  It was written on the winterization receipt.  Why pay $80 to de-winterize and then pay again who knows how much to install the part.  We were then told that we needed to order the part through the parts department and when it came in we could schedule an appointment to have it put in. Really?  (Deep breathe).  We told her to put us down for the next available appointment now and transfer us to the parts department please.

The parts department told us we would have to call back Monday as what we needed was a special order and they didn’t work week-ends.  (Exhale).  As you can guess we really wish we didn’t need to use their services.  We will call back Monday, order the overly priced part and have it installed.  Those of you who are mechanically inclined are fortunate in that you can do it yourself and bypass the hassles we must endure.

We are hoping to figure out the de-winterizing process ourselves and save us the $80.  One of our concerns is if we put water in the tank, how do we keep it from filling up the ice-maker and leaking all over?  Should we just camp without water for now and wait until the ice-maker is repaired?  We would really appreciate any advice from you seasoned RV’ers.   Thanks so much.

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A New Item for Winnie

Today while shopping I found a reversible cast Iron griddle for Winnie.  I had recently done some research on them, so I knew what I wanted and how much to expect to pay.  Today I wasn’t looking for one, but as I walked passed a display of cast iron cookware, that had one on it, I saw the price and I had to stop.  They are regularly $60 (more at some stores) and it was on sale for $25.  I knew I couldn’t pass up a deal that good. But wait, it gets even better.  My daughter Melissa was with me and she has a JC Penny charge card, which got me another $5 off.   I’m a happy camper.


Reversible Cast Iron Griddle (photo shows 2 griddles – each side)

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A Beautiful Day – Getting the Itch to Go

Today was a perfect day; full sun, slight breeze and temperature almost hitting 70F.  I made use of my good fortune by working in Winnie. Where else would I be?  I’m trying to pack and organize her for going full-time without having to bring items back into the house because they are needed again before then.  It’s not an easy task.  I really want to pack it all and go now.  I know, I have to be patient and wait for everything to fall into place.  It will happen before I know it.

In the meantime, plans are being made for a mini vacation the first full week of June.  My daughter Karen, who lives in Kentucky, is planning our campout someplace 1/2 way between the two of us.  I told her “you plan, we camp”.  I’m just happy to get to go and to be with her and her family.  We did this last year and really had a nice time.

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Spring has Sprung

With the warmer weather arriving, it is time to get Winnie cleaned out and stocked with all her gear.  Over the last couple of weeks I was able to do just that with the help of my son Kevin.  After wiping out the cupboards, vacuuming and giving her a thorough cleaning (all except steam cleaning the carpet) we were ready to put everything back in her we had stored in totes.  I didn’t find any surprises, no signs of any unwanted visitors.  I had put dryer sheets in every cubby and place I could find to deter them and keep her smelling fresh all winter.  Not sure if that helped or not, but I was happy with the results.  As I am not allowed to lift more than 10 lbs., Kevin carried all the totes from the house for me to unpack.  I took my time, enjoying every minute of putting items away.  I was thinking about the fun we had last year and hoping we will be able to get some camping in soon.  All I need now to go are our clothes and food.

We are still hoping to be full-timers this year.  It might not be until late fall, but that is our goal.  It all depends on how my treatments go and what the final outcome is.  We will also have to have the house sold, which we can’t do until I’m better.  In the meantime, we hope to get some weekend camping in.

As I mentioned in a previous post we have had some problems with our batteries.  We may need to get a couple new ones this year.  We also need to have maintenance done on the generator, as our hours are about up.  New tires are on the list to buy before we start out full-timing it.  We want to keep her in tip top condition for full enjoyment without worries.

It’s a good thing I have a handy son.  Our front blinds needed adjusting.  Not sure how or why they stopped working,  It could have been because of the problems with the battery, but the guys were able to get them working again perfectly.

While we were cleaning out the basement cubbies and checking the rest of the outside Kevin found a birds nest in the slide-out awning over the dinette.  We were happy to see it was empty as I would hate to disturb hatchlings.

Happy Easter everyone.  We will be enjoying a beautiful day with family at our daughter Melissa’s.

Until next time,