Lebanon/Cincinnati NE KOA

Good morning. It looks like today is going to be a perfect sunny day with a high in the low 70’s. I plan on being outside as much as possible.

Day 168. I’ve been trying very hard to get back in shape. Or should I say back into condition, as there is nothing wrong with my shape. My daughter Melissa bought me a Fitbit which helps me keep track of my steps and my heart rate.

This day we decided to get our steps in walking around the campground. Melissa came over early and we walked while Clyde cooked breakfast. Although the trail we walked the day before was relaxing and pleasant, I got a more vigorous workout walking around the campground. We had more inclines to go up and down. We also walked a brisker pace. It feels good to get your heart rate up and feel your muscles tighten a bit.

While walking around the campground we were able to checkout the different sites and amenities the campground has to offer. We walked by a small enclosed dog park area with a double gate which is always nice. Two small dogs were enjoying the area.

In the back of the campground is an area where you can get your motorhome filled with propane. It didn’t appear to have an area that you could pull through easily. It looked more like you had to pull in and back out. I could be wrong though. I will have to take a closer look at that area.

The campground also has a nice grassy electric only area for tents. Smaller campers would also fit, but I believe they have designated the area for tents only. The park has a small pool and a nice playground area.

The restrooms, showers and laundry area are all in the same building as the office and camp store. We did not check those areas out yet, sorry.

As for the campground itself, you can see they are working hard making improvements to the sites. The pads are gravel with a gravel patio. Each site has a new picnic table and a fire pit. Grass has been seeded and is trying to grow. Cable TV and free Wi-Fi are also included.

Now for the not-so-good. When we checked in we were told they only had only one premium site available. That means 50 amp and full hook-ups. Which is great. But, with us being at Melissa’s most of the time it isn’t necessary and why pay extra for something you don’t need. Melissa was busy checking online to see what was available and found that wasn’t true. After some hassle, we were able to obtain a 30 amp electric and water only site. We were told that was the only one available for that long of a time period. We can see that isn’t so either after being here a while.

The prices are ridiculous. We are paying $45 a night and that is with their KOA discount card that cost us $30 for the year. The pool isn’t open yet and they have no activities going on at this time. You would hope they would have an off-season rate, but they apparently don’t.

We have never paid this much before, even when we were on the ocean and had full hookups. But, as they are the only campground around and can get away with it, they do. Unfortunately we do not have a choice. On the plus side, we are less than a mile from our daughter.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,


Technically Challenged

Good morning.  It looks like we might have a warmer day today than we had yesterday.  Our high for today is 73.  No sun.  In fact, I don’t see the sun forecasted to be out for the next week and a half.  How am I supposed to have fun in the sun without the sun?

Day 76.  Being the weather was cool, windy and dreary we decided to take a ride into Port Isabel.  Our site here, in Isla Blanca Park, not only has full hookups (water, electric and sewer), but we also have cable.  This is a first for us.  We have only used the antenna to get our basic channels up until now and that has worked just fine.  Unfortunately, the antenna does not seem to be powerful enough here.  We keep losing the signal.  We now understand why they include cable with the amenities package. Problem is we didn’t have a coax cable to connect to the motorhome.  We had more than we need when we owned our home. Never thinking that we might need to save one for the motorhome, all the extra coax cables we had were either given away or sold with everything else we no longer needed.  Thus, the reason to go to town.

We had passed a Walmart on our way into the park, so we had a good idea where we were going.  It’s a nice big clean Walmart with a good selection. We easily found the coax cable we needed and a few other items.

It was time to find a car wash.  You wouldn’t believe how filthy the car gets being towed behind the motorhome.  We found a car wash and normally I wouldn’t write about it, but this was another first.  It was an automatic car wash with no human attendant.  You paid with the exact amount or used a credit card and selected what type of wash you wanted.  You then were directed to pull in.  There were no tracks to pull you through. If you went too far the speaker told you to back up.  If you didn’t go far enough forward it told you to keep going.  At the end there was no blower to dry off your car or an attendant to give it a quick wipe down.  It wasn’t the best of washes, but it got the job done and she sure looks a whole lot better.

Back at the campsite we thought all we had to do was connect the coax cable and we would have TV.  Wrong.  Granted we aren’t the most savvy with technology, but how hard could it be to connect one cord and turn on the TV.  We tried everything.  I scanned for new channels.  That didn’t work.  I changed the setting from air to cable and then scanned for new channels again.  Nope.  Still didn’t work.  Clyde checked the coax connection.  Still no TV.  We weren’t giving up.  We looked in the cabinet to see if we were missing something there. Nope. If all else fails, push buttons and see what happens.  That helped somewhat.  Clyde found 3 buttons (for 3 TV’s) that say “sat, DVD & aux”.  Apparently when you are using the air antenna you don’t need worry about those buttons. He changed all 3 to “aux” and we scanned for channels one more time.  We got TV, but the picture was fuzzy.  So back outside he went to check the connections one more time.  Nope.  Now what?  Finally, we saw one more button that said Winegard.  It was on. For the heck of it we turned it off. OMG! We got a clear picture.  We have real cable TV.  We have no idea what that button is for, but for now we don’t care.  It may have taken us a couple of hours to figure it all out, but we didn’t give up or get upset.  We persevered and succeeded.  Just call us happy campers.

Until next time,