Wind is the Normal

Good morning.  It looks like another beautiful day here on South Padre Island. There is a wind advisory in effect for the entire day (30-39 mph), which could make sitting outside a little interesting, but I’m just happy for the warmer weather.  It seems that wind is the normal here on the island.

Today I have my Show and Tell group and the Beading group. I am looking forward to both of those. I’m not sure what to take to show and tell. I have a few different types of projects I could share. Last week I shared my embroidered scissor holder, pin cushion and covered Altoids tin box. That was a combination of embroidery, sewing and bead work. I’ll have to think about it some more.

Day 92.  Laundry Day. We went to the same laundromat as last week, but we decided to go in the afternoon this time in hopes that it wouldn’t be as crowded. Wrong. It as just as busy with people waiting for machines to be free to use. We managed to get washers right away, but had to wait for a dryer. I’m just glad we now have clean clothes to wear for another week.

As I’ve said before, we really enjoy walking in this park and along the beach. We couldn’t believe how many people were still on the beach when we took our evening walk. It’s the most people we’ve seen on the beach since we arrived here. I don’t believe the majority of them were campers either (too many children). It must be the combination of a beautiful day and the weekend. Patty Pepper even let a few kids pet her (our not so sociable dog).

All in all it was a good day. I worked some more on beading. A day wouldn’t be complete without working on a project of some kind.

Loving our lifestyle. Enjoy your day.



It was a Good Day

Good morning.  Can you believe it is 67 right now.  The high for the day was 68.  We’ve already hit our high and the temps are going to be dropping all day.  By dinner it will be 10 degrees cooler.  The bad part is we are supposed to have thunderstorms all day.  The humidity is still very high, but for the first time there is no wind.

The fog is very thick, with visibility only a few feet. We woke up to hearing the blare of the ships horn, one prolonged blast every 2 minutes, which means low or restricted visibility. We don’t mind hearing the ships sound off during the daytime, but at night it isn’t soothing.

We were awoken in the middle of the night by the fire alarm going off.  No good reason why, just went off.  We had to take the battery out.  The last time it did that a bug had gotten in it and set it off.  Clyde found no bug last night.  Maybe it needs a new battery.  It shouldn’t, but we will test that theory today.  Anyway, why do weird things like that have to happen in the middle of the night.

Day 80. I spent a good portion of my day going through my beads; sorting and organizing them.  I read online articles on the craft to familiarize myself with the terminology, types of beads and the different techniques of beading. I found a couple of tutorials on the different types of beading stitches that I would like to print out.  Unlike when you live in a sticks and bricks home and have the printer always out and ready to receive your request to print, I need to get my printer out of hiding and ready it to print.  It’s not a big deal, I just want to make sure I print everything I want at one time and not have to keep getting it out. And, yes, I enjoyed every minute “playing”.

The sun was out for a while and the warm temperature made it perfect for a walk.  We walked along the beach and the fishing area where many had their lines in the water.  The park has a statue commemorating the fishermen and sailors that went out to sea and never returned. Plaques with each of their names are affixed to the statue. We can see the statue from our motorhome window.

It was a good day. Loving the lifestyle.

Until next time,


Checking Out the Island

Good morning.  The wind is really strong this morning. You can feel it’s power against the motorhome and hear the waves crashing into the shore.  The temperature is 65 and by lunchtime it is predicted to be 81. No sun, but warm. Hopefully we will be able to sit outside if the wind cooperates.  We haven’t had nice enough weather so far on our adventure to do that yet. I’m not complaining northerners.  I realize you are getting more snow and freezing temperatures. I’m just ready for my fun in the sun.


Day 77. With no sun, temps in the 60’s and some wind we didn’t feel like walking the beach so we took a drive to check out the island.  As you can tell by looking at a map, the island is long and narrow.  The road down the center is 4 lanes with a median dividing the 2 lanes each way.  The colorful businesses entice you with good food, sports equipment and beach accessories all along the way.

Further along the way the island narrows even further to only sand dunes and beach.  This day the island was having a kite festival. You could see many different types of kites in the air.  The wind was just right for the festival but the temperature was cool and many were watching the festivities from inside their vehicles.

On our way back we decided to check out a couple of the souvenir type stores.  We wanted to get a few postcards.  I know, postcards are old fashion being everyone communicates now by cell phone, email, Facebook and other types of social media, but who doesn’t like a piece of fun mail every once in a while instead of just bills and junk mail.  

Until next time,




A Drive to Florida

Day 30.  I can’t believe we have been on our journey for 30 days now and living the full-time lifestyle for 94 days.  I can honestly say I do not miss having a house or a yard.  What I do miss is my washing machine and dryer.  I also miss my family, but I like being able to travel and see my out-of-state family more often.

I thought I would miss my kitchen, but I don’t.  I like my little kitchen area.  Everything is close by and handy.  I do wish I had a little bit more counter space, but I make do.  I love my spice racks and the hooks used to hang my utensils.  I like my pantry area also.  I just need a better way to organize it.  I’m working on that.

Another thing I thought I would miss was my shower, but Winnie’s is just fine.  We have full hookups right now so I can take as long and as hot a shower as I want.  When we don’t have full hookups I either take shorter showers or use the campground showers.  Clyde prefers to use the campground shower.  He has more room to maneuver.  I don’t blame him.

Today we decided to get out and go for a ride to Florida.  It is not a very long ride from here and the drive is along the coastline, which makes for an enjoyable trip.  The weather today is overcast and humid with temps in the low 70’s.

We drove up to where the Navel Base entrance was but did not go in.  The Blue Angels do not put on a show in the month of December which is why we would want to go there.  We did stop at a public access area to the beach.  It was called Snorkel Cove.  We watched the sandpipers run up and down the water’s edge and I collected a few more shells.  The water was cold and the beach was not as clean as the area we are staying at in Alabama.  I enjoyed myself anyway.  The water is always relaxing to me.

Until next time,




The Beach, Shells & Sea Life

Day 13.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, temps in the 70’s and sunshine. It was a good day to go to the beach.  I love the white sand, easy to walk in and not hot on your feet.  The water was cool as it washed up on our feet at first, but then we got used to it.

It was interesting the way the shells washed up in groups along the shoreline-in waves. You can kind of see it in the picture below. We didn’t get to the beach until after lunch.  I think many of the prime shells had already been discovered, but I had fun collecting them anyway.  Today I will wash, dry and sort my collection.  Pictures will come later.


While we walked along the beach we watched the little birds, we called sandpipers, run up and down picking at the sand.  What were they looking for?

There was also a flock of seagulls (we think) along the beach.


We stopped to talk to others along the beach.  One family from this area had just moved back after living in Alaska.  They said they enjoyed this beach even more than the beaches they had been to in Hawaii.  Wow!  Who would have thought.

After our beach walk we went to the pier for an informational talk by a marine biologist.  We really enjoyed her presentation about the small creatures she had found at the shore to show us. We will definitely go to more of her presentations as they are offered.

Loving the lifestyle.

Until next time,


Vacation in Ohio



Indian Lake State Park, Lakeview, Ohio-site B062


We arrived at Indian Lake State Park in Lakeview, Ohio around 12:30 pm on Monday in time for lunch.  We left home at 8 am and with a stop 1/2 way for breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Maumee, Ohio. It made it an easy relaxing trip of only 158 miles.  I hope to keep all of our travel days under 200/250 miles.

The campground is huge with 443 nice size sites.  Our site was 50 amps and $27 per night with both sun and shade.  Water is available at the restrooms which were very nice and kept clean. Playgrounds are dispersed throughout the campground, each a little different from the others, which our grandson Wyatt thoroughly enjoyed.  Many campers brought their boats and fishing poles to enjoy.  A large pool is being built by the commissary that is scheduled to be finished later this summer.

A nice size sand beach was within walking distance from our site, which we enjoyed a few days later with our daughter Karen and her family and our grandson Tristan who drove down on Thursday night after work for a couple of days.

Karen and family came on Tuesday from Kentucky with their new to them pop-up camper and set up in the site next to ours.

It sure was good to see them again.  Our times together are too far apart.

Clyde watched the Stanley Cup playoffs while the grandkids played a game of Trouble.

We couldn’t believe how brave the squirrels and birds were.

We really enjoyed our week together with campfires every day and night.  The wood in our new box was just the right amount for our trip.  Thanks again Kevin for our box.  It worked perfectly.  I had the best corn on the cob cooked over the fire.  We hadn’t had it cooked like that in years.  My dad used to cook it that way for us.  Thanks Rob, it was delicious!

Sunday came too soon.  Time to say good-bye and head home.  Vacation wasn’t long enough.  Can’t wait until we are full-time!

Until next time,