Scenic Trail

Good morning. It looks like today will be another overcast day with a good chance of rain this afternoon. That’s ok, we will just plan our day around it.

Days 166 & 167. Friday went as planned. Melissa went to work, Clyde watched the Star Wars movie marathon on TBS for as much of the day as he could and I beaded. I made 3 ankle bracelets and one wrist bracelet to go with the ankle bracelets. The main bead color is Flamingo. I used #8 Miyuki beads. This is the first bracelet I’ve made from the Northern Star pattern. I am sure I will be making more. I find many of my beading patterns and inspirational ideas from Linda’s Crafty Inspirations blog.

Saturday we walked along the Little Miami Scenic State Park trail. The scenic trail covers over 50 miles from Cincinnati to Greene County, Ohio. The trail is a pleasant walk that is paved and wide enough for those walking, jogging or biking. Clyde’s only wish was for a bench or two for him to sit and rest.


Little Miami State Park Trail

When we finished our walk we had lunch at the Little River Café where we had parked our car.



1955-1957 Chevy Bel Air Camper

In the parking lot was this unique camper. Clyde talked to the owner who told him there were only 5 made just like it. What a conversation piece.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,



Good morning.  I’ve always been a morning person.  I enjoy getting up early and starting my day having a little “me time” with a fresh cup of coffee.  I’m finding this is also the best time for me to gather my thoughts and write about them here.

With me being a very early riser and my hubby not so much, (he likes to sleep in to at least 7 am) it has taken me a while to figure out how to live in our very small space without disturbing him.  I am now setting up the coffee before I go to bed so I am not making a lot of noise.  I can’t help it if the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee fills the air.

Day 64.  As I mentioned yesterday morning our plan was to watch the football playoffs which we did.  Neither of the teams we were rooting for won, but we enjoyed watching anyway and I got a chance to work on my UFO.

It rained on and off all afternoon and even though the temperature was a pleasant 70, the wind made it feel much cooler.  Clyde took Patty Pepper on a few walks between the showers.  He took her down along the water’s edge but the shoreline is very rocky and she had a hard time walking.  While they were down there he found an interesting formation in the ground.  We have no idea what to call it or how it was formed.  Maybe it was formed because of the water washing up. Just a guess.  Anyway I thought I would share his picture with you.  I am looking forward to taking a walk down there with him when it is nicer to see it myself.

Waters Edge

Until next time,