We Did It!!

We are now officially full-time RV’ers.  The closing on our house was Friday the 15th.  Which makes it 5 days as full-timers.  Although, we have been sleeping in Winnie since the previous Sunday.  That is because we emptied out the house of everything, including our bedroom set.  Being we still owned the house and used its shower, I’m not counting those days as being a full-timer.  As you can see it has been a very stressful and busy couple of weeks. But WE DID IT!

We still have to stick around this area for a while to finish up my treatments, along with other doctors, optical, and dentist visits. Meanwhile, we are enjoying visiting with our children and grandchildren here.

We are at Brighton Recreation Area, site #138 which is very close to the restrooms.  That’s the plus.  The minus is that it is a very un-level site, but we are making it work.  We picked this site because our daughter Karen and her family came up for the week-end from Kentucky and they like being near the facilities with their large group.  We had a very enjoyable weekend.  It was so nice getting together with her and her family along  with our other daughter Melissa and her son, Tristan, and our youngest son Kevin and his triplets.

Grandpa had fun playing games with the grown grandchildren; Kayleigh and Meghan and the little guy, Wyatt.  The triplets; Xavier, Brooklynn and Zachary loved playing with their cousin Wyatt.  It’s too far and few between visits.

We had relaxing campfires too.

After all the excitement died down, it was time to get to everyday chores.  Laundry was first on our list.  We haven’t used a laundromat in years.  My are they expensive.  We had 6 loads and the total cost was $24.00.  Can you say Ugh!

Next stop was for groceries.  I now have to watch what I purchase, due to the fact that my pantry and refrigerator only hold so much.  I have to plan my meals and stick to it.  No more impulse buying.  Right now my pantry is overflowing with food from our S & B home. I am trying to use up what I have on hand.  Too bad I have so much odd assorted items that don’t go together very well.

Monday I noticed the chassis battery was very low.  It’s a brand new battery.  This shouldn’t be happening.  Kevin went out and bought us a trickle charger.  He hooked it up and guess what, it had a safety feature that wouldn’t allow it to charge because of how depleted the battery was.  He went out and got a second trickle charger thinking that a different one might due the trick.  No such luck.  Same thing.  I then called Cummins Bridgeway where we purchased the battery.  They suggested we disconnect the battery and bring it in.  They exchanged the dead battery for a fully charged one.  They also said they believe something else is going on for it to run down so fast and asked us to make an appointment to have it looked at. That is our next step.  There’s always something isn’t there.

With no Wi-Fi at the campground, I am able to get on-line while having treatment.

Until next time,





Short Getaway

With a couple of home inspections scheduled for Monday and Tuesday we decided to take off in Winnie to Brighton Recreation Area, nice and close to home.  We arrived Sunday evening and chose site #62 with 30 amps.  This was our first time on this site.  Bad me forgot to take a picture of it.  I guess our rainy weather might have had something to do with it.  The site is rather large with both the side and back of the lot being wooded.  This is the first site that we would have benefited from having another extension cord.  We would have liked to have been in the back of the site instead of the side by the electric box.  Maybe another time.  First I need to purchase that extension cord.

Unfortunately Clyde had to work during the day.  I would have enjoyed being outside but it wasn’t conducive weather wise.  It has rained on and off here for the last few days.  I did enjoy watching the sandhill cranes.

I also finished a series I was reading, Sara Booth Delaney by author Carolyn Haines -17 books in that series.  Now I have to find another good author and series to read.

We are back home now getting our laundry done.  Tomorrow morning we take Winnie back to General RV to have the ignitor switch put in.  Hopefully the right part was ordered this time.  We also had no hot water while camping.  No clue as to why.  I had to use the campgrounds shower and heat water for dishes.  I will have them look at that too.  And, more problems with our back jacks not going up or down all the way.  They seem to have a mind of their own and only work when they feel like it.  A lot of good the auto level does.  It’s a good thing we made the appointment.

After Clyde gets off work we will head over to Proud Lake Recreation Area for the holiday weekend.  We will be on the same site we had last time, #6 with 50 amps. I’m looking forward to another fun time with family.

Until next time,



1st Campout of the Year

Our first campout this year was very enjoyable.  We didn’t go far, only 10 miles in total to Brighton Recreation Area, Bishop Lake Campground.  We were on site #4 in the upper level, a nice level site backing up to trees.  We only got the site because we decided to go a few days early and found out they had a cancelation which was probably do to the rainy cold weather.  Being the hardy campers we are it didn’t bother us.  I had faith that the weather would change, this is Michigan after all.  And change it did.

On Friday our grandson Tristan came to visit for a while before he headed up north for the weekend with his buddy.  Friday afternoon Kevin and the triplets joined us for a couple of nights.  They had a good time doing many activities.

IMG_1236 They road their big wheels, roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.


While on a bike ride they met a local policeman who let them sit in his patrol car.

IMG_1247They made lanterns at the parks recreation program.

IMG_1256Play dough is always a fun activity.



Painting is fun too.


IMG_1265While the little ones painted the adults played bean bags.  It was a relaxing enjoyable time that I hated to see end.

Until next time,


Back to Brighton Recreation Area

Sticking close to home we are back to Brighton Recreation Area, Bishop Lake, the lower campground.  We did get a different site, #138 which has 30 amps and backs to the woods. We wanted to get another trip in before we had to take our granddaughter, Kayleigh back home.  We were able to enjoy it with all of our local family stopping by at different times.  Too bad I forgot to get pictures.  Guess I was too busy.  I’ll try and do better next time.

Until next time,



Memorial Day Weekend

Thinking it would be fun to go camping with some of our children and grandchildren, I tried to make reservations at our nearby state park; Brighton Recreation Area. Unfortunately all the sites with electric were already reserved. So I made reservations at the more rustic area that was nice and big, plenty of room for Winnie, but did not have electric. I mean really, a couple of days in a fully equipped motorhome shouldn’t be a problem. Right? This decision did not go over well with everyone else. Not knowing what else I could do, I just let it be for the time being.

When it got closer to camping time, my son, Kevin and I were driving by the park and decided to check it out. Maybe we would get lucky and there would be a cancellation.  Ha ha, really?  Dreaming right?  What we did find out was that some of the sites were on a first come basis. This gave us a little hope that we might get a spot with electric after all. We were told to call back and find out a few days before if any of those sites were still available.

I waited until the Tuesday before to call. I was told there was only one site left and if I wanted it we had to come in to get it and we had sleep there. No problem. I was almost packed anyway.  I just had to have my husband stop on his way home from work and get it for us.

When he got there he was told it was already taken. I was so disappointed. I really wanted the kids (grown adults) and grandkids to have a great first time. Well, the wonderful park rangers made it happen. They said if we didn’t mind moving sites they could make it work. Kudos to them! They gave us credit for my rustic site and booked us in for two different sites. We just had to start camping a few days earlier than originally planned. OK by me. I  just needed to pack the refrigerator and other last minute items. The park is only 5 miles from home, so not a big deal if something was left behind.


View from site #80, Brighton Recreation Area-Bishop Lake, Lower area

We arrived at our site, (Brighton State Park, Bishop Lake Campground, lower area, site #80, $21 per night) about 6:30 pm.  A nice spot with a view of the lake, along the outer edge of the park, backing up to undeveloped land and it had a tree.   It was a little lower than I liked, but we made it work. Hubby parked perfectly the 1st time. ☺ We got set up and started enjoying our long weekend.  Well, I did anyway. Poor hubby had to go to work the next morning.


The next day I enjoyed a quiet, peaceful day all to myself. I couldn’t believe how quiet and empty the park was. I knew it wouldn’t last, so I enjoyed every minute while I could. Even the weather was perfect. 😊 I  love watching the wildlife. There was a family of Canadian geese with 6 babies that stayed in the area. I saw a really pretty yellow bird. No photo, as my phone was inside. I have no idea what kind it was. That same day I saw the bluest bird. Again, not sure what kind. I’m only 5 miles from home but I am enjoying wildlife I don’t normally see.  At home long neck crains are frequent visitors we enjoy watching.

Just before this campout my daughter, Melissa ordered a percolator for me and it came just in time.  Hubby and I stopped at Biggsby coffee for some good fresh ground to try it out. I got it coarsely ground, as that was what I had read was perfect for my pot. I wanted a glass percolator because I remember my grandmother making coffee in one. I also wanted to be able to watch it perk so I could judge the brew by its color. I do have to say, it was delicious!

20160528_173758Site #74

On Friday we moved to our new site which was only 3 sites down. Still backing up to the undeveloped land and with a big shade tree. Not quite as level of a site as our last one, but just as nice. Even though I was further from the lake,  I still had a nice view of it.



Xavier, Zachary and Brooklynn watching a movie before bed.

With the campground being so close to home we were able to have family come for dinner and a campfire after work a couple of nights. Saturday and Sunday nights we enjoyed having our grandchildren spend the night with their dad, Kevin. This was the 3 yr old triplets first taste of camping and they were so excited. We enjoyed pie iron pizzas, s’mores and blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Making memories. 😊 They can’t wait to go again.

Monday came to quickly. Time to pack up and go home. But before we left we needed to dump. I was worried there would be a long line waiting to dump and we would feel rushed. But that was not the case. We were the only ones there the entire time. The park ranger said we had just missed the crowd and judging by the number of campers still in the park, another rush at the dump was sure to happen. We did great for our 1st time. No problems. It was more difficult to fill the water tank than to dump.


I had read about all the seasoned campers that chose to stay home on holiday weekends because of unruly crowds. I did not know this when I made our reservations. And, I’m glad I didn’t. Our stay was very quiet and pleasant. The park was filled to capacity but everyone was polite, friendly and respectful.  I am looking forward to our next adventure in Winnie.

Until next time,