Time for Ice Cream

Good Morning. It looks like we are going to have another nice day with a high nearing 80 and partly sunny.  I’ll take that. I’m not sure what we are going to do today, but we will definitely get outside.

Day 89. It was such a nice day yesterday, I walked almost 2 miles. Don’t you just feel so much better when you are out in the fresh air and get some exercise. This beautiful view doesn’t hurt either. As we walked around by the water, we saw the birds sitting in the sand on the beach and others perched on top of posts. We watched other people enjoying the nice weather too. Some were walking the beach or fishing. Others were sitting in their lounge chairs reading or relaxing as they watched the waves hit the shore. And, there were a few people gathered together just enjoying the company of other campers. Everyone was doing the same thing we were, enjoying the beautiful day.

We took a short drive into Port Isabel to Walmart for a few supplies. On the way home Clyde suggested we stop for ice cream. He has been hankering for some since we started on our journey and I keep saying no, it’s not warm enough to enjoy it. Well, he finally wore me down and I said yes. It’s not that I don’t like ice cream, ice cream is a weakness of mine and he knows it.

We decided to stop at this fun looking tourist souvenir store that said ice cream instead of going to dairy queen, which we can get anywhere and isn’t really true ice cream. This store was huge. They had all kinds of souvenirs but mostly shells and items made from shells. The post cards were the cheapest we’ve seen anywhere and they had a large selection to choose from. He took that as a sign to get some more to send out. The ice cream was good and a nice treat. We may have to stop there again before we head north.


Enjoying our lifestyle. Enjoy your day.

Until next time,





Busy Day

Good morning.  It looks like it’s going to be a bit nicer outside today than it has been the last couple of days; cloudy with a high in the mid 60’s. We have no plans made yet for today and that’s ok too. If we decide to go somewhere that’s fine, if not, that’s fine too. As other full-timers have pointed out, this is a lifestyle. We are not on vacation. We do not have to be doing something and going somewhere every day. If we had decided to spend our retirement years living in a smaller home, apartment or condo we would not be going somewhere everyday. I didn’t before my hubby retired. I was content to stay at home working on my crafts or reading. I was never bored. But then, I had many projects in the works I enjoyed doing. That has not changed.

Day 86.  I was up and out of the house bright and early.  As most of you know, I am a morning person. I like getting up early, so it was nice that a group I wanted to join in on got together in the morning.

First on my agenda was the Show and Tell group.  This was my first time to join them.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how many ladies came to show off what they were doing.  There were probably more than 30 of us.  The variety of crafts was nice to see. A few had made greeting cards. They were part of a group that meets during the week.  There were quilters and sewers that also meet during the week. A couple of ladies from that group that did not bring something to show, told us about their sewing and/or embroidery machines or a quilt shop experience they had. A couple of ladies from a craft group showed us their necklaces made from dominos.  Others showed us their knitting and crocheted projects. The craft types were as varied as their experience. Some ladies were very experienced and very talented. Other ladies were beginners proudly showing us what they had just made and learned. We enjoyed every one of them. It was a good group and I will definitely go back.

When the Show and Tell group was over, it was time for the Beading group who met in the same room. I had met with this group last week for the first time and I knew I wanted to go again. I had my supply list for this weeks project, but I had not made it to the bead store, about an hour away, to get everything on the list. I brought my beads hoping I could get started on the project with something in my stash. I was and one of the ladies was nice enough to help get me started. She spent a good portion of her time teaching me and a couple of the other ladies how to read the charts and directions. I really appreciate her giving of her time to help us. Time sure went by quickly. I didn’t get very far and the perfectionist that I am will probably start it all over to make sure it looks just right.  I am looking forward to working on my bracelet, going to the bead store and going to the group again next week. This is a hobby I enjoy and one that is conducive to working on in the motorhome. You can never have too many hobbies.

After dinner it was time for Bingo. Clyde was looking forward to getting out and seeing what Bingo night was all about. We had never been to an organized group of Bingo players before. We got there early because we weren’t sure where it was held at and found the place to be packed. We were surprised because Bingo is only open to those who are staying in our campground. It’s a good thing we got there when we did. I guess they were anxious to get started. It was a cheap evening out. $5 for 10 cards and we needed to get a couple of daubers to mark the cards ($1.50 each). They gave out money prizes after each game, door prizes and a 50/50. The couple at our table each won $5. We were not as lucky. We had a nice time, but I’m not sure Bingo is our thing. We may or may not go again. We probably should though, as we did buy the daubers.

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Necessary Precautions

Good morning readers.  I got to thinking about the fierce winds we are having here.  Are they really any stronger here than we had while living in our S&B home or do we just feel the impact of it more because we are in a motorhome. We have felt the wind against the motorhome before in other areas where we have been, but never to the degree we feel it here. We aren’t even out in the open. We have other campers close by to help block the impact. According to the weather app we are experiencing 20 mph wind gusts and this isn’t anywhere near as bad as it was during the night or yesterday.  We can still feel the motorhome rock when the wind gusts pick up in force.

When we lived in our home we could hear the wind whip through the windows but never felt its force while inside.  Here we can both hear and feel its power and strength. I now understand why these would not be good travel days. I certainly would not feel comfortable being on the road when it is this windy.

We will be starting our trek back north next month, which is the beginning of tornado season. The route we would like to take would bring us through the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois, just to name a few. Tornado alley. We feel the impact of 20 mph winds now, so when we experience higher wind speeds we will definitely need to take some necessary precautions. Those precautions that I am aware of are; face your motorhome toward the wind, keep your slide-outs in, keep your toad hooked up, and of course do not have your awning out. If you know of anything else we need to know or do, please let us know.  Until then, we will enjoy our time here on the island.

Until next time,




Weighing the Sides

Good morning.  Looking at the temperature this morning I realized it is the same temperature as it was when I went to bed last night – 64.  Our high for today is 75 and for the next 8 days the weatherman is predicting a possibility of rain and overcast, no sun.

And speaking about the weather, I just can’t believe how often and how fast the fog can roll in.  One minute we look out our window and see the water, the next it’s gone.  We have foggy mornings back home, but not as often or in the middle of the day like we’ve seen here.  The humidity in the air is thick.  You can see the drops of water on the window outside.  I thought it was raining until we realized it was just the results of the humidity. There are no good hair days with this much humidity in the air.  Curly hair is even curlier and straight hair is limp and lifeless.  At least we are all having bad hair days.

Day 78. The sun popped out for a short while yesterday and I got to sit outside and bask in it. It felt so nice. It was too breezy to do any needlework outside, but it would have been a good time to read a book if I had one.  I’ll have to work on getting one for next time.

Our daughter Melissa bought Patty Pepper a fenced yard that is open on the top but with sold sides. She is hoping it will help keep her quiet. The theory is if you can’t see it, you can’t bark at it. We finally got to try it out. We put her bed in it to help her feel more comfortable, but she never did settle down and relax.  She didn’t bark as much either, which is a plus.  I think she will just need to get used to it.


Our campsite, compared to others in the park, is a good one.  We sit so that the motorhome gives you shade from the afternoon sun.  We are on a corner lot, which helps us not feel as Claustrophobic as we would on some of the other lots.  And, we are close to the water.  On the down side the picnic table is permanently placed and is directly in front of our door.  The ground is mostly rocks and sand with very little grass and not very level.  You have no place to make a patio and put out your chairs.  The burrs are awful. They are all over the park. Our poor pug can’t take a step without getting one in her. I’m still weighing the good vs the bad here.  I’ll let you know which way I lean later.

We are enjoying the cable.  It’s nice to be able to turn to a channel and get a clear picture.  And, being super bowl Sunday, we enjoyed the game. I love a good close game like this one was.

Until next time,



Technically Challenged

Good morning.  It looks like we might have a warmer day today than we had yesterday.  Our high for today is 73.  No sun.  In fact, I don’t see the sun forecasted to be out for the next week and a half.  How am I supposed to have fun in the sun without the sun?

Day 76.  Being the weather was cool, windy and dreary we decided to take a ride into Port Isabel.  Our site here, in Isla Blanca Park, not only has full hookups (water, electric and sewer), but we also have cable.  This is a first for us.  We have only used the antenna to get our basic channels up until now and that has worked just fine.  Unfortunately, the antenna does not seem to be powerful enough here.  We keep losing the signal.  We now understand why they include cable with the amenities package. Problem is we didn’t have a coax cable to connect to the motorhome.  We had more than we need when we owned our home. Never thinking that we might need to save one for the motorhome, all the extra coax cables we had were either given away or sold with everything else we no longer needed.  Thus, the reason to go to town.

We had passed a Walmart on our way into the park, so we had a good idea where we were going.  It’s a nice big clean Walmart with a good selection. We easily found the coax cable we needed and a few other items.

It was time to find a car wash.  You wouldn’t believe how filthy the car gets being towed behind the motorhome.  We found a car wash and normally I wouldn’t write about it, but this was another first.  It was an automatic car wash with no human attendant.  You paid with the exact amount or used a credit card and selected what type of wash you wanted.  You then were directed to pull in.  There were no tracks to pull you through. If you went too far the speaker told you to back up.  If you didn’t go far enough forward it told you to keep going.  At the end there was no blower to dry off your car or an attendant to give it a quick wipe down.  It wasn’t the best of washes, but it got the job done and she sure looks a whole lot better.

Back at the campsite we thought all we had to do was connect the coax cable and we would have TV.  Wrong.  Granted we aren’t the most savvy with technology, but how hard could it be to connect one cord and turn on the TV.  We tried everything.  I scanned for new channels.  That didn’t work.  I changed the setting from air to cable and then scanned for new channels again.  Nope.  Still didn’t work.  Clyde checked the coax connection.  Still no TV.  We weren’t giving up.  We looked in the cabinet to see if we were missing something there. Nope. If all else fails, push buttons and see what happens.  That helped somewhat.  Clyde found 3 buttons (for 3 TV’s) that say “sat, DVD & aux”.  Apparently when you are using the air antenna you don’t need worry about those buttons. He changed all 3 to “aux” and we scanned for channels one more time.  We got TV, but the picture was fuzzy.  So back outside he went to check the connections one more time.  Nope.  Now what?  Finally, we saw one more button that said Winegard.  It was on. For the heck of it we turned it off. OMG! We got a clear picture.  We have real cable TV.  We have no idea what that button is for, but for now we don’t care.  It may have taken us a couple of hours to figure it all out, but we didn’t give up or get upset.  We persevered and succeeded.  Just call us happy campers.

Until next time,





Final Leg South

Good morning.  We went to sleep last night with the bedroom window open listening to the waves hitting the shore.  How cool is that.  It is 61 already this morning, but it’s not supposed to get as warm today as it was yesterday.  The high is forecast to be only 64 with possible showers and high winds.  It doesn’t look like a beach day to me.  That’s ok, there is a lot to see here on the island.

Day 75.  We were up and ready to get on the road for our final leg of the journey to South Padre Island by 8:30 am.  A Murphy’s gas station was just across the Walmart parking lot, where we went to fill Winnie up.  Gas was $2.34 a gallon, which we thought was high until we went further south and found that the price had jumped to $2.49 a gallon.  It’s a good thing we won’t be needing to fill her up again for another month.

The drive was uneventful with moderate traffic and some construction along US 77.  We saw palm trees, cactus, cattle, a few wind turbines and even the boarder patrol along the long stretches of open land.  We stopped at the Harlingen Travel Information Center to stretch our legs and walk Patty Pepper.  This was an easy on and off the highway stop, with plenty of space for us to park.  While we were there we decided we should have lunch (pb&j sandwiches) so we weren’t starving when we got to the campground.

We passed through Port Isabel, crossed the 2-mile-long causeway which was named Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge and arrived on South Padre Island.  A total of 162 miles.

After checking into Isla Blanca Park and setting up we were ready to take a short walk down to the beach and check it out.  The temperature was perfect in the 70’s, but a bit windy.  The red flag warning was out.  We are hoping for some nice weather beach days while we are here this month.  I didn’t see any shells.  Perhaps this won’t be the beach for collecting any. I did read that if you wanted any shells you needed to walk the beach early in the morning.  We will see.

This park is the complete opposite from the Corp of Engineering campground in Waco, Texas we just left.  The sites here are so close together – “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand . . .” . Just sayin’.  This is a first for us.  We’ve stayed in campgrounds that we thought were a bit too close together, but none compared to this campground.  I’ll let you know how I feel after a few days.


Our site #C443


Our site #C443


View from our couch window

What enticed us here to this area was the warmer weather, close to the ocean with sights to see and things to do. I’m looking forward to exploring the area.

Until next time,




How Many Steps?

Good morning.  Wow, it got cold last night.  It’s only 27 right now.  Thankfully the temperature is supposed to go up into the mid 60’s today with sunshine.

This is going to be a busy day.  We have a lot to get done, as we will be leaving here tomorrow morning bright and early to spend the month of February down at South Padre Island. It will be a new adventure for us, which we are both looking forward to.  We have really enjoyed this park and highly recommend it to others, but we have seen what there is to see in this area and we have so many other places we are looking forward to exploring.

Day 72. I’ve been trying to get out and walk more.  I need more exercise.  When we owned a house I got some steps in each day even if I never left the house; by going up and down the stairs numerous times and walking throughout the house.  Living in the small area of a motorhome makes any indoor steps minimal.  Besides you feel so refreshed after a good brisk walk in the fresh air and sunshine. Yesterday and the day before we got out and walked the park two different times both days.  It sure felt good.

How many steps do you need each day to be healthy and not live a sedentary lifestyle?  My phone keeps track of the steps I take.  I thought I was doing really good getting around 5,000 steps in a day; which is two laps around this park. That is about 2 to 2 1/2 miles. Wrong. According to health experts the average person gets between 5,000 and 7,000 steps per day.  They also say in order to reduce health risks and manage your weight you need to take 10,000 steps or more per day.

I am happy with my 5,000 steps a day for now.  That is more than I was able to walk this past year.  I just need to work on increasing my steps back up to a 10,000 per day average.  I am really hoping the weather down in South Padre will be perfect for getting out and walking.  Loving this lifestyle.

Until next time,