Rainy Day

Good morning.  Don’t you just love this weather we’ve been having. We go from sitting outside enjoy the beautiful weather in 80º temperatures to steadily dropping temperatures and all day hard rain and now we are back down to freezing cold with snow in the forecast. Later this week the temps are supposed to be back into the 70’s.

Day 147. Rain, rain and more rain. What a day. Steady downpours all day long with wind and dropping temperatures. Not a good day for outdoor activities. But, that is what Karen and her family had planned for the day. They weren’t going to let the weather stop them from having a fun day outdoors. While they went to Lexington to the horse races, Clyde and I stayed warm indoors in our motorhome, Winnie. We decided we would try to go with them another time when the weather was a bit more cooperative.

Melissa had stayed the night with us in Winnie and didn’t have to head back home to Ohio until late afternoon, so we were able to spend the day with her. We just relaxed, talked and played a game of Phase 10.

Phase 10 is a card game that is played with a special deck of cards that is available anywhere. The game takes a little longer than some of the other card games we play, so we plan accordingly. The game is easy to learn, fun and you can still talk while playing. It is another good game to have in your camper.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,





Good morning. This will be our last day in Peoria. Tomorrow is a travel day. Our next destination will be Berea, Kentucky to see our daughter Karen and her family. We have really enjoyed our time here in Peoria even though we have had to endure cold weather and snow. We will miss Scott, Mel and Tina, but it is time to move on. We will be back here again in the fall. That is the best part of living in a motorhome – we can take our home anywhere we want, any time we want, for as long as we want.

Day 142. Scott came over for a while in the afternoon to spend some time with us. We decided to play Canasta. It is a rummy type card game that we haven’t played in years. It was a very popular game in the 1950’s when my parents used to play it all the time. I learned how to play it from them. You can either buy the card game (which we have) or you can use 2 decks of 52 playing cards with 4 jokers.  It took us a little while to refresh our memories and learn how to play the game all over again. Once we figured out the rules and the strategy of the game we decided we should play it more often. It really is a good game and I can see why it was so popular. It can be played by 2 to 6 players. We had the 3 of us, but it would definitely be a fun game to play with 4 players and have a partner. The strategy would be completely different. Another plus is that it is a good game to play while camping. It doesn’t take up much room and is fun.

For dinner Scott, Tina, Clyde and I went to Pizza Works. Mel missed out due to work. But we made sure to send some pizza home for her with Scott. Pizza Works is an old favorite of ours. We have been there many times before, whenever we are in the area. We weren’t disappointed. It was just as good as I remember.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,



Card Game 99

Good morning. A very cold morning it is. 18 degrees right now. The furnace in our motorhome is struggling to keep us warm. We had to turn the heat option from electric to propane in the night. The electric heat wasn’t able to do the job and was blowing cold air. All we can hope for right now is a quick warm up to above freezing. The weather app on my phone says that will happen about 10 am. Not soon enough for me. Unfortunately, every night this week is forecasted to go down into the low 20’s.

Day 134. We had a very nice Easter Sunday at our daughter Tina’s home. She invited a few others to join us for brunch. After brunch we sat around talking and playing games. Today we played the card game 99. It is a good fast game to play with a number of people. There were 7 of us playing. The game is played with 3 coins each. You can play for money or to determine a winner, we just use the coins as tokens. It is a good game to play with kids too. It helps them hone their math skills without making it seem like schoolwork. It doesn’t hurt us old folks either to keep our minds active. It is also a good game when camping, as you only need a deck of 52 cards.

Later in the afternoon, our son Scott and Mel joined us after making the long drive back from Mel’s Mom’s, where we had spent Saturday. We are really enjoying our time together and we will hate to see our visit here in Peoria come to an end.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,


Famous Dave’s

Good Morning. Although we ended our stay in the sunny warm climate of Texas a little too soon, I do not regret it. We do not get to spend enough time with our loved ones who are spread out in different states. That was the reason we decided on the full-time lifestyle and bought a motorhome to do it in.

The only down side right now is that because the temperatures can still dip below freezing, the state park has not turned the water on. That means we must conserve our water and take our showers at either our daughter or our son’s home. Which is fine with them.

Day 130. As we are retired and have lots of free time to do what we want, when we want and the others have full-time jobs, we only get to see them a few hours a day. Yesterday Scott had a few hours in the afternoon, between appointments, to spend with us. We decided to meet him at his home to play some cards. Today it was Hearts; a good old-fashioned card game that can be played with a regular deck of 52 cards and an odd number of players.

When we left Scott’s home it was getting to be dinner time for us old people. We have started to enjoy eating dinner around 4pm instead of the 6pm we did all of our working years. Call me lazy, but I didn’t feel like cooking. We decided, being we were out already, we might as well stop for a bite to eat. I do not enjoy fast-food. I have gotten so that I do eat, nor does my system tolerate fried, greasy food. We also like to try places we have not been before or that we do not have in the area of Michigan where we lived.

Today we decided on Famous Dave’s. Famous Dave’s is noted for their barbecue. They are a chain restaurant with locations in different states. We went to the one in Peoria, Illinois. It is not too far from the campground we are staying in. Clyde ordered ribs and I ordered grilled salmon. I do have to say the food was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed my salmon, it was cooked perfectly. Clyde enjoyed his ribs. He said they were meaty and tasty. It was a little more expensive than what we would have liked, but well worth it. And, even though our dinners were much better than what we would have gotten if I had made something when we got back to our motorhome, we have got to stop eating out so often. It is killing the budget.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,



Castaways and Farkle

Good morning. It is a pretty morning here with the sun coming up and the ground covered with snow. The temperature is rising. Our high for the day is 50. That will pretty much melt all this snow. We are also forecasted to have non-stop rain for the next two days. We can’t win.

Day 127. We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to get out of the state park. The road had not been driven on since the day before or plowed at all. Optimistically Clyde cleared off the car in hopes that later in the day our chances of getting out would look better than they did then.


We really wanted to spend time with family. It was the week-end when everyone was off of work and available to do something. We also wanted to do our laundry and take showers. We didn’t want to use up our water supply in the motorhome, so our plan was to take them at our daughter Tina’s house. We would also be able to do our laundry while we visited.

Around lunch time we decided to give it a try. If Clyde could back out of our campsite and drive around the loop without getting stuck, we would attempt the drive out of the park. We knew the road leading out of the park would not have been plowed either. If they plowed the main road leading out of the park, then they would also plow our loop of campsites. Mission completed. He made it around the loop and said there was only one area that was a bit tricky.

So we loaded up our laundry and our pug, Patty Pepper and headed out. I think we both held our breath the entire way. There were a couple of spots I thought for sure we were going to get stuck or end up in the ditch. Thankfully, because Clyde is a seasoned winter driver, we made it to the main road that had been plowed and was as clear as could be.

We had a very enjoyable afternoon visiting with Tina, Scott and Mel. We were able to take our showers and get our laundry done too.

The group decided they wanted to go out for a bite to eat. They decided on Castaways in Chillicothe, which wasn’t very far from where we were. It has a very laid-back and relaxed atmosphere with fish nets and other ocean décor on the walls and ceiling. The menu consisted mainly of pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches and salads. All reasonably priced.

Scott and I ordered the pork tenderloin sandwich and beer-battered fries. The sandwiches were huge! They were big enough for two people. They were excellent. The batter was perfect and the meat had no gristle. The beer-battered fries were also delicious.  Mel and Tina both ordered hamburgers, which they said were also very good and were definitely homemade. Clyde order a Ruben sandwich. He said it was ok, but probably wouldn’t get it again. He ordered the homemade haystack onions that were like shoestrings, which he enjoyed. We all agreed we would come back again.

As we needed to be back to the campground before dark to assure us of getting in safely, it was time to say goodbye to the girls. We will be here for a couple of weeks, so we are sure to have more good times together. Scott decided he would come back to the campground with us. He wasn’t ready to end our visit just yet.

When we got back to the motorhome we decided to play a few games of Farkle. We are a game playing family. We enjoy both card games and board games. Farkle is played with dice. It is a quick fun game that is very easy to learn and can be played with 2 or more players. So if you are looking for a game that doesn’t take up much room in your camper and is fun to play inside or outside on the picnic table, then try Farkle. The game is packaged a number of different ways, but look for it in the cute cup that you can use to toss the dice and store them in.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.