Park Place

Good morning. We had another beautiful day here in the Rio Grande Valley. I spent the entire day outside and enjoyed every minute of it.

Once a month the park holds a craft fair and breakfast. Yesterday the breakfast was biscuits and gravy; which Clyde thoroughly enjoyed. We walked around the craft fair and admired some very beautiful projects. Clyde loved the wood working items that one man had for sale. I admired some beautiful necklaces that another woman had. My purchase was 5 used books from the library sale for $1.  You can’t beat the price. When I have finished reading them I can donate them back to the library for resale another month.

I spent part of my day relaxing in the sun, working on my pine needle basket, reading and visiting with friends. Clyde took Patty Pepper to the dog park where she can be off the leash. He also worked around the motorhome getting a few more things checked off his list. Steve came over to check out our hot water tank issue, as we still have no hot water. He determined we have a bad valve. Monday Clyde and Steve will see if they can find one. He also, with great effort, located our HDMI outlet on our TV. We got a Fire Stick for Christmas and need the outlet to install the app. The outlet was hidden behind the TV. The TV had to be unbolted and taken out to locate it. And, apparently all RV TV’s are extremely heavy for safety reasons while traveling. Not a fun job, but I greatly appreciated his help.

As promised, here is a picture of our site. I will probably be moving furniture around quite often until I come up with just the right set up. We have an awful lot of dirt, so we will be spending time watering the area to get some grass back.

o 12 park place

Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,




Craft Fair

Good morning. It is a good morning too. The temperature is already 69. Our high for the day is 86. I might be able to sit outside and do some beading, although they are predicting high winds for later today.

Day 105. Steve’s mom Edie invited me to go with her to the craft fair in the activities building in the park. They have been holding it about once a month. Both park residents and outside vendors had items for sale.

Before we looked around at all the crafts, we had a donut and coffee. The park also served biscuits and gravy if you wished. My donut and coffee was $1.25. We sat and chatted with others from the park. Edie is a long time resident that knows everyone. They are all so welcoming and nice.

Judy, Steve’s friend, joined us to walk around and look at the crafts. The crafts were your typical items held at every other fair. Many of the items I have made myself. I look at the prices of the items they have for sale and wonder how some of the crafters can make any money. They seem to be selling their items for the cost of materials with no mark-up whatsoever. There were also three Author’s selling and signing their books. I had a nice time walking around looking and visiting with everyone. It was nice of Edie to invite me and Judy to join us.

While us girls were having coffee and donuts and looking at crafts, the guys went out to breakfast. Steve and his step-dad go out every Saturday morning and they invited Clyde to join them. Clyde enjoyed himself and their company.

I spent my afternoon enjoying the fresh air and beading in my lounge chair. Clyde went and got a much-needed haircut. He hadn’t had one since our daughter Melissa last cut it in November before we left on our adventure. When he got back he decided to try out the hot tub and take a swim in the pool. Oh, what a life this is.

Enjoying our lifestyle. Have a great day. And, thanks for taking time to read about our adventures and/or our daily lives.

Until next time,