Charter Fishing

Good morning. Today is going to be a perfect day to be outside; sunshine with a high around 80º. Unfortunately for our northern friends and family it’s not going to be as nice, unless you are a kid or adult who enjoys the snow.

Yesterday morning Clyde and a few of the guys here in the park went to South Padre Island to go fishing. Clyde is not a fisherman, nor has he ever been on the ocean to fish, so this was a first for him. The only other time he went fishing on a large boat was on Lake Michigan and he spent the entire time hugging the rail and emptying his stomach. It was not a fun experience. So when our friend Steve asked him to go with him and the other guys he was a bit hesitant. And, who could blame him. But, he said what the heck and was willing to try it again.

The guys went on Danny B Fishing Charters for a 4 hour trip. The charter provided a pole for those who needed one and bait to fish with. The bait they used was shrimp and some kind of fish. They will also clean your catch for a small fee, which most of the fishermen took advantage of.

Clyde had a nice time and didn’t get sick. He did catch a few fish, but those who knew what they were doing caught many more. Clyde said most of the fish the guys caught were whiting. I am told whiting is a good eating fish and after looking it up I found out it is what you get when you buy imitation crab. We have enough fish for about 3 meals. Now I will be looking up different ways to cook it.


Steve asked Clyde if he would like to go again next month and Clyde said yes. Good, I love fresh fish.

Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,




Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge

Good morning. It is going to be another mild day with a high of only 71. Perfect for going to Mexico one last time before we leave here and start heading north. One thing I noticed that is different here than up north is that when the temperature drops suddenly there is no storm, no rain. The wind will whip up and the temperature drops. Up north the wind will whip up and the rain will pour down and the temperature drops. They sure could use the rain down here. Everything is so dry. Some of the riverbeds are dried up and the grass is dry and filled with teeny, tiny burrs.

Day 114.  Yesterday Steve and Judy took us for a drive. First we went to a town called Port Mansfield, which is along the Laguna Madre and across from where South Padre Island and Padre Island meet. It is a fishing village with many piers. It was a cool crisp day and the wind was blowing, but the pier we walked was filled with people fishing anyway. I didn’t see anyone catching anything, but they were trying. Just call them diehard fishermen.

What makes this little town unique is that there are deer wandering around all over. You see them in the yards, along the road, everywhere. Steve stopped the car so I could take a picture of one close by. I opened the van door, took a few pictures and the little guy just stood there posing for me. He didn’t take off when he heard the noise of the door opening like the deer do anywhere else. None of the deer are very big that I saw.


We then headed south toward the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. On the way we stopped at another of Steve’s favorite places to eat, Chili Willie’s Drive Inn, located in the Rio Hondo/Arroyo City area along the Colorado River. Only it wasn’t a drive-in as we would think of one-no car hop or eating outside. It was a quaint little bar-restaurant known for having good burgers and seafood. We each enjoyed a burger and fries or onion rings.

When we arrived at the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge we used our Lifetime Senior Passes to get in. It was our first time to be able to use them. We drove around the park looking for wildlife and we walked a few of the different marked paths. We were a bit disappointed we weren’t able to spot many birds or other wildlife. I guess it was too cold or the wrong time of year for the birds and animals to be out wandering around. We had a good time anyway and enjoyed the fresh air and company. It is a beautiful area that would be a great place to come when the weather is a bit nicer to hike and take photos.



We enjoyed our day with friends and have another trip planned for today. Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,


Walking the Pier

Day 14.  Another beautiful day here in Gulf Shores State Park, Alabama, as was yesterday when we decided to walk the Gulf State Park Fishing and Education Pier.  As campers in this campground we have a pass to walk it for free.  There is a fee for everyone else.  The pier was rebuilt after the 2004 hurricane Ivan.

I’m not sure how long the pier is, but it boasts 2,448 feet of fishing space.  When we were there we saw many fishermen and women along the rails.  We didn’t see many catching anything, but they looked relaxed and enjoying themselves.  One thing most of the fishermen had in common was their gear.  They are very dedicated to their sport and it looks like they have everything they could need or want.  The guy I captured below was on his way to the pier.

dsc_0023.jpgAs we walked along the pier we couldn’t help but notice the number of birds in the water.  I guess they were fishing too.

Loving the lifestyle.

Until next time,


Camping at Proud Lake State Park

General RV and hubby’s work are both in Wixom, Michigan.  Proud Lake State Park is only a hop, skip & jump from them.  It only made sense that after taking Winnie in for more work to be done that we should test everything out and go camping.  Besides, the house was just put on the market and we would have to vacate the home for showings anyway.

We set up camp in site #6, which has 50 amps.  The site is very close to the camp hosts, the check in station, and the sanitation area. But, it is also far enough away from each of those that it didn’t bother us.  We had a level site with a tree that gave nice shade.  For those of you who need or like to have the restroom close by, this would not be the site for you.

The site backed up to the public parking area, which would be ok if people didn’t think it was just fine to walk through your campsite.  Get some exercise.  Walk around.  It’s not that far.  I think it is inconsiderate to walk through someone’s yard at home or a campsite and would never do so myself.  I guess it just didn’t dawn on them.

For those of you who enjoy fishing and canoeing, this park is for you.  They have a local canoe rental right in the park.  And, I’ve seen many fishing boats and poles throughout the park.

We had nice weather for the most part and a good time.   One night our daughter Melissa and her son Tristan came for hobo dinners cooked on our Weber Q grill.  Can I just say one more time how much I love our new grill.  It cooks great and is so easy to clean up.  Dinner was delicious.  We also enjoyed bratwurst and hot dogs cooked on our grill.

Another night we had pie iron pizzas and s-mores cooked over the campfire with Melissa, Tristan and our son, Kevin and his triplets.  There is nothing like a nice cool evening sitting around a campfire.  It’s so relaxing.  We were able to enjoy those for a couple of the evenings.

Proud Lake lacks of a nice beach area.  There is no sand.  Last year the area was a huge mud pit. This year that area is grassy. There is a very small beach area marked off.  The water is clear and shallow for quite a ways out.  The triplets didn’t seem to mind the lack of sand.  On Saturday they played in the water with their buckets and shovels.


Until next time,