A Nice Day Outside

Good morning. It is going to be another nice day here in Gulf Shores, Alabama with a high around 70º. Only partly sunny, so not as nice as yesterday but a far better day than anyone else I know is going to have. It is nice not to have to bundle up in a winter coat and hat.

Yesterday morning we went down to the beach. We enjoyed watching the birds. We collected some sea shells and got our feet wet. The water was cold. Not a day for swimmers.


Clyde at beach

When we got back we spent some time getting our patio set up. This is the first time since summer that we have been able to sit outside. It was beautiful out but, even in the sun I was a bit chilly. We even turned the football game on the outside TV for a while. We weren’t able to watch either the Lions or the Bears game, but Clyde was happy just to get a station that came in good and enjoyed the game that was on.

After dinner we decided to go do our laundry. It was piling up and we were running out of clothes. Soon we would need to turn our underwear inside out-not. The park has a very nice laundromat that equals any you would go to outside the park. We picked a good time to go. There was only one other couple doing their laundry. After $20 we were able to go home. I did say we had a lot of dirty clothes.

Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,


One Last Day

Good morning. Well, this is our last day here on South Padre Island. It is hard to believe we have been here a month already. It’s even harder to believe tomorrow is the first day of March. Spring is almost here. They say March winds, well we have certainly experienced those here and it isn’t even March yet. Today is another high wind advisory day. I’m glad it isn’t a travel day. We leave tomorrow morning for Harlingen where we will be spending two weeks visiting with an old friend.

Today we will spend part of the day cleaning and getting things put away for traveling. We also have a mobile RV wash and wax truck coming this afternoon to give Winnie a good cleaning. It is important to get all of the salt from the ocean air off her. We want to keep our motorhome as nice looking as possible. We have seen 3 different companies come through the campground washing different recreation vehicles. They seem to keep themselves quite busy.

Day 101. As we were getting ready to leave yesterday to do our laundry the propane gas truck pulled up. We had scheduled a fill-up for today (Wednesday) but they decided to come a day early. That’s ok. We were still here and it was good to get it done. We like to keep the tank as full as possible because we have found it isn’t always easy to find a place that can accommodate a motorhome.

After the propane was filled, we were off to do our laundry. We had no problem getting the 4 machines we need. After we got our loads going the place got busy. It seemed like it was campers wash day. I visited with one lady from the Show and Tell group and one lady from the Beading group.

We were back home in time for lunch. I spent the afternoon divided between sitting outside enjoying the warm sunshine and beading. Just doing what I love most.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,






Wind is the Normal

Good morning.  It looks like another beautiful day here on South Padre Island. There is a wind advisory in effect for the entire day (30-39 mph), which could make sitting outside a little interesting, but I’m just happy for the warmer weather.  It seems that wind is the normal here on the island.

Today I have my Show and Tell group and the Beading group. I am looking forward to both of those. I’m not sure what to take to show and tell. I have a few different types of projects I could share. Last week I shared my embroidered scissor holder, pin cushion and covered Altoids tin box. That was a combination of embroidery, sewing and bead work. I’ll have to think about it some more.

Day 92.  Laundry Day. We went to the same laundromat as last week, but we decided to go in the afternoon this time in hopes that it wouldn’t be as crowded. Wrong. It as just as busy with people waiting for machines to be free to use. We managed to get washers right away, but had to wait for a dryer. I’m just glad we now have clean clothes to wear for another week.

As I’ve said before, we really enjoy walking in this park and along the beach. We couldn’t believe how many people were still on the beach when we took our evening walk. It’s the most people we’ve seen on the beach since we arrived here. I don’t believe the majority of them were campers either (too many children). It must be the combination of a beautiful day and the weekend. Patty Pepper even let a few kids pet her (our not so sociable dog).

All in all it was a good day. I worked some more on beading. A day wouldn’t be complete without working on a project of some kind.

Loving our lifestyle. Enjoy your day.


Good Pick

Good morning family and friends.  The fog is thick this morning.  I can barely see the 5th wheel next door to us.  It’s going to be a great day though with a high around 80.  I’m looking forward to a perfect day spent outdoors.

Day 83. Choosing a laundromat to go to wasn’t easy.  There are a few different ones in the area, both on the island and in Port Isabel. The problem was looking at the reviews on-line, none of them were very good.  I decided on Relax and Just Wash Laundromat. It had the least negative remarks.  We got there mid-morning.  It was very small, with only about half the number of machines that were in other laundromats we have been to.  It was also very busy, but we were able to find 3 machines in a row. We quickly claimed them and got our wash started.  While we were waiting for the wash to finish more people came in.  They had to wait for open machines as all the machines were in use.

As we sat waiting, we got to talking to another winter Texan who was staying in a condo on the island.  She told us this was the best laundromat around.  They had tried the one on the island and found it very expensive with many machines not in use and no attendant on duty. It’s nice to know I picked the right one. The attendant on duty was very nice.  We watched her as she firmly but nicely kept the children from running around and getting hurt. The prices were good too.  We spent about $6.50 for 3 loads. That’s best we’ve done yet. Next time we will just have to try to find a quieter time to get our laundry done.

We then stopped at Walmart for our groceries.  That is a bad idea when you are hungry.  We ended up buying more than was on our list. You would think we would know better by now.

Thinking about family in Michigan and Illinois who were getting lots of snow, I decided to make chili for dinner.  Chili one night, chili dogs another.  My chili turned out really good and I probably ate more than I should have.  I was feeling really full.  It was nice that the day got warmer as it went along.  The weather was perfect for taking a walk.  The fog was thick over the water and the waves crashed along the shore even though it didn’t seem that windy.

Until next time,



Being Evicted

Good Morning.  It’s 34 this morning with a high of 63 and sunny.  Hopefully no wind, as I would love to take a walk sometime today with my camera.

Day 65.  Yesterday was laundry day.  We noticed a laundromat just down the road from the HEB grocery store we shopped in the other day, so we knew where we were going.  It was easy to get to with plenty of parking.  The inside was clean and had a number of different sized machines to choose from.  The prices were the same as other laundromats we have been in.  We decided to go on a Monday morning hoping it wouldn’t be busy.  There were a number of other customers using the machines, but it didn’t feel crowded.  We had plenty of room to get our laundry washed, dried, and folded.

With the laundry done and a quick stop in the grocery store we were back home in time for lunch.  Not long after lunch we had a knock on our door.  It was one of the park rangers.  They were going around to each campsite and informing us that the park would be closing due to the government shutdown.  She was very nice and said that her boss was hoping to postpone evicting us by waiting as long as he could to notify us.  She said we needed to plan on being out by 11 am this morning (Tuesday) if the government hadn’t come to an agreement.

It never dawned on either of us that the Corp of Engineering campgrounds would be effected by the shutdown.  We just weren’t thinking. Thankfully we won’t have to leave as there is a temporary agreement in place until the first part of February.  But, it got me to thinking about what if we did have to leave.  Where would we go on such a short notice.  Being in a motorhome it doesn’t take long to pack up and ready ourselves to leave.  It is just inconvenient and stressful to be uprooted so quickly with no place to go.

I know there are many other campers using government campgrounds and land that are feeling that same stress right now.  In Quartzsite, Arizona this week they are having their biggest event of the year with the largest gathering of RV’ers.  Thousands of campers are boondocking on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) property.  This shutdown has an impact there also.   Yesterday a camper there said “the park rangers are furloughed, so there is essentially no law enforcement.”  She also mentioned that the garbage was starting to overflow as there will be no pickup until after the shutdown ends.  The good news is the shutdown has temporarily ended.  We can continue on as planned.

Until next time,


An Afternoon Doing Errands

Day 51.  Yesterday wasn’t very exciting.  We spent the afternoon doing errands; laundry, gas, groceries, etc.  It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for getting out and getting things accomplished.

We went to the laundromat to do our weekly laundry. It was one of the nicest laundromats we’ve been in.  The attendant even came up to us and asked if we needed anything before she went to lunch.

Yes, I miss being able to toss in a load here and there, whenever I feel like it, and still be able to do other things.  But, we are getting used to this new routine.  I just hate spending so much every week.  Although, I realize purchasing a washer and dryer and dividing the cost over a period of time would probably equal out to what we are paying now or even be a bit more. I guess it’s more of a convenience thing.

We also filled Clyde’s prescriptions.  This is the first time we’ve used the new RX insurance we had to get when he retired.  I sure miss our old insurance.  Before we paid $3-$10 per script depending on what it was.  Yesterday we paid about $60 for 5 prescriptions which averages to about $12 each.  Plus, the insurance itself is more expensive than we paid when he was employed and you must have them filled at one of their preferred pharmacy’s.  Ugh.  Now I understand why some seniors go to Mexico for their prescriptions or end up not getting them filled because they can’t afford them.  As far as being on the road to have them filled, it wasn’t a problem.  He got the scripts from his doctor before we left to be filled on the road.  None thankfully are the type of pain meds that are part of the new regulations.

Until next time,




17 Days as a Full-Timer RVer

Time seems to be flying by.  I can’t believe it’s been 17 days since we closed on our home and became full-fledged part of the RV lifestyle.

I can’t say I miss owning a home.  The only part so far that we miss is the washer and dryer.  It sure is expensive using a laundromat.  But, we knew that when we decided on this way of living.  I could have a washer and dryer in Winnie.  We do have the hookups for them.  I would lose precious pantry space if I did have them, the loads in RV washer and dryers are very small and we would need to use campgrounds with full hookup, which are more expensive.  So, for now, we use the laundromat.

We have been very busy making appointments and getting the last-minute things done before we head off on our new adventure and enjoy warmer weather.  I can’t believe how many items we have on our check list.  Between doctors, dentist, optometrist, vet, work on Winnie, a hitch on Winnie, etc., we are booked solid.

Loving the Life-Style.

Until next time,