Park Place

Good morning. We had another beautiful day here in the Rio Grande Valley. I spent the entire day outside and enjoyed every minute of it.

Once a month the park holds a craft fair and breakfast. Yesterday the breakfast was biscuits and gravy; which Clyde thoroughly enjoyed. We walked around the craft fair and admired some very beautiful projects. Clyde loved the wood working items that one man had for sale. I admired some beautiful necklaces that another woman had. My purchase was 5 used books from the library sale for $1.  You can’t beat the price. When I have finished reading them I can donate them back to the library for resale another month.

I spent part of my day relaxing in the sun, working on my pine needle basket, reading and visiting with friends. Clyde took Patty Pepper to the dog park where she can be off the leash. He also worked around the motorhome getting a few more things checked off his list. Steve came over to check out our hot water tank issue, as we still have no hot water. He determined we have a bad valve. Monday Clyde and Steve will see if they can find one. He also, with great effort, located our HDMI outlet on our TV. We got a Fire Stick for Christmas and need the outlet to install the app. The outlet was hidden behind the TV. The TV had to be unbolted and taken out to locate it. And, apparently all RV TV’s are extremely heavy for safety reasons while traveling. Not a fun job, but I greatly appreciated his help.

As promised, here is a picture of our site. I will probably be moving furniture around quite often until I come up with just the right set up. We have an awful lot of dirt, so we will be spending time watering the area to get some grass back.

o 12 park place

Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,




Morning Walks

I’m back. I can’t believe how fast this summer is flying by. We have been at Brighton Recreation Area for the last 15 days. It has been extremely hot and humid. One of the perks of high humidity is that my hair curls very nicely. Just wash it, fluff it and I’m ready to go.  But on the down side, with the park in desperate need up an electrical updating we have not even had the 30 amps the park is supposed to have. That means no air conditioning and at times no fans. Ugh.

We have really been enjoying the beach. The grandkids spend as long as they can in the water and playing in the sand. We take a picnic lunch down so we can spend the day. It was so cute when our little Zack asked if we could “do this every day” (go to the beach). Don’t we wish.

One thing I started to do is getting up early, about 6 a.m., and going for a walk. I’m trying to get in better shape or condition as our swim coach used to say. Before I got sick I used to go for walks. I had been missing the fresh air and good feeling you get from a little exercise. I started out slow, going for about 20 minutes each morning. I am now up to over an hour and walking at a brisk pace. I am getting the recommended 10,000 steps in a day which I thought was impossible for me to do. My daughter bought me a Fitbit and I love it. I can track my steps, heart rate, miles I’ve walked and more.

I started out wearing my sketcher slip-on shoes. They were fine for the short walks I was doing, but the faster I walked and the longer I walked the more I noticed I needed new shoes. I started to get blisters on my feet. I also do not wear socks with those shoes which two of my children scolded me for. So, we (my son, daughter and granddaughter) made a trip to Costco where I bought a pair of shoes appropriate for walking and a new outfit to wear. Now I will look like a real athlete. All I need is earphones and music. I was going to say a Walkman but that would date me. I think they stream music now (whatever that means).

When you go for early morning walks you walk when it is calm and quiet. Very few campers are up and about. I may see an occasional dog walker or two, a runner, a biker and maybe another walker. I will sometimes see a someone sitting out by their campfire drinking coffee or in a lounge chair reading a book. You give a nod hello as you don’t want to wake other campers or break the peace and quiet. On the water I might see a fisherman casting his line. This morning a swimmer was in the water doing laps. By the time I am done and ready to head on back the campers are up and about getting breakfast ready or heading to the showers. I am ready for my bowl of oatmeal and blueberries.

This is Sunday. Today we watched the park empty out. All of the week-end campers had to go home. I can remember when it was us who had to go home and I would think how much I really didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay at the campground. Now I watch as the other campers are packing up and think about how lucky I am that I can enjoy this lifestyle.

Tomorrow morning we pack up and head back over to Proud Lake State Park. But first we have an appointment at General RV to get some work done. We had Winnie over there a few weeks ago to have some needed maintenance done. They needed to order a few parts which are now in. So we are making a stop there first thing in the morning to have the work completed. Meanwhile, the latch broke on our screen door and the closing latch on a drawer broke so we will need to order both of those parts. It seems like maintenance and repairs are never-ending. But, then again it is no different from when we owned a home.

I’m moving along on Sue Grafton’s, Kinsey Millhone Series. I am now starting “W” is for Wasted. I love a good book and I love my library. I would much rather hold a book than read it on a tablet. But, I will read it whichever way it is available.

That’s about all for now. Have a good week. Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,



Time is Flying By

Good morning. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Time seems to fly by. We haven’t done anything spectacular to talk about. We’ve just been busy doing everyday things you are all doing too. Sometimes it’s just the two of us and other times we are with family.

We played games. The weather was nice enough that we enjoyed playing Rummikub under the shade of a tree on the picnic table. I don’t enjoy sitting at a table without a back on my seat anymore. So it’s a good thing we kept the stadium seat we had when we owned our home. We got a second stadium seat at Costco last year for Clyde. They work really good on the picnic table bench.

I finished all of the books I had gotten from the library. I’m moving along the alphabet in Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone Mystery Series. I will be starting on “J” next after I get to the library.

We did enjoy our stay at Proud Lake Recreation Area in Wixom. We knew it was time to move on because we ran out of water in our tank and the black holding tank was getting full. So it’s either go dump or move on to another campground.

We planned ahead and yesterday moved back to Brighton Recreation Area. We have the same spot as last time. I like it here. It is a nice level site with shade and plenty of room. After setting up we made a trip to the library and the grocery store. The librarian had a couple of books waiting for me and I found a few more on the shelf. That should be good for a while.

Enjoying our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,




Memorial Day Weekend

Good morning. Our warm weather has arrived. It was a warm one yesterday and I was a bit concerned about how warm it would be for sleeping. We have air-conditioning in Winnie, but with only 30 amps here, in this state park, we cannot use it as we continually blow circuits.  No worries. It cooled down and we enjoyed a comfortable nights sleep.

I mentioned the 30 amps in this state park, Brighton Recreation Area. We like this state park, despite the lack of 50 amps, for few reasons. The park itself is close to family, healthcare providers and shopping. But, it is also a nice park to kick back and relax in and it has a good sandy beach that is in walking distance from all of the park sites for the kids to enjoy.

The other campground that we use during our stay here in Michigan, is in Wixom. It is also a state park, Proud Lake Recreation Area. That campground has a few 50 amp sites for us with larger units and it is just as nice for relaxing. Proud Lake is known for having many trails for hiking and biking. It is also known for being a great place to go canoeing. The park even has a canoe rental area set up in the park. On the down side, it is not a good park for the kids to go swimming. The beach area (if that is what you want to call it) is all mud and no sand.

Because Brighton has the nice beach for the kids, we prefer to be here on warm days so the kids can enjoy their time with us. It is also a few dollars cheaper than Proud Lake. This weekend is going to be a hot one! Our highs are upper 80’s to 90º. The kids should have a great time. Now just to keep the rain and mosquitos at bay for the entire weekend.

This morning we will joining many others in the grocery store to stock up with goodies. We will be doing some grilling for sure. I also have a few books in at the library to pick up. I don’t know how come I have never read any of Sue Grafton’s books, but I’m glad I found a series to start on. I am almost finished with “A” is for Alibi.

This is Memorial Day weekend. It is a time to remember those who died while serving in the military fighting for our freedom. We decided to decorate the outside of Winnie a little to show our appreciation for those who served and those who are now serving in our country’s armed forces. Thank you.


Loving our lifestyle. Have a great weekend and safe travels.

Until next time,




It’s Good to be Back

Good morning. It looks like another beautiful day outside. I’m hoping it continues through the weekend, but according to the forecast, rain is predicted for Saturday. I think a campfire is in order if we can hold off the rain. We haven’t had one since last fall. Again, the weather just hasn’t cooperated with us.

The ground crew came around while we were out yesterday and mowed all around us but didn’t mow our site. When Clyde talked to the camp hosts about it they said the park doesn’t mow occupied sites. Ugh. The grass is long and the mosquitos are bad. I hate to complain, but they could have mowed part of the area around us. I can see not wanting to go to close, but we didn’t even have a car on the site. We are here for two weeks. Does that mean no lawn mowing the entire time? Not cool. They need to rethink their mowing policy.

It sure is nice to be back in our old stomping grounds. We went to our local library the other day and the librarian recognized us immediately. She asked how our winter was, if we enjoyed Texas, how was I feeling, and how were the triplets. Wasn’t that nice of her. We don’t even really know her and the library has many patrons. She said it was nice to see regulars coming back. I guess that’s me. I do like a good book.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a nice day.

Until next time,




Making Adjustments

Day 50.  It’s been 114 days as full-timers and 50 days on our journey.  I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to share with all of you on how living the RV lifestyle on the road has differed from living in the sticks and bricks we’ve both been used to all of our lives.

In a way my life changed drastically when I got sick.  So, some of the things I am experiencing now I would have had to adjust to in the sticks and bricks too.  As you all know I love to craft.  I am not picky.  I love all types of crafts but I am most proficient at knitting, crocheting, needlework, quilting and craft type sewing.  After I got sick I didn’t have any energy to create.  It’s only been since we’ve been full-time that I’ve felt well enough to try to create anything.  The problem is my body says no.  I’ve got neuropathy in both my hands and my feet.  It is a side effect from the radiation and chemo.  I’ve been told it could take a year or more for it to go away.  Not cool.  I am plugging along anyway.  I do a little and take lots of breaks.  I’m determined not to let it stop me.

The neuropathy in my feet makes it uncomfortable to walk.  I love going for long walks and while living on the road we’ve had some absolutely wonderful trails to explore.  It is so much nicer than walking the same neighborhood day after day.  I’m not giving up, I’m just not as motivated to get out as I was before or would like to be.

I’m a big reader.  I love to lose myself in a good book.  While in the sticks and bricks I utilized the resources of our local library so often they knew not only me by name but my husband too (he was the book picker upper).  I loved being able to call up and reserve books from other libraries within our state.  It took a while for me to feel well enough to concentrate and stay awake long enough to read a book, but reading was something I was able to do while I was sick.  I read exactly 100 books last year.  Reading is one of the things I’ve had to adjust to doing differently.  I no longer have a library close at hand.  I’ve got a few books to read from book sales, but mostly I must choose books to read on-line.  I don’t mind reading books on my phone or a tablet, but the selection isn’t always the greatest unless you want to pay to read.  I love my library.

Using the internet on the computer hasn’t changed too much.  We use the hotspot from our phones.  So far so good.

To watch television we have an antenna on the roof that we crank up and down.  We can get the basic channels; ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, along with an assortment of other channels.  You wouldn’t believe the number of really old programs available.  Many are in black and white.  We no longer are able to record programs or get some of the channels that have programs we watched, but that is ok.  It is no different from our choices we had growing up.  You plugged the TV in to the electrical outlet and got ABC, NBC, CBS and a Canadian station, along with PBS.  It was free.  What we have now is free also.  Yes, we could pay and use the satellite dish on our roof, but we’ve found we don’t really need it.  We’ve found other things to do.

Shopping is something that has changed somewhat.  We no longer shop in a familiar grocery store.  We shop in a variety of different chain, as well as local stores.  That is ok, just don’t be in a hurry.  It takes time to acclimate yourself to the layout of each store.  You also find new and different selections to try.  We are shopping more often than before as our pantry, refrigerator and freezer are much smaller than in the sticks and bricks.  Being a Michigander, I like my Vernors ginger ale (they no longer call it ginger ale, it is ginger soda).  Problem is you can’t find it too far away from home.  We were surprised to find it in the Walmart in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  I guess there are enough snow birds from Michigan there to make it worth their while to carry it.  We haven’t found any here in Texas yet.

I’ve mentioned before that I like my little kitchen.  Still do.  I’ve just had to adjust what I make and when.  When electricity is plentiful I can use the oven, the crock pot, toaster etc. with no problems.  When we are not hooked up to 50 amps I must plan more stove top meals or meals cooked on the grill.  It’s not a problem, just different from before.

As far as adjusting to each other, it hasn’t been hard.  I like having him around.  I do however enjoy “me time”.  Living in such small quarters makes it a little difficult but not impossible.  We do have the biggest of backyards.

Speaking of backyards, last night we had the prettiest sunset over the lake.

Today we had a very enjoyable time visiting with our friends who live here in the Dallas area.  Thank you Gary and Gayle.

Until next time,