Always Do A Walk-Around

Good morning. It looks like we are going to have a nice day with a high around 80. I am looking forward to a fun day too. We made plans with our friend Steve to go to Mexico. We will be walking across the border to do some souvenir shopping, experience some bartering and enjoy some authentic Mexican cuisine.

Day 103. With high winds predicted for the day, we wanted to get an early start on the road. Even though we were only going an hour away, driving in a motorhome during high winds can be dangerous and challenging. We were ready to roll shortly after 9 a.m.

Wait. A short delay. We were stopped before we were out of the park by an observant camper who told us our steps were still out. Our steps should automatically go in when the engine is on. This time they did not retract. We spray our leveling jacks faithfully with silicone spray to lubricate them and keep them working properly, but we never gave the steps a second thought. We should have known better. Especially with the all the salt in the air from the ocean. We will definitely add the steps to the list of routine maintenance. After giving them a good spray with silicone and working them in and out a few times we finally got them to go back in. It is a really good thing that nice person stopped us before we got very far, as we could have done some extensive damage to the steps, even lost them all together. Lesson learned: ALWAYS do a walk-around before you take off!

After checking out of Isla Blanca Park and hooking the car up to the motorhome we were finally on the road. We only experienced the high winds for a few miles, but that was enough. It was nice to arrive safe and sound at our next destination, Park Place Estates in Harlingen.

Park Place is a large park with a combination of mobile home, park model and RV’s. They cater to both winter Texans and permanent residents. There is plenty to do here. They have a swimming pool, hot tubs, dance hall, recreation room, tennis courts, dog park and more. The list of activities is numerous. There is something for everyone.

We spent the afternoon relaxing, visiting and making plans of things to do while we are here.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.




Owls ~ Coyotes ~ Tree Pods

Day 49.  Today was the nicest it has been since we arrived here; a warm 62 and sunny.  A perfect day for some outside maintenance.  It isn’t any fun emptying the black and the grey water tanks or filling up the potable water tank in the cold or rain, which we have had to do a few times.  So today seemed like the perfect day to get it done.  And, even though we have full hookups, we didn’t bother getting the hoses out until today.  Clyde also checked the water levels in the batteries and did a few other things as long as it was so nice out.

We saw a couple of boaters out on the water today – a sure sign of nice weather or diehard enthusiasts.

The last few mornings we’ve woken up to a great horned owl making himself known.  What a pleasant way to wake up.  Last night we woke up twice in the middle of the night to a pack of coyotes howling.  It sure sounded like there were a lot of them.  It’s the sounds of the wilderness close by. We would love to see the owls, not the coyotes though!

We have a few big trees here with these pods on them.  We have no idea what kind of tree it is.  I’ve tried googling with no luck.  If any of you have an idea, please share.  We are so curious.

Until next time,



Ice in the Bucket

Remember last week I was telling you about the ice maker in Winnie not making ice and I couldn’t figure out why?  Well guess what!  We have ice!  I have no idea why or how that happened.  I’ve looked at it a few times, wiggled the bar, moved the bucket around, talked to it, nothing.  Now all of a sudden there is a bucket full of ice!  I’m not complaining, not at all.  I’m just baffled and very happy.

I have the appointment made for next Tuesday to bring Winnie in to General RV and have the ice maker looked at, along with having the igniter switch on the stove installed.  I won’t need to spend money on having the ice maker looked at, but I still need the igniter switch installed.  And, as long as I am there, I think I will have them fill up the propane tank.  It is reading 1/2 full.  I am also going to ask them to look her over good to see if she needs sealant, especially the roof.  Neither of us can or should be up there.

As long as we have Winnie out and about over that way, we might as well go camping.  Right?  I made reservations at Proud Lake Recreation Area.  It’s the state park we went to last year.  It is very close to Clyde’s work, as well as my daughter Melissa and grandson Tristan’s home.

On the home front, we are moving along nicely, going through everything and readying the home for sale.  Hopefully we will be able to get it listed this Sunday or Monday before we leave to go camping.

Until next time,


Repairs and General Maintenance

Good Morning everyone.  We haven’t been able to do any more camping, but we have been working hard to obtain our goal of being full-time RV’ers.  It sure is a slow process.

We took Winnie over to Cummins-Bridgeway to have the air conditioning looked at.  When driving we had no cool air at all.  Ugh.  It was a good thing we did take her in.  They found a few other repairs that needed to be taken care of.  The sway bars were broken.  Whatever that is.  No idea how they break.  They might have been broken when we bought her a year ago.  There was also a leak in the oil cooling seal or there about.  And, as we knew already, we needed a new chassis battery.  They mentioned in their notes when we picked her up that the 2 coach batteries were in poor condition.  If they would have said something to us we would have had them replace them also.  Maybe they didn’t have that type of battery in stock.  Who knows.  Anyway, it was as rather expensive visit.  It’s a good thing we had purchased the extended warranty which covered $970.  It still cost us $1,300.  I’m just happy to have her back and repairs completed.

The next week we took her to General RV to have the left front jack looked at.  It would go down but not back up.  We had to assist the process with a board.  The other repair we needed to have looked at was the stove igniter switch.  It wouldn’t light the stove.  I needed to use a match.  The jack they said wasn’t anything major.  The stove igniter switch needs replacing and they had to order the part.  When it comes in we will pay for that.  They told me there would be no charge for them to install it.  While we were there we had them replace the 2 coach batteries.  Another expensive day – $550.  But, I am really happy to have the peace of mind that the repairs are done.  We just have to get the stove part in and installed.

On the home front, we had a garage sale the week-end after the 4th of July.  It was a perfect weekend weather wise.  We managed to eliminate a few things from our pile, just not enough.  Many items ended up being donated.   We’ve been working hard giving away and purging items.  We are getting there, slowly but surely.  Hopefully we will soon be ready to list our home and it will sell quickly.

Until next time,




Wash Wax All

Wash wax all kit

How to Keep our motorhome clean and shiny was the next thing on my list to look into.  Last year, when we bought Winnie, I made sure to wash her a few times with baby shampoo and a clean shammy.  This year and from now on I want to make sure she is not only clean, but protected with a nice wax job.  I know my limitations and hand waxing a huge motorhome is not feasible for me or my husband.  After reading forums and blogs by other RV’ers we decided to try Wash Wax All by Aero Cosmetics. It is a product that can be used with water or without.  I found it available as an Amazon Prime product so I asked my daughter Melissa to order it for us – free 2 day shipping.  We will receive it tomorrow.  Now all we need is the right weather to try it out.

Until next time,





It was finally warm enough to work on de-winterizing Winnie.  This is the first time we did it ourselves.  Last year we paid to have the RV service center do it for us.  It’s a good thing we have manuals and a son who is mechanically inclined.  Thanks Kevin, you are really appreciated.  We made sure the antifreeze was drained and all plugs were in place.   Even though the RV Center said they found a leak at the shut-off valve to the ice-maker we found none.  All we can deduce is that the valve was loose and needed tightening.  We will be vigilant and keep our eyes open though for any leaks in the future.

Next thing on our to-do list is to caulk our windows, etc.  I need to figure out exactly what kind of caulk to buy.  We are still concerned about the chassis battery.  We think we still need a new one, as it is not holding a good charge.  And then there is the jack that didn’t retract all the way.  All 4 jacks were suppose to be worked on and fixed last year. We took Winnie in more than once for the same thing.  And you wonder why I have no faith or trust in the RV service department.  Other than that, we are ready to go camping.  Can’t wait.

Until next time,


General Maintenance

We can check another couple of things off our to-do list for Winnie.  The people at Cummins-Bridgeway were very nice.  We had a small hick-up getting her there though.  We couldn’t get her started.  We are not sure why we are having problems, or what we are doing wrong with the battery because we had it tested when we took her in and it checked out fine.  When she wouldn’t turn over at all, we turned on the generator hoping that would charge the chassis battery enough to get it started.  No such luck.  Our son Kevin decided to put his trickle charger on it and it started right away.  Way to go Kevin.  So does that mean we should take a trickle charger along with us for the just in case moments?

We dropped Winnie off Tuesday night to be worked on Wednesday.  They changed the engine oil and filters and also did the maintenance on our generator.  They tested the batteries and we were really expecting to replace all three of them, but they said they were fine. While we were there we decided to make an appointment to have the air conditioning looked at.  They were booked up until after our June vacation.  That should be fine.  I am not expecting really hot weather that early in the season, but then this is Michigan and you never know.

I called the special order parts department at the RV center where we purchased Winnie to order the part we need for the ice-maker.  They had said it was a shut-off valve when they did the winterization last fall.  After a few back and forth phone calls the salesman decided that there wasn’t a special shut-off valve and that it was a part we could purchase at our local hardware store.  I thanked him for his help and hung up.  I am keeping the appointment I made for mid June just incase my guys can’t figure it out on their own, but I am really hoping we won’t need it.  As we are having exceptionally cold and wet weather right now, I don’t believe they will be able to work on it for a week or two.

Following behind Winnie as we brought her home I noticed we had a tail light out.  It looks like I’ve got another part to order.

Until next time,