Mobile Businesses

Good morning.  No drama for us last night.  That’s good.  It looks like the government passed a budget for a bit longer while we all were sleeping.  That’s good for those camping on BLM land and in Corp of Engineer campgrounds. (For many other reasons also, but this blog is only about camping and what goes on in our lives).

It looks like it is going to be a bit nicer today.  It will be a good day to get out and do our laundry.  I’ve been procrastinating.  It’s not my favorite thing to do.  I hate spending all that money every week.  I miss my washer and dryer. But, when you run out of underwear and turning them inside out isn’t an option, it’s time to go and get it done.

We will need to stop and get groceries too while we are out.  Unfortunately there is no milkman to come to the door with your dairy needs.  Remember when we used to have a milkman deliver milk, eggs, butter, etc. to your side door a couple of times a week. We had a bread man too.  He brought bread, coffee cake, rolls, etc.  And, then there was the dry cleaners who picked up dads shirts once a week.  Nope, not anymore. The grocery stores are trying to get back to that somewhat, by having you place an order online and driving up to the store for curb pickup.  Not my thing.  I like to pick out my own items, but I’m sure it’s good for others.

In the park we have seen a number of businesses come through.  You can have your motorhome/camper washed and waxed.  They come through almost daily.  I’m thinking we might have them give Winnie a good scrub when we are ready to leave here to get all the salt from the ocean air off her.  We will still need to give her underside a good washing to prevent rust.  Up north your vehicles are damaged by the salt from the roads, here the salt from the ocean air does the damage.

Another business we have seen come through here a few times a week is a propane truck.  Where was he when we needed him.  It’s good to know if we need propane again it is available.

Then there is the mobile RV mechanic who has come through the park a number of times.  We are glad we haven’t needed his service, but it is good to know he is available also.

We even saw a mobile vet go through.  Not a dog groomer, an actual vet.  Now, we don’t understand that one.  No one here has horses or cows or other large animals that would be hard to transport.  So why a mobile vet.  I guess if you have the money, why not.

We don’t mind these business going through the park.  They don’t bother you like door to door salesmen.  They just drive slowly through like the ice cream truck would do.  Nope, haven’t seen one of them or heard their jingle. If the weather was nicer I’d think they would do a booming business.

Enjoying the lifestyle.  Have a good day.

Until next time,



Sightseeing the Dallas Area

Day 52.  Wednesday was my birthday, which we spent with our friends Gary and Gale.  They treated us to a fun-filled day of wonderful company, sightseeing and good food.

But, first things first.  We got up early, put down Winnie and headed over to Tractor Supply for propane.  They opened at 8 am and we were there right at 8 am.  They were very nice and safety conscious, which we appreciated.  This was one of the few times we were asked to turn off anything using the propane and exit the motorhome while the tank was being filled.   The propane tank was easily assessable but had we had the toad with us, we would have had to unhook it.  We were just grateful to find a place to have our tank filled, as it is supposed to be cold for the next few days.

After returning to the campground and setting Winnie back up, we headed over to Gary and Gales where we boarded their van and went to breakfast at a quaint restaurant that serves only breakfast and lunch.  We love going to non-chain restaurants.

With our belly’s satisfied we started our tour of the Dallas area.  First we start with sports.  Lots and lots of sports.  How nice to have so many choices so close to home.  And, we found out there is a light rail system that can take you downtown for a very reasonable price.  So no need to worry about parking.



We also drove by Southern Methodist University and several high school stadiums.  One thing we noticed was that the high school stadiums were as nice as the college stadiums.  Football is very big in Texas.

As teenagers in the 60’s, most of us remember where we were and what we were doing when president John F. Kennedy was shot.  I was in home economics when it happened.  That was November 22, 1963 at 12:30 p.m.


JFK was riding in a Lincoln convertible through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas.  The 3 shots Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired came from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building. The 6th floor is now a museum.  46-year-old JFK died a half hour later at Dallas Parkland Hospital.

It was nice to be chauffeured around and shown the sights.  We would have never figured out where to go or what we were seeing without our guides.  We also don’t like driving in the heavy traffic or the 5 story freeway we went over.


Our next stop was to see the Southfork Ranch where the TV series Dallas was filmed from 1978-1991.  We took the tour and learned so much.  The crew was only allowed to film outside, which they did in the summers.  No one was allowed in the home, as a family was residing in it.  The inside scenes were done in Hollywood.  The family that lived there sold their home and moved out after JR Ewing was shot.  Too many people invading their privacy.  The home had two other owners after them.  The last owner made it into the tourist attraction it is now.


Gary and Gale then took us to the Flying Fish for dinner.  It is an interesting place with pictures of fishermen and their catches all over the walls.  They also have those “Billy Bass” that move and sing framed on the walls.


We ended our busy and fun day at Gary and Gale’s to enjoy birthday cake.


A big thank you to them for a great day.

DSC_0204Until next time,




Gas and Tunnels – Oh My!

Happy New Year everyone.  2018 is sure to bring new adventures our way.  We start the new year off on day 44 of being full-time on the road.  It is really 108 days of living the full-time lifestyle, but we were a little waylaid in getting on the road.

Day 44 was a travel day.  Our time in Gulf Shores Alabama was up.  We enjoyed our stay but we were both ready to take off and see something new.  We got up and were on the road by 9:15 a.m.  Being New Years Day we weren’t sure what to expect traffic wise or what we would find open.  Traffic seemed light to normal and even though many places were closed, we didn’t have any difficulty finding what we needed.

We took our time and stopped for lunch at the Mississippi welcome center.  Due to the cold weather I decided we would go west using the southern route of I-10 rather than going north and across I-20.  I was hoping the southern route would be a bit warmer.  Maybe it was, but it was still cold.

Getting to Mississippi we had to go through Mobile, Alabama, which meant going through the tunnel.  We had no idea what to expect.  We are familiar with the tunnel going from Detroit into Canada, but that’s it.  To me it wasn’t that bad.  I have been much more apprehensive when going through construction areas or over bridges in the motorhome.

We made it through Mississippi and into Louisiana.  Our destination for the night was the Walmart in Walker.  It was about 3:30 p.m., which is a good time for us to stop for the day.  It is early enough to find a spot and settle in before dark.  We traveled a total of 233 miles New Years Day.

The Walmart parking lot was small compared to others we have been to, but we managed to find a space for the night.  When we woke in the morning we saw a couple other travelers had joined us along with a trucker.

We decided to run the generator all night for heat, not only to keep us warm but to make sure our tanks didn’t freeze up.  The temperature in the night went below 30.  It worked out well.  The noise from the generator was soothing and blocked out road noise, another plus.

Day 45 we managed to get an earlier start and we were on the road by 8:30 a.m.  Not too long after we had started our day, we needed to gas up and this was the first time we pulled a big no-no.  We waited too long to look for a good gas station that we could get in and out of easily.  The only gas station available was extremely tight and narrow to drive through. We got ourselves in a predicament. On one side was a big telephone pole.  On the other side was the gas pumps.  There was no room to maneuver.  We were inches away from both sides and to make matters worse, you can’t back up with a toad!  If it wasn’t for a really nice guy who worked at the gas station I don’t know what we would have done.  He managed to direct Clyde through the area without harm.  We can’t thank him enough.

The rest of the day went without drama.  We enjoyed the scenery going through swampy marshlands and seeing areas for the first time.

When lunch time came we stopped at the only rest area we saw all day.  It just happened to appear at the right time.  We were on I-49 going north towards Shreveport, Louisiana.

Tonight we are Staying at a Flying J gas station 3 miles from the Texas border.  We will be running the generator again all night for both heat and to keep the tanks from freezing.  It is supposed to get down to 22 here in Greenwood tonight.  We stopped for the night about 3:30 p.m. once again and drove a total of 295 miles today.

Tomorrow will be a short travel day.  We are only about 3 hours from our destination, which is a Corps of Engineering campground; Lavonia Park on Lavon Lake.  It is not too far from Dallas.  We will be staying there for a couple of weeks while we visit some old friends.

Until next time,