Crafting in an RV

Good morning. We have a cooler day in store for us, with temps only reaching mid 60’s and the possibility of some rain throughout the day. That gives me a good excuse to stay in and bead. Not that I wouldn’t do that anyway.

I’ve read that those of us who live full-time in an RV do what they would be doing if they still lived in a stationary S&B home. I find that statement true. Although we may be moving around to different campgrounds and seeing new sights, we still enjoy doing the same types of things we have always done. For me it is any type of creating and crafting. Although I no longer am able to have one room devoted to just my crafts and the supplies needed for each craft. My supplies are now hidden away and stored in every nook and cranny I could find throughout the motorhome. Sometimes I forget where I stored something and it takes me a while to figure out where I put it. Oh wait, I did that when we lived in our home too. So that hasn’t changed either.

What has changed is I no longer am able to leave my sewing machine out or carry the yards and yards of material with us to make something on the spur of the moment. I would need to plan what I want to make and buy only the supplies for that project. Which to some people doesn’t sound to difficult. But, for those of us whose minds work a little differently, that is very difficult to do and maybe hard for others to understand. I look at all of my material, spreading it out over a large table, moving the different colors and patterns around until an idea comes to mind. Then I spend just as long planning what I am going to make with the selection of materials I have chosen.  Sometimes the planning process takes just as long as the actual creating does. I enjoy each and every step in process of creating something new.

That same creating process holds true for my other crafts too. I like to spend time organizing the materials, cogitating on what to make, planning that project and then starting on it.  For knitting and crocheting I cannot bring along all of the different types and colors of yarn needed for different projects. There just isn’t room to store it all. But, knitting and crocheting is easier to pick up and put down. One project being created can be put in a bag to be worked on at anytime. This makes knitting and crocheting a good craft to do on the road.

Embroidery is another needlework craft that can be worked on anywhere and the supplies needed for this craft do not take up as much room as some of the other crafts. As you know I have been working on an embroidery project for a while now.

There are many other types of crafts and supplies I have not mentioned and that I have supplies for in the RV. Right now my creative juices are flowing into beading. Although beading cannot be picked up and worked on anywhere, the supplies for beading do not take up as much room as other crafts and therefore make it a nice craft while in the RV.

Those of you crafters who RV or are thinking about it, take along a project or two. There are many of us crafters on the road. Do what you love and love what you do wherever you are.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,




2nd Time Around

Good morning everyone.  Another beautiful day on the horizon. Can you ever have too many in a row? I don’t think so. Just keep them coming. I’ll take as many as I can get. I love having the windows open with the fresh air flowing through.

Day 91.  As planned, we went to the grand opening to the new building of the Turtle Rescue Center on South Padre Island. We wanted to get there early so that we could go to the Bird and Nature Center afterward. The place was packed. It is nice to see so many people interested in sea turtles. The new parking lot is huge, so finding a spot to park was easy, but the line to get in was long. We waited in line about 20 minutes, which wasn’t too bad. The weather was perfect; not to hot or cold with a light breeze. Last week when we went, there was no fee to get in. They only asked for a donation. With the new building, an entrance fee was initiated. They have a summer and winter fee schedule. For us seniors it was $5 each, $6 in the summer. That’s ok with us. The money goes to a good cause and the fee wasn’t so high as to deter us from going.

When we finally got into the rescue center a presentation in the new amphitheater was about to begin, so we headed there. The amphitheater is a huge covered area that overlooks the bay. There was a large unpacked box with the new projection screen sitting there waiting to be opened and installed. The man who gave the talk was a very good speaker and very knowledgeable. He didn’t have the props he normally would have, but was still able to keep our attention and convey to us the history and the need to protect the endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles. Even though we had gone the week before and listened to that presentation we learned even more this time.

When the presentation was over, we wandered around a bit looking in the different tanks. The place was so filled with people it was hard to get a good look. I really don’t enjoy being that packed in and prefer to go at an off time when it isn’t so crowded.

We decided not to go to the Bird and Nature Center, as we figured the crowds would be going there also, as they are right next door to each other. We will go again another day when it isn’t so busy. We will have a more relaxing and enjoyable time.

Back home I was anxious to see if I could figure out how to do the next step on the beaded bracelet I am making. I did and I finished the beading. All it needs now is the clasp, which I need to buy. I have more seed beads, so I decided to start another bracelet in a different color. I will still need to buy the other types of beads needed to finish it, but while I wait to go to the bead store again I can work on the base, now that I know what I am doing.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,






Busy Day

Good morning.  It looks like it’s going to be a bit nicer outside today than it has been the last couple of days; cloudy with a high in the mid 60’s. We have no plans made yet for today and that’s ok too. If we decide to go somewhere that’s fine, if not, that’s fine too. As other full-timers have pointed out, this is a lifestyle. We are not on vacation. We do not have to be doing something and going somewhere every day. If we had decided to spend our retirement years living in a smaller home, apartment or condo we would not be going somewhere everyday. I didn’t before my hubby retired. I was content to stay at home working on my crafts or reading. I was never bored. But then, I had many projects in the works I enjoyed doing. That has not changed.

Day 86.  I was up and out of the house bright and early.  As most of you know, I am a morning person. I like getting up early, so it was nice that a group I wanted to join in on got together in the morning.

First on my agenda was the Show and Tell group.  This was my first time to join them.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how many ladies came to show off what they were doing.  There were probably more than 30 of us.  The variety of crafts was nice to see. A few had made greeting cards. They were part of a group that meets during the week.  There were quilters and sewers that also meet during the week. A couple of ladies from that group that did not bring something to show, told us about their sewing and/or embroidery machines or a quilt shop experience they had. A couple of ladies from a craft group showed us their necklaces made from dominos.  Others showed us their knitting and crocheted projects. The craft types were as varied as their experience. Some ladies were very experienced and very talented. Other ladies were beginners proudly showing us what they had just made and learned. We enjoyed every one of them. It was a good group and I will definitely go back.

When the Show and Tell group was over, it was time for the Beading group who met in the same room. I had met with this group last week for the first time and I knew I wanted to go again. I had my supply list for this weeks project, but I had not made it to the bead store, about an hour away, to get everything on the list. I brought my beads hoping I could get started on the project with something in my stash. I was and one of the ladies was nice enough to help get me started. She spent a good portion of her time teaching me and a couple of the other ladies how to read the charts and directions. I really appreciate her giving of her time to help us. Time sure went by quickly. I didn’t get very far and the perfectionist that I am will probably start it all over to make sure it looks just right.  I am looking forward to working on my bracelet, going to the bead store and going to the group again next week. This is a hobby I enjoy and one that is conducive to working on in the motorhome. You can never have too many hobbies.

After dinner it was time for Bingo. Clyde was looking forward to getting out and seeing what Bingo night was all about. We had never been to an organized group of Bingo players before. We got there early because we weren’t sure where it was held at and found the place to be packed. We were surprised because Bingo is only open to those who are staying in our campground. It’s a good thing we got there when we did. I guess they were anxious to get started. It was a cheap evening out. $5 for 10 cards and we needed to get a couple of daubers to mark the cards ($1.50 each). They gave out money prizes after each game, door prizes and a 50/50. The couple at our table each won $5. We were not as lucky. We had a nice time, but I’m not sure Bingo is our thing. We may or may not go again. We probably should though, as we did buy the daubers.

Until next time,






Necessary Precautions

Good morning readers.  I got to thinking about the fierce winds we are having here.  Are they really any stronger here than we had while living in our S&B home or do we just feel the impact of it more because we are in a motorhome. We have felt the wind against the motorhome before in other areas where we have been, but never to the degree we feel it here. We aren’t even out in the open. We have other campers close by to help block the impact. According to the weather app we are experiencing 20 mph wind gusts and this isn’t anywhere near as bad as it was during the night or yesterday.  We can still feel the motorhome rock when the wind gusts pick up in force.

When we lived in our home we could hear the wind whip through the windows but never felt its force while inside.  Here we can both hear and feel its power and strength. I now understand why these would not be good travel days. I certainly would not feel comfortable being on the road when it is this windy.

We will be starting our trek back north next month, which is the beginning of tornado season. The route we would like to take would bring us through the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois, just to name a few. Tornado alley. We feel the impact of 20 mph winds now, so when we experience higher wind speeds we will definitely need to take some necessary precautions. Those precautions that I am aware of are; face your motorhome toward the wind, keep your slide-outs in, keep your toad hooked up, and of course do not have your awning out. If you know of anything else we need to know or do, please let us know.  Until then, we will enjoy our time here on the island.

Until next time,




Electrical Conundrum

Good morning.  Did we have the wind last night. It whipped against the motorhome and howled throughout the night.  Poor Patty Pepper cried a couple of times.  She had a hard time sleeping through it.  It was so strong it tripped our electric off.   Again, it happened in the middle of the night. The Xantrex Pro Power Inverter started beeping.  I got up, turned it off and went back to bed.

When I went to turn on the coffee pot this morning the plug wasn’t working.  Weird, we have lights.  The electric heat is working.  The light on the TV is lit. Time to investigate.  I turned back on the inverter that I had turned off in the middle of the night. Nope, the plug still didn’t work.  Ugh.  Now what.  I checked the fuses/circuit breakers.  Nothing was tripped, but the surge protector monitor, which is in the same area, was not lit. I went back and pushed the little button on the plug itself and still nothing.  I checked the control panel on the wall to see if I could find anything out of the ordinary. The section that says how many amps we are using wouldn’t light up.  Ok, now what. I think the next step is to check the post outside and see if the circuit breakers were tripped.  Um, it’s cold outside and windy.  I’m in my pj’s.  Clyde is still sleeping.  I need my coffee.  It’s 6:30 by now. Yah, I’ll let him go check. He did. He said nothing was tripped but reset it anyway.  It worked. The plug is working and the coffee is brewing. (Big smile).  Thanks honey.

The motorhome electric is a conundrum to us.  No matter how much we read or how hard we try, we still don’t understand how it all works together.  Why do we have lights sometimes and not others, like this morning.  When do I need the inverter on and when should it be off. When we want to boondock and rely on battery power do we leave the inverter on or off. So many questions.  The answer to all of this is probably very simple.  It’s just that the light still hasn’t turned on in my head.  I’m just glad we have it all working again.

Day 81. Such a cold windy wet day we had. It would have been nice to have a warm sunny day, but it wasn’t a priority.  We got to spend the day catching up with an old friend we haven’t seen in years, who moved down to this area to fish and play golf.  He chauffeured us around the island, pointing out different sites to see and visit.  It’s nice to view the area through the eyes of someone familiar with it. We stopped at one of his favorite places for a drink, where the proprietor knows him and his family. We had a nice time and hopefully we will get together again before our time here is up.

Until next time,



It was a Good Day

Good morning.  Can you believe it is 67 right now.  The high for the day was 68.  We’ve already hit our high and the temps are going to be dropping all day.  By dinner it will be 10 degrees cooler.  The bad part is we are supposed to have thunderstorms all day.  The humidity is still very high, but for the first time there is no wind.

The fog is very thick, with visibility only a few feet. We woke up to hearing the blare of the ships horn, one prolonged blast every 2 minutes, which means low or restricted visibility. We don’t mind hearing the ships sound off during the daytime, but at night it isn’t soothing.

We were awoken in the middle of the night by the fire alarm going off.  No good reason why, just went off.  We had to take the battery out.  The last time it did that a bug had gotten in it and set it off.  Clyde found no bug last night.  Maybe it needs a new battery.  It shouldn’t, but we will test that theory today.  Anyway, why do weird things like that have to happen in the middle of the night.

Day 80. I spent a good portion of my day going through my beads; sorting and organizing them.  I read online articles on the craft to familiarize myself with the terminology, types of beads and the different techniques of beading. I found a couple of tutorials on the different types of beading stitches that I would like to print out.  Unlike when you live in a sticks and bricks home and have the printer always out and ready to receive your request to print, I need to get my printer out of hiding and ready it to print.  It’s not a big deal, I just want to make sure I print everything I want at one time and not have to keep getting it out. And, yes, I enjoyed every minute “playing”.

The sun was out for a while and the warm temperature made it perfect for a walk.  We walked along the beach and the fishing area where many had their lines in the water.  The park has a statue commemorating the fishermen and sailors that went out to sea and never returned. Plaques with each of their names are affixed to the statue. We can see the statue from our motorhome window.

It was a good day. Loving the lifestyle.

Until next time,



Good morning.  It’s 65 now with a high of 77.  Humidity is 100%. You can feel it in the air. It’s a good thing we have a couple of DampRid canisters around. They are supposed to absorb the moisture in the air.  Although, we probably need something a bit more. The fog is thick and the wind is whipping the flags around.

I have no idea what is on our agenda for today.  The campground has a sewing group  that meets today.  From what I hear, they bring their machines and they are possibly a group of quilters.  That sounds like fun.  I do sew and I quilt, but my machine is big and very heavy.  It is not the type one easily totes around.  I also do not have any sewing projects in the works to work on, nor did I bring any material in the motorhome.  All my material is back in Michigan in a storage locker. So, I am not sure if I should go or not.

We could do laundry.  Wow. That sounds like fun doesn’t it.  Or, Clyde could work on our taxes.  That sounds like fun too.  Our options are open.  We are saving a couple of the sightseeing places we have in mind for better weather.

Day 79. On the calendar of events for the park I noticed a beading group.  I have some beads (not many) and I really enjoyed making bracelets with my sister Barb and my niece Tina when we visited with them last November. When we were at Walmart last I picked up a few more beads so I would have enough to make something with.  I spent the morning gathering my supplies and organizing my beads to take to work on.

I joined a group of about a dozen other women to create.  They are all seasoned winter Texans who have been coming here for years.  A couple of the women have been spending their winters here for more than 10 years.  They all know each other very well.  I was the only newbie, but they were friendly and made me feel welcome.

The type of beadwork they were working on was not what I brought.  I brought larger beads that are easy to work with.  They all had tiny little seed beads and patterns. (The larger beads don’t require a pattern, just creativity).  Each week they work on a different bracelet pattern.  This is definitely a craft I want to learn.  I have some seed beads I use to decorate my knit Christmas stockings, but I will probably need more. (You never have enough supplies for any craft, just ask any crafter). I was given this weeks pattern even though I didn’t have the right size beads to work on.  I was also given the materials list for next weeks pattern. While they worked on their patterns, I made a couple of bracelets with the beads I brought.

Before next weeks meeting, I am going to read up on the basics of this type of beading so I have some idea on what to do and how to do it.  And, hopefully one of the ladies will be willing to share their craft with me.  I will also be going through and organizing my beads and seed beads.  Clyde asked me if I was having fun organizing my beads before class.  Only another crafter would understand how enjoyable it is to go through your supplies.  As a quilter I can spend an entire day going through my material; ironing, re-folding and thinking of projects for each piece.  So, the answer is yes, I do enjoy going through my bead supplies. 

Until next time,