The Adventure Begins

Friday we were able to get Winnie in to General RV to have the outlet in the bathroom replaced, along with the dinette slide out cleaned, adjusted and lubricated.  Hopefully we are all done with needed repairs for a while.

Saturday was spent with family.  I have mixed feelings about leaving.  I am anxious to get going and see what we can see and enjoy our retirement, but I will really miss my weekends with family and all the other times together.

Day 1:  Sunday morning in Michigan was cold.  We got up early so that we could get on the road and begin our new adventure.  After packing up and getting the motorhome ready for travel, it was time to hook up the car to the motorhome.  We had only done it the once when we bought the hitch.  Would we remember how to do it this time? As it turned out, we knew what needed to be done, but couldn’t figure out how to accomplish it.  We called our grandson Tristan who came right over to help.  He showed his grandpa what to do and how to do it.  It just takes some muscles and a little luck.  Tristan was able to help grandpa get us all hooked up and on our way.  Thanks Tristan.  I don’t know what we would have done without him.

We then went to breakfast with Tristan and his mom, our daughter, Melissa.  We said our goodbyes and were on our way. The adventure begins.

Our goal was to make it at least half way to our daughters in Kentucky for the night.  As we were only looking for a place to sleep and then head out early in the morning, I decided we would try stopping at a Wal-Mart for the night.  We stopped in Middletown, Ohio which was 262 miles total for the day.  We arrived a little after 4pm.  There were already a number of truckers stopped for the night.  After we found a place to park, we went into Walmart for a few items and to get something to eat.  When we got back another motorhome was parked for the night too.  I felt completely safe and comfortable there.  It was a busy Walmart but it did quiet down in the evening.  It was a free and convenient place to stop.  I think we may do it again.

Loving the lifestyle.

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Vacation in Ohio



Indian Lake State Park, Lakeview, Ohio-site B062


We arrived at Indian Lake State Park in Lakeview, Ohio around 12:30 pm on Monday in time for lunch.  We left home at 8 am and with a stop 1/2 way for breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Maumee, Ohio. It made it an easy relaxing trip of only 158 miles.  I hope to keep all of our travel days under 200/250 miles.

The campground is huge with 443 nice size sites.  Our site was 50 amps and $27 per night with both sun and shade.  Water is available at the restrooms which were very nice and kept clean. Playgrounds are dispersed throughout the campground, each a little different from the others, which our grandson Wyatt thoroughly enjoyed.  Many campers brought their boats and fishing poles to enjoy.  A large pool is being built by the commissary that is scheduled to be finished later this summer.

A nice size sand beach was within walking distance from our site, which we enjoyed a few days later with our daughter Karen and her family and our grandson Tristan who drove down on Thursday night after work for a couple of days.

Karen and family came on Tuesday from Kentucky with their new to them pop-up camper and set up in the site next to ours.

It sure was good to see them again.  Our times together are too far apart.

Clyde watched the Stanley Cup playoffs while the grandkids played a game of Trouble.

We couldn’t believe how brave the squirrels and birds were.

We really enjoyed our week together with campfires every day and night.  The wood in our new box was just the right amount for our trip.  Thanks again Kevin for our box.  It worked perfectly.  I had the best corn on the cob cooked over the fire.  We hadn’t had it cooked like that in years.  My dad used to cook it that way for us.  Thanks Rob, it was delicious!

Sunday came too soon.  Time to say good-bye and head home.  Vacation wasn’t long enough.  Can’t wait until we are full-time!

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Wood Box

We are getting ready for another campout.  This time we will be meeting our daughter and her family in Ohio, which is the 1/2 way point for both of us.  We made reservations at Indian Lake State Park.  Neither of us have been there before.  It is a large State Park and it looks like it should be fun.

We had the wood packed in plastic totes in the carrier behind Winnie to take with us.  We covered the totes with a tarp and bungee cords.  We thought it was good enough.  Apparently our son Kevin did not.  He decided a wood box would be easier and better for us, so he found some old scrap wood and made us one.  Our grandson Tristan came over and gave him a hand in finishing it up.  I really like it.  The box will make getting to the wood so much easier and it keeps the wood dry too.  The box even holds more wood than the original totes.  Nice job guys. Thank you!  Too bad there isn’t a way to use the carrier with the box and pull our car at the same time.

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Tail Light

Today I called the RV special order parts department to find out how much a new tail light would be.  This is the second one that needed replacing.  The first one was when we bought Winnie one year ago and I notice on our way home that it was out.  I was not a happy camper as that should have been taken care of.  After an immediate call to our salesman, expressing my disappointment, he ordered us a new tail light.  Anyway, I had the part # I needed thanks to my son Kevin who checked it out and also priced it online.  The salesman wanted to know the usual and then asked me for the vin number of our motorhome.  Why? I asked do you need that?  I told him I didn’t have it right off and just needed to know how much the part was.  My son found the part for $50 online through amazon.  The RV special order department wanted $70 plus S&H.  I said thanks but no thanks.  That’s some mark-up!  We will be ordering it online and installing it ourselves.

On a more up note, it is official, we will be camping the first full week of June with our daughter Karen and her family in Ohio.  The reservations have been made.  This is the half-way point for both of us, as they are coming up from Kentucky.  I can’t wait.  We should have a really fun and relaxing week.

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Road Trip

Time to take our girl, Kayleigh back home.  Our time together is never long enough. It’s our first out of state trip in Winnie.  The drive down was nerve wracking, heavy traffic with cement barriers on both sides of a one lane construction area almost all the way down.   We met our daughter, Karen and her family at the half-way point for both of us in Minster, Ohio at Lake Loramie State Park.  We set up in site #073 which had 50 amps and was directly across from the rest rooms.  Our daughter and crew were camped across the road one over from the rest room in a tent.  Water is only available at the rest room, which we found odd coming from Michigan were water is plentiful.  Water is not an issue for us in a motorhome, but those in campers or tents that need it had a hike.


Loramie State Park, Minster, Ohio-site #073



Loramie State Park, Minster, Ohio-site #081

It was a beautiful week-end, perfect for canoeing.



Granddaughters Kayleigh and Meghan

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