Snow, Snow and More Snow

Good morning. It is a beautiful morning. The sun is up, the ground is coated with a heavy layer of snow that hasn’t been tampered with and the trees and woodland brush are also covered with snow. It is so pretty to look at from inside our motorhome. We still haven’t seen any wildlife. That would add the icing on the cake.

Day 126. Yesterday we stayed inside our nice warm motorhome watching the snow come down. It snowed the entire day into the night. At times it was heavy wet snow, other times it looked like sleet. I believe we got about 9″ total. We were advised the roads were really bad and that it would be best if we stayed put and didn’t attempt to make our way out of the park. So, that is what we did.

For me staying inside isn’t a punishment. I have many craft projects I can work on. I am never bored. And, that is what I did. But, for someone who doesn’t have a hobby (except for Facebook) watching TV was his entertainment for the day.

We do not pay for TV. We use the old-fashioned antenna on top of the motorhome. It works out just fine for us. When we arrive at a new location we scan for channels available in the area. Sometimes we get a lot of channels, sometimes only 5 or 6. We make due with what we get. We have found we are getting quite a few very old TV shows from the 50’s and 60’s to watch. We cannot prerecord programs like before, but that is ok. We haven’t been watching as much TV as before either. We have found other things to do.

When we started out living in our motorhome full-time, we were worried about how we would manage to stay warm when the weather is like this. We worried about our tanks freezing, running the furnace constantly, the snow on the roof and the slideouts, running out of propane and all that good stuff. We have found out that if the temperature doesn’t stay below freezing for a prolonged period of time and we are able to keep the inside of the motorhome warm, we do not need to worry about our tanks freezing. We also open the cupboards under the sinks (much like we did when we owned a home) as a precaution. 

As for heating the motorhome, we have both propane and electric heat. The electric heat is not meant for long periods of extreme cold. It works best to keep the chill off in the mornings. But, so far that is what we have been able to use here in an effort to preserve our propane supply.

Today our only concern is finding our way out of the campground and not getting stuck. With only one other camper in the campground and no park rangers or workers, I don’t think they will plow the roads. Right now we don’t know exactly where those roads are. The ground is beautifully covered with white stuff.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,






Fish Dinner

Good morning. I think we are going to have another beautiful day here in the RGV (Rio Grand Valley). The weather app shows partly sunny with a high of 87 and very high humidity (which we could do without, but I take what I can get). I think I will be outside all day. (Big grin).

Day 106. Yesterday was a bit too windy to do any beading outside, but I did spend some time in my lounge chair reading over some patterns and planning my next projects.

While I was busy printing off some patterns and getting a few things done inside Winnie, Clyde took Patty Pepper to the dog park. It was built last year and is a nice big area that has a double fenced section so that when you enter the park other dogs can’t escape. He said it took her a good 5 minutes to leave the entrance area where she was busy sniffing and investigating. They had the area to themselves and Patty seemed to have a good time running around without a leash.

Later Clyde tried out the pool and hot tub. He loves relaxing in the water, be it a lake or a pool. When the kids were little I had to be the mean one and tell him right along with the kids that they had been in long enough and it was time to get out. They would all stay in the water until they were burned to a crisp and their skin was shriveled up like a prune. But they sure did sleep good at night from all the fresh air.

We were invited over to Steve’s for fish dinner. He enjoys fishing and cooking. That’s a good combination. We were very happy to be included in enjoying his catch along with his mom, step-dad and friend Judy. We sat on his covered patio and relaxed while he cooked on his grill. He served two types of fish. One was breaded. Both were delicious. My favorite was the non-breaded. I believe it was Red Snapper. It was cooked to perfection and so good. I can’t remember what he said the other fish was. He even sent us home with a doggy bag. (Another big grin).

Loving our lifestyle and finally our weather. Have a good day.

Until next time,





Busy Day

Good morning.  It looks like it’s going to be a bit nicer outside today than it has been the last couple of days; cloudy with a high in the mid 60’s. We have no plans made yet for today and that’s ok too. If we decide to go somewhere that’s fine, if not, that’s fine too. As other full-timers have pointed out, this is a lifestyle. We are not on vacation. We do not have to be doing something and going somewhere every day. If we had decided to spend our retirement years living in a smaller home, apartment or condo we would not be going somewhere everyday. I didn’t before my hubby retired. I was content to stay at home working on my crafts or reading. I was never bored. But then, I had many projects in the works I enjoyed doing. That has not changed.

Day 86.  I was up and out of the house bright and early.  As most of you know, I am a morning person. I like getting up early, so it was nice that a group I wanted to join in on got together in the morning.

First on my agenda was the Show and Tell group.  This was my first time to join them.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how many ladies came to show off what they were doing.  There were probably more than 30 of us.  The variety of crafts was nice to see. A few had made greeting cards. They were part of a group that meets during the week.  There were quilters and sewers that also meet during the week. A couple of ladies from that group that did not bring something to show, told us about their sewing and/or embroidery machines or a quilt shop experience they had. A couple of ladies from a craft group showed us their necklaces made from dominos.  Others showed us their knitting and crocheted projects. The craft types were as varied as their experience. Some ladies were very experienced and very talented. Other ladies were beginners proudly showing us what they had just made and learned. We enjoyed every one of them. It was a good group and I will definitely go back.

When the Show and Tell group was over, it was time for the Beading group who met in the same room. I had met with this group last week for the first time and I knew I wanted to go again. I had my supply list for this weeks project, but I had not made it to the bead store, about an hour away, to get everything on the list. I brought my beads hoping I could get started on the project with something in my stash. I was and one of the ladies was nice enough to help get me started. She spent a good portion of her time teaching me and a couple of the other ladies how to read the charts and directions. I really appreciate her giving of her time to help us. Time sure went by quickly. I didn’t get very far and the perfectionist that I am will probably start it all over to make sure it looks just right.  I am looking forward to working on my bracelet, going to the bead store and going to the group again next week. This is a hobby I enjoy and one that is conducive to working on in the motorhome. You can never have too many hobbies.

After dinner it was time for Bingo. Clyde was looking forward to getting out and seeing what Bingo night was all about. We had never been to an organized group of Bingo players before. We got there early because we weren’t sure where it was held at and found the place to be packed. We were surprised because Bingo is only open to those who are staying in our campground. It’s a good thing we got there when we did. I guess they were anxious to get started. It was a cheap evening out. $5 for 10 cards and we needed to get a couple of daubers to mark the cards ($1.50 each). They gave out money prizes after each game, door prizes and a 50/50. The couple at our table each won $5. We were not as lucky. We had a nice time, but I’m not sure Bingo is our thing. We may or may not go again. We probably should though, as we did buy the daubers.

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Good morning.  It’s 65 now with a high of 77.  Humidity is 100%. You can feel it in the air. It’s a good thing we have a couple of DampRid canisters around. They are supposed to absorb the moisture in the air.  Although, we probably need something a bit more. The fog is thick and the wind is whipping the flags around.

I have no idea what is on our agenda for today.  The campground has a sewing group  that meets today.  From what I hear, they bring their machines and they are possibly a group of quilters.  That sounds like fun.  I do sew and I quilt, but my machine is big and very heavy.  It is not the type one easily totes around.  I also do not have any sewing projects in the works to work on, nor did I bring any material in the motorhome.  All my material is back in Michigan in a storage locker. So, I am not sure if I should go or not.

We could do laundry.  Wow. That sounds like fun doesn’t it.  Or, Clyde could work on our taxes.  That sounds like fun too.  Our options are open.  We are saving a couple of the sightseeing places we have in mind for better weather.

Day 79. On the calendar of events for the park I noticed a beading group.  I have some beads (not many) and I really enjoyed making bracelets with my sister Barb and my niece Tina when we visited with them last November. When we were at Walmart last I picked up a few more beads so I would have enough to make something with.  I spent the morning gathering my supplies and organizing my beads to take to work on.

I joined a group of about a dozen other women to create.  They are all seasoned winter Texans who have been coming here for years.  A couple of the women have been spending their winters here for more than 10 years.  They all know each other very well.  I was the only newbie, but they were friendly and made me feel welcome.

The type of beadwork they were working on was not what I brought.  I brought larger beads that are easy to work with.  They all had tiny little seed beads and patterns. (The larger beads don’t require a pattern, just creativity).  Each week they work on a different bracelet pattern.  This is definitely a craft I want to learn.  I have some seed beads I use to decorate my knit Christmas stockings, but I will probably need more. (You never have enough supplies for any craft, just ask any crafter). I was given this weeks pattern even though I didn’t have the right size beads to work on.  I was also given the materials list for next weeks pattern. While they worked on their patterns, I made a couple of bracelets with the beads I brought.

Before next weeks meeting, I am going to read up on the basics of this type of beading so I have some idea on what to do and how to do it.  And, hopefully one of the ladies will be willing to share their craft with me.  I will also be going through and organizing my beads and seed beads.  Clyde asked me if I was having fun organizing my beads before class.  Only another crafter would understand how enjoyable it is to go through your supplies.  As a quilter I can spend an entire day going through my material; ironing, re-folding and thinking of projects for each piece.  So, the answer is yes, I do enjoy going through my bead supplies. 

Until next time,


Seatbelt Pillow


Seatbelt Pillow

Another cold and dreary day here in Michigan. Inside I’m still working on purging items and getting ready to list our home.  I know it’s not a very interesting topic to write about, so how about I share another project I made for Winnie.  It’s a seatbelt pillow.  There are many free patterns on-line if you are interested in making one yourself.  It was really an easy project to make.  I love how it turned out, but I’m not sure I will use it much in the motorhome.  It is really a pillow that would work better in a car or truck, so those of you that tow a 5th wheel or travel trailer might enjoy using one while traveling.

Until next time,


Cat Food Tote Bag


Cat Food Tote Bag

A while back I saw some totes made from animal feed bags on-line.  I thought it was a neat idea and a great way to recycle and reuse.  I wanted to give it a try.  Sewing a regular tote bag is fairly easy.  I’ve made many of them; all different types, made from  many different fabrics.  So, I thought, how hard could it be for me to make one of these too.  I was about to find out.  Without boring you by going into the nitty-gritty details, I’ll just say ugh!  Turning the bag inside out wasn’t easy.  The material is stiff and unforgiving.  Then sewing through the layers of plastic wasn’t fun either.  But, I did it and I really liked the results.  So much s0 that I made many more.

These bags are perfect for dirty rags, dish cloths, dish towels, etc..  The bags are a convenient way to carry items to the laundromat.  They also work great to put freezer/cold food items in when shopping.  Another way we have used them is to carry the sand toys in to take to the beach.  They have multiple uses for a free bag that is a pain to make.

In Winnie I use one to hold clean rags and I have another for the dried dirty rags to keep separated for the laundry.  I’m sure you could think of a few ways to use one too.  This was just one more project I made for Winnie I thought you might like see.

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Bathroom Project

Today’s project I’d like to share that I made for Winnie to make her feel more homey is a toilet paper roll holder.  Again, I didn’t have a pattern.  I just saw a picture of one.  I really liked the idea and thought it looked nice. I decided to try making one of my own.

I love the idea of having the next roll readily available.  It’s also really nice not having to use up valuable storage space in a cupboard for the extra rolls of toilet paper. You all know how precious storage space is.  My daughter liked the idea and asked me to make one for her bathroom.  The 2nd one is the one I made for her bathroom.

Until next time,