Crafting in an RV

Good morning. We have a cooler day in store for us, with temps only reaching mid 60’s and the possibility of some rain throughout the day. That gives me a good excuse to stay in and bead. Not that I wouldn’t do that anyway.

I’ve read that those of us who live full-time in an RV do what they would be doing if they still lived in a stationary S&B home. I find that statement true. Although we may be moving around to different campgrounds and seeing new sights, we still enjoy doing the same types of things we have always done. For me it is any type of creating and crafting. Although I no longer am able to have one room devoted to just my crafts and the supplies needed for each craft. My supplies are now hidden away and stored in every nook and cranny I could find throughout the motorhome. Sometimes I forget where I stored something and it takes me a while to figure out where I put it. Oh wait, I did that when we lived in our home too. So that hasn’t changed either.

What has changed is I no longer am able to leave my sewing machine out or carry the yards and yards of material with us to make something on the spur of the moment. I would need to plan what I want to make and buy only the supplies for that project. Which to some people doesn’t sound to difficult. But, for those of us whose minds work a little differently, that is very difficult to do and maybe hard for others to understand. I look at all of my material, spreading it out over a large table, moving the different colors and patterns around until an idea comes to mind. Then I spend just as long planning what I am going to make with the selection of materials I have chosen.  Sometimes the planning process takes just as long as the actual creating does. I enjoy each and every step in process of creating something new.

That same creating process holds true for my other crafts too. I like to spend time organizing the materials, cogitating on what to make, planning that project and then starting on it.  For knitting and crocheting I cannot bring along all of the different types and colors of yarn needed for different projects. There just isn’t room to store it all. But, knitting and crocheting is easier to pick up and put down. One project being created can be put in a bag to be worked on at anytime. This makes knitting and crocheting a good craft to do on the road.

Embroidery is another needlework craft that can be worked on anywhere and the supplies needed for this craft do not take up as much room as some of the other crafts. As you know I have been working on an embroidery project for a while now.

There are many other types of crafts and supplies I have not mentioned and that I have supplies for in the RV. Right now my creative juices are flowing into beading. Although beading cannot be picked up and worked on anywhere, the supplies for beading do not take up as much room as other crafts and therefore make it a nice craft while in the RV.

Those of you crafters who RV or are thinking about it, take along a project or two. There are many of us crafters on the road. Do what you love and love what you do wherever you are.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,




Being Evicted

Good Morning.  It’s 34 this morning with a high of 63 and sunny.  Hopefully no wind, as I would love to take a walk sometime today with my camera.

Day 65.  Yesterday was laundry day.  We noticed a laundromat just down the road from the HEB grocery store we shopped in the other day, so we knew where we were going.  It was easy to get to with plenty of parking.  The inside was clean and had a number of different sized machines to choose from.  The prices were the same as other laundromats we have been in.  We decided to go on a Monday morning hoping it wouldn’t be busy.  There were a number of other customers using the machines, but it didn’t feel crowded.  We had plenty of room to get our laundry washed, dried, and folded.

With the laundry done and a quick stop in the grocery store we were back home in time for lunch.  Not long after lunch we had a knock on our door.  It was one of the park rangers.  They were going around to each campsite and informing us that the park would be closing due to the government shutdown.  She was very nice and said that her boss was hoping to postpone evicting us by waiting as long as he could to notify us.  She said we needed to plan on being out by 11 am this morning (Tuesday) if the government hadn’t come to an agreement.

It never dawned on either of us that the Corp of Engineering campgrounds would be effected by the shutdown.  We just weren’t thinking. Thankfully we won’t have to leave as there is a temporary agreement in place until the first part of February.  But, it got me to thinking about what if we did have to leave.  Where would we go on such a short notice.  Being in a motorhome it doesn’t take long to pack up and ready ourselves to leave.  It is just inconvenient and stressful to be uprooted so quickly with no place to go.

I know there are many other campers using government campgrounds and land that are feeling that same stress right now.  In Quartzsite, Arizona this week they are having their biggest event of the year with the largest gathering of RV’ers.  Thousands of campers are boondocking on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) property.  This shutdown has an impact there also.   Yesterday a camper there said “the park rangers are furloughed, so there is essentially no law enforcement.”  She also mentioned that the garbage was starting to overflow as there will be no pickup until after the shutdown ends.  The good news is the shutdown has temporarily ended.  We can continue on as planned.

Until next time,


Walking the Trails

Day 15. Today we decided to take our pug, Patty Pepper, to a dog park we noticed on our way home from Walmart the other day.  It is not very far from the campground.  When we got there we found out it would cost us $3 to park.  Now, $3 isn’t much, but we have a dog that doesn’t socialize well with others or strange dogs.   And, as there were a number of other people and dogs enjoying the park, we decided to just take her for a walk back at the campground.  I’m really glad we did.

The park has many walking and bike trails, all well-marked.  The weather was perfect for a nice long walk and so was the view.

According to our phones, we walked about 1 mile.  This was far enough for our little pug and me too.  I’m still trying to get back to my old self after not being able to physically do much for the past year.  It feels good to be out and about enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery.

Loving the lifestyle.

Until next time,


Just Relaxing

Day 12.  Yesterday was not too productive.  We took our time, got a few things accomplished but not everything on our list.  The day was warm enough but overcast and the humidity felt like it would rain.  Not a good day to sit outside.  Today is suposed to be much nicer.

I did get my cleaning and grocery shopping done.  We had our choice between a Walmart that looked like it was groceries only and Winn Dixie.  We are very familiar with Walmart, but not Winn Dixie, so we decided give them a try.  The store was a lot smaller than we are used to.  We found what we needed, just not the variety of brand choices.  Next time we will try Walmart.

Next door to Winn Dixie was a small dollar store.  We were looking for some postcards to send out.  They had a few, which we bought, but not the variety we had hoped for.

I did get my mini Christmas tree decorated.  Today I will get out the rest of my decorations.  When I am done decorating I will post some pictures.

Loving the lifestyle.

Until next time,




Settling In

Good Morning.  It’s time to catch you up on our last couple of days.  While I was waiting to check us in at the Texas T Campground, I chatted with a couple other campers that were also checking in.  The gentleman ahead of me was going to Gulf Shores, Alabama where he lives.  The lady I was chatting with said she was going there also.  When they asked me where we were headed, I responded “not sure, west to Texas”.  I explained this was our first trip and that we haven’t been anywhere yet.  She then said they had spent a few winters in Texas, but now go to Gulf Shores State Park in Alabama.  They love it there.

When we got settled in for the night, I looked on the map to see where Gulf Shores was.  It looked perfect for us; south, beach, warm weather and lots to see and do.  The question was do they have availability and could we afford it.  I wouldn’t know until I called.  I called. They had room for us until January 1st only and the monthly rate, even with their outrageous taxes (15% resort fee, 11% lodging tax and a $4. transaction fee) was doable at $24. per night with full hookups.  We will have to leave on New Year’s Day because they are fully booked for the next few months, but we got a spot and I know where I will be spending Christmas.  That was important to me.

Day 10.  We left the Texas T Campground at 9:30 am.  Our total miles for day 9 were 273.  We stopped at the welcome center in Alabama to see what they had for our new destination.


Taking our time, we stopped at a rest area in Dodge City for lunch, then to Greenville, Alabama where we spent the night in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  We had a perfect spot where we were able to open our bedroom slide out over a grassy area.  We felt comfortable and safe there with other campers and truckers.  It was a long day totaling 549 miles for the day.  We did repay Walmart for their hospitality by getting some needed items in their store.

Day 11.  Yesterday was a short travel day, only 149 miles.  We made it to our destination by noon.  While I checked us in, Clyde unhooked the car from Winnie.  The sites are all paved with a picnic table and grill.  We do not have a fire pit.  We can see the gulf from our site, but we do have to drive to the beach area, which we did check out.  The sand reminds us of Cancun, so white.

Day 12.  Today we will be busy getting settled in.  Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning and decorating for Christmas are on the agenda.  No hurry, we will see how much we get done.

Loving the lifestyle.

Until next time,





One More Trip to General RV

We thought we were done with repairs on Winnie.  Nope, not quite yet.  When I went to plug in my blow dryer into the bathroom outlet, it wouldn’t work.  We checked the breakers, reset the switch and still nothing.  Hopefully Jennifer can fit us in sometime this week to have it looked at before we leave on Sunday to head south.

As long as we are at it, I will have them look at the dinette slideout. It is making a lot of noise going in and out.  I hope it won’t be anything major.

Loving the lifestyle.

Until next time,


My Kitchen Area


My kitchen area may be small, but it is functional and doable.  I’ve got everything I need close at hand.  My son, Kevin, hung up my spice racks for me.  Don’t they look nice there.  I was going to have him hang a paper towel holder, but it didn’t work out.  The paper hung too low and the way the holder was made, once up, you couldn’t get a new roll of paper towel on it.  In its place I added one more spice rack.

I love having my cooking utensils close at hand too.  They add a little color to my area.  In my wicker basket I have my silverware, pot holders and hot plate.  I still have to cut the rubber mat to fit the wicker basket and glue it to the bottom so that the basket doesn’t move while driving on the road.  I did it to my little garlic jar that I had in my S&B.


The little cutting board hung on the wall is for decoration only and was a sweet gift from my daughter Karen.

I think my kitchen area is just about complete.  I am quite happy with how it all came together.

Until next time,