Checking Out the Island

Good morning.  The wind is really strong this morning. You can feel it’s power against the motorhome and hear the waves crashing into the shore.  The temperature is 65 and by lunchtime it is predicted to be 81. No sun, but warm. Hopefully we will be able to sit outside if the wind cooperates.  We haven’t had nice enough weather so far on our adventure to do that yet. I’m not complaining northerners.  I realize you are getting more snow and freezing temperatures. I’m just ready for my fun in the sun.


Day 77. With no sun, temps in the 60’s and some wind we didn’t feel like walking the beach so we took a drive to check out the island.  As you can tell by looking at a map, the island is long and narrow.  The road down the center is 4 lanes with a median dividing the 2 lanes each way.  The colorful businesses entice you with good food, sports equipment and beach accessories all along the way.

Further along the way the island narrows even further to only sand dunes and beach.  This day the island was having a kite festival. You could see many different types of kites in the air.  The wind was just right for the festival but the temperature was cool and many were watching the festivities from inside their vehicles.

On our way back we decided to check out a couple of the souvenir type stores.  We wanted to get a few postcards.  I know, postcards are old fashion being everyone communicates now by cell phone, email, Facebook and other types of social media, but who doesn’t like a piece of fun mail every once in a while instead of just bills and junk mail.  

Until next time,