Jubilee College State Park

Good morning. Look what we woke up to this morning. It looks like the heavy wet snow that is perfect for making a snowman. It’s a good thing we still have our winter coats, boots, hats and gloves. I’m not sure how much we got during the night, but it is supposed to snow all day and up until 9pm tonight; about 6″ total. I just hope the roads will be plowed and we can get out for the day.


Jubilee College State Park, Brimfield, Illinois  –  3/24/18

Day 125. We decided to leave Wakonda State Park in Missouri and head to Peoria, Illinois. The predicted rain for the next couple of days became our deciding factor. Yes, the Peoria area weather forecast was predicting snow, but wouldn’t you rather be among family in the snow than stuck inside the motorhome in all-day rain.

We took our time getting on the road. We wanted to explore the other areas of the park before we left. There wasn’t much to see. There was no wildlife nor were there any other campers. So the decision to leave was a good one. We made sure to dump the waste and gray tanks and fill our potable tank again with fresh water as we were advised that our next campground would not have any potable water available until spring when the weather warmed up and they turned the faucets back on.

We were on the road for 4 hours, a total of 162 miles, arriving at Jubilee College State Park in Brimfield, Illinois around 3pm. There is one other motorhome home in the park along with us. It’s nice to see we aren’t the only campers for a change.

This campground is also on the honor system during the winter months. We have 30 amp electric, a picnic table, charcoal grill and a gravel pad. The sign on the post where you register says the winter rate is $18 a night, $12 a night for seniors. Sometimes being a senior citizen is worth it.

After picking our site, setting up and getting settled in for our stay here, we went out to a nearby restaurant, Pizza 150 with our family here in Peoria; Scott, Mel and Tina. It was nice to see them again and we are glad we will be able to spend the next couple of weeks with them.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

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On-line Order


After placing our order on-line for the new tail light that was out, I came across a book I think will be very beneficial to us while on the road.  I asked my daughter Melissa to order the book for me on her Amazon Prime account.  We love and prefer camping in state parks and other wooded and rustic type areas as opposed to higher priced crowded private campgrounds with few trees, even though the private campgrounds often have full hook-ups and more amenities.  I know I am generalizing here and that not all private campgrounds fall into that general category.  We also have not ventured too far yet out of our familiar territory.  But, we are excited to get going and look forward to using our status of senior citizens to take advantage of discounted rates in many national and Corps of Engineer Parks.  We purchased our senior park pass for use in National Parks at the beginning of the year.  We wanted to make sure we had them before they raised the rates.  I think you still have time to order your pass if you haven’t already and fall into the senior citizen category.

On another note, today is our 46th Wedding Anniversary.  I can’t believe we are that old!

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