On-line Order


After placing our order on-line for the new tail light that was out, I came across a book I think will be very beneficial to us while on the road.  I asked my daughter Melissa to order the book for me on her Amazon Prime account.  We love and prefer camping in state parks and other wooded and rustic type areas as opposed to higher priced crowded private campgrounds with few trees, even though the private campgrounds often have full hook-ups and more amenities.  I know I am generalizing here and that not all private campgrounds fall into that general category.  We also have not ventured too far yet out of our familiar territory.  But, we are excited to get going and look forward to using our status of senior citizens to take advantage of discounted rates in many national and Corps of Engineer Parks.  We purchased our senior park pass for use in National Parks at the beginning of the year.  We wanted to make sure we had them before they raised the rates.  I think you still have time to order your pass if you haven’t already and fall into the senior citizen category.

On another note, today is our 46th Wedding Anniversary.  I can’t believe we are that old!

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Senior National Parks Lifetime Pass


There has been a lot of talk and press about the price of the National Parks Senior Pass being raised from a lifetime use fee of $10.00 to $80.00.  It is believed this rate hike will take place the first of the new year.  We originally were going to wait to buy our passes when we went full-time and were at a park to use it, but with a hike that big we decided to buy ours now.  I understand the need to raise park pass fees, but that’s a big jump and we need to save every penny we can.

So, today was the day I ordered our passes on-line.  It was very fast and easy to do.  I took a picture of our license’s, sent it to my email to open on the computer.  I went to this site and ordered the senior park pass kit.  I had to order each of our passes separately instead of together,  which wasn’t a problem.  I just didn’t log out at the end.  It is also $20.00 each instead of $10.00 when you order them on line.  Processing fee I guess.  I kept wondering where and when to upload our license but it wasn’t until the very end that it asked me to do it.

It really was quick and easy to order ours.  I suggest any of you who are 62 years or older to get your lifetime pass before the end of the week.   Per the USGS:  The Senior Pass covers Entrance Fees or Standard Amenity Fees at sites managed by U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service (USDA FS), National Park Service (NPS), Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation).  The Senior pass may provide an additional discount on some fees at Federal recreation sites. Please contact specific sites directly for information on what is or is not covered.

One more step completed on our way to being full-time RV’ers.

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