A Drive to Florida

Day 30.  I can’t believe we have been on our journey for 30 days now and living the full-time lifestyle for 94 days.  I can honestly say I do not miss having a house or a yard.  What I do miss is my washing machine and dryer.  I also miss my family, but I like being able to travel and see my out-of-state family more often.

I thought I would miss my kitchen, but I don’t.  I like my little kitchen area.  Everything is close by and handy.  I do wish I had a little bit more counter space, but I make do.  I love my spice racks and the hooks used to hang my utensils.  I like my pantry area also.  I just need a better way to organize it.  I’m working on that.

Another thing I thought I would miss was my shower, but Winnie’s is just fine.  We have full hookups right now so I can take as long and as hot a shower as I want.  When we don’t have full hookups I either take shorter showers or use the campground showers.  Clyde prefers to use the campground shower.  He has more room to maneuver.  I don’t blame him.

Today we decided to get out and go for a ride to Florida.  It is not a very long ride from here and the drive is along the coastline, which makes for an enjoyable trip.  The weather today is overcast and humid with temps in the low 70’s.

We drove up to where the Navel Base entrance was but did not go in.  The Blue Angels do not put on a show in the month of December which is why we would want to go there.  We did stop at a public access area to the beach.  It was called Snorkel Cove.  We watched the sandpipers run up and down the water’s edge and I collected a few more shells.  The water was cold and the beach was not as clean as the area we are staying at in Alabama.  I enjoyed myself anyway.  The water is always relaxing to me.

Until next time,




The Beach, Shells & Sea Life

Day 13.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, temps in the 70’s and sunshine. It was a good day to go to the beach.  I love the white sand, easy to walk in and not hot on your feet.  The water was cool as it washed up on our feet at first, but then we got used to it.

It was interesting the way the shells washed up in groups along the shoreline-in waves. You can kind of see it in the picture below. We didn’t get to the beach until after lunch.  I think many of the prime shells had already been discovered, but I had fun collecting them anyway.  Today I will wash, dry and sort my collection.  Pictures will come later.


While we walked along the beach we watched the little birds, we called sandpipers, run up and down picking at the sand.  What were they looking for?

There was also a flock of seagulls (we think) along the beach.


We stopped to talk to others along the beach.  One family from this area had just moved back after living in Alaska.  They said they enjoyed this beach even more than the beaches they had been to in Hawaii.  Wow!  Who would have thought.

After our beach walk we went to the pier for an informational talk by a marine biologist.  We really enjoyed her presentation about the small creatures she had found at the shore to show us. We will definitely go to more of her presentations as they are offered.

Loving the lifestyle.

Until next time,