Pool Time

Good morning. Daylight saving time. Spring forward. We had to set our clocks ahead one hour last night. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I think personally I would rather not have to switch back and forth. Yes, you get more daylight in the evening, but I’m a morning person and I don’t care about having more sun in the evening. Now when I get up it will be dark longer. I’d prefer sitting outside in the evening, at dusk, watching the sun set than having more fun in the sun. I remember when the kids were little trying to get them down for the night. They would complain that it wasn’t bedtime yet. It wasn’t dark out. Daylight saving time just messes with your head. Yep, I do know how I feel. Let’s not have daylight saving time anymore. Let’s go back to the way it was before we changed our clocks.

Day 112. Boy, it was a hot one yesterday. Temps were in the 90’s and full sun. It felt like a real summer day in Michigan. This was the first real hot sunny day we’ve had so far. I spent my morning sitting outside beading. It was perfect. Not real hot yet and sunny. My kind of day.

While I was enjoying myself outside, Clyde went to breakfast with Steve and his step-dad. It is their Saturday ritual and it was nice of them to include Clyde. He enjoys being with the guys and loves a good breakfast, a nice combination.

As the temperature began to rise, we decided it was a perfect day to go to the pool. It was nice to relax and swim a little. I can’t seem to get in a pool without doing a few laps. It’s just ingrained in me from my youth and being on the swim team. It’s also good exercise.

When we got back from swimming we turned the air conditioning on for the first time on our journey. That just goes to show you how cool our temperatures have been this winter. We’ve not needed to turn the air on. I really was fine without having it on now, but you-know-who was not happy with the heat. And, it was a good idea to check it out and make sure it still worked ok. It’s kind of like turning on the furnace for the first time in the fall. You need to make sure it works ok before a real cold spell sets in and you find yourself in need of a repairman.

It looks like we are going to have another nice hot day today too. Maybe we will take another dip in the pool. What a life. Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,



Fish Dinner

Good morning. I think we are going to have another beautiful day here in the RGV (Rio Grand Valley). The weather app shows partly sunny with a high of 87 and very high humidity (which we could do without, but I take what I can get). I think I will be outside all day. (Big grin).

Day 106. Yesterday was a bit too windy to do any beading outside, but I did spend some time in my lounge chair reading over some patterns and planning my next projects.

While I was busy printing off some patterns and getting a few things done inside Winnie, Clyde took Patty Pepper to the dog park. It was built last year and is a nice big area that has a double fenced section so that when you enter the park other dogs can’t escape. He said it took her a good 5 minutes to leave the entrance area where she was busy sniffing and investigating. They had the area to themselves and Patty seemed to have a good time running around without a leash.

Later Clyde tried out the pool and hot tub. He loves relaxing in the water, be it a lake or a pool. When the kids were little I had to be the mean one and tell him right along with the kids that they had been in long enough and it was time to get out. They would all stay in the water until they were burned to a crisp and their skin was shriveled up like a prune. But they sure did sleep good at night from all the fresh air.

We were invited over to Steve’s for fish dinner. He enjoys fishing and cooking. That’s a good combination. We were very happy to be included in enjoying his catch along with his mom, step-dad and friend Judy. We sat on his covered patio and relaxed while he cooked on his grill. He served two types of fish. One was breaded. Both were delicious. My favorite was the non-breaded. I believe it was Red Snapper. It was cooked to perfection and so good. I can’t remember what he said the other fish was. He even sent us home with a doggy bag. (Another big grin).

Loving our lifestyle and finally our weather. Have a good day.

Until next time,





Craft Fair

Good morning. It is a good morning too. The temperature is already 69. Our high for the day is 86. I might be able to sit outside and do some beading, although they are predicting high winds for later today.

Day 105. Steve’s mom Edie invited me to go with her to the craft fair in the activities building in the park. They have been holding it about once a month. Both park residents and outside vendors had items for sale.

Before we looked around at all the crafts, we had a donut and coffee. The park also served biscuits and gravy if you wished. My donut and coffee was $1.25. We sat and chatted with others from the park. Edie is a long time resident that knows everyone. They are all so welcoming and nice.

Judy, Steve’s friend, joined us to walk around and look at the crafts. The crafts were your typical items held at every other fair. Many of the items I have made myself. I look at the prices of the items they have for sale and wonder how some of the crafters can make any money. They seem to be selling their items for the cost of materials with no mark-up whatsoever. There were also three Author’s selling and signing their books. I had a nice time walking around looking and visiting with everyone. It was nice of Edie to invite me and Judy to join us.

While us girls were having coffee and donuts and looking at crafts, the guys went out to breakfast. Steve and his step-dad go out every Saturday morning and they invited Clyde to join them. Clyde enjoyed himself and their company.

I spent my afternoon enjoying the fresh air and beading in my lounge chair. Clyde went and got a much-needed haircut. He hadn’t had one since our daughter Melissa last cut it in November before we left on our adventure. When he got back he decided to try out the hot tub and take a swim in the pool. Oh, what a life this is.

Enjoying our lifestyle. Have a great day. And, thanks for taking time to read about our adventures and/or our daily lives.

Until next time,


Vacation in Ohio



Indian Lake State Park, Lakeview, Ohio-site B062


We arrived at Indian Lake State Park in Lakeview, Ohio around 12:30 pm on Monday in time for lunch.  We left home at 8 am and with a stop 1/2 way for breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Maumee, Ohio. It made it an easy relaxing trip of only 158 miles.  I hope to keep all of our travel days under 200/250 miles.

The campground is huge with 443 nice size sites.  Our site was 50 amps and $27 per night with both sun and shade.  Water is available at the restrooms which were very nice and kept clean. Playgrounds are dispersed throughout the campground, each a little different from the others, which our grandson Wyatt thoroughly enjoyed.  Many campers brought their boats and fishing poles to enjoy.  A large pool is being built by the commissary that is scheduled to be finished later this summer.

A nice size sand beach was within walking distance from our site, which we enjoyed a few days later with our daughter Karen and her family and our grandson Tristan who drove down on Thursday night after work for a couple of days.

Karen and family came on Tuesday from Kentucky with their new to them pop-up camper and set up in the site next to ours.

It sure was good to see them again.  Our times together are too far apart.

Clyde watched the Stanley Cup playoffs while the grandkids played a game of Trouble.

We couldn’t believe how brave the squirrels and birds were.

We really enjoyed our week together with campfires every day and night.  The wood in our new box was just the right amount for our trip.  Thanks again Kevin for our box.  It worked perfectly.  I had the best corn on the cob cooked over the fire.  We hadn’t had it cooked like that in years.  My dad used to cook it that way for us.  Thanks Rob, it was delicious!

Sunday came too soon.  Time to say good-bye and head home.  Vacation wasn’t long enough.  Can’t wait until we are full-time!

Until next time,