Off to Ohio

Good morning. It is a comfortably warm sunny morning which is always nice for a travel day. Our time here in Peoria is over. It sure went by quickly. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; we never seem to have enough time anywhere we go. I hate saying goodbye. We always have such a nice time with those we love.

Today we are on the road heading to see our daughter Melissa in Ohio. We will be staying in a state park we have not been to before. There is a KOA very close to her home but they want an arm and a leg camping fee which is not in our budget. Besides, we like state parks much better. Caesar Creek State Park is only about 20 minutes from her home, which isn’t bad. We have always had to travel that far for shopping anyway, so we are used to it.

The weather is nice now, but looking ahead I see rain.  Some rain is ok, I just hope we don’t run into high winds and bad storms. Maybe we will get lucky.

Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,



Full-Time Lifestyle 1st Anniversary


Jubilee College State Park-Site C21


Jubilee College State Park

Good morning everyone. This post is a few days late as our 1st anniversary as full-time RVer’s was last Saturday the 15th (also our daughter Karen’s birthday). I’ve just been so busy having fun I haven’t had time to post. I guess that’s the way it should be.

We have completed one full year of living the RV lifestyle. It sure has gone by fast. Looking back I had my doubts we would ever be able to start our adventure. We had so many road blocks that kept getting in the way. My health being the biggest one. But, here we are living the lifestyle with no regrets.

Many people have asked if I miss not having a home. My answer is always the same. Winnie is my home. I do not miss owning a large home or do I need all that space. I have everything I need right here. I do not have to pack and unpack a suitcase or sleep in a strange bed. We are always home wherever we are.

The best part of living this lifestyle is that we get to visit our children more often. With our grown children living in 4 different states we didn’t get to spend as much time with them as we would have liked. Now, we are trying to divide up our time equally between the states and we still have time to see family and friends who live farther away.

We have been asked many times which of the many places we went was our favorite. I can honestly say I don’t have one. We enjoyed so many of the places we went and saw for different reasons. We enjoyed the Corps of Engineering campgrounds for the wildlife and wilderness settings. We love any campground that is by the water. I mean, who wouldn’t.  And, we love any place that gets us closer to our friends and family.

Another question we have been asked numerous times is what has been downside of living this lifestyle. The answer is not too much. The same things you find unpleasant living in S&B home you will find just as unpleasant living in a motorhome. You still have to clean, things breakdown, the weather is not always pleasant and you sometimes have to deal with unpleasant neighbors. We just get to move if we don’t like where we are.

We have learned a few lessons along the way. First, take your time and don’t try to rush when setting up or leaving an area. Second, don’t try to do things when you are tired. That is when accidents happen. Just ask Clyde.

We have had a great first year living this lifestyle and I am so happy we are able to continue living the dream.

Until next time,



Goodbye Michigan

Good morning family and friends. Summer vacation is over. It sure went by fast. We had a great summer and we will take with us so many good memories.

As I write this we are on the road heading to Peoria, Illinois where we will spend the next 3 weeks with family and friends . It is a longer ride and more miles than we normally like to do in a day, but we have made the same journey so many times before we could do it on auto pilot in our sleep.

The weather this morning made the process of dumping the black and grey tanks, filling the potable water and hooking up the car fast and easy. Well as fast as you can anyway. It is so much nicer to do when it is not raining, snowing, freezing or so hot you are melting. We also like that we waited a day so that we did not have to feel rushed with a line behind us waiting to use the dump station. Yesterday, the end of a holiday weekend, campers were lined up all morning long waiting to dump so they could head home. That is one advantage we have being full-timers and retired-we can come and go at will.

We are going to miss everyone here, but we are looking forward to starting our 2nd adventure in Winnie. We are able to get an earlier start this fall than we did last year by a couple of months, which is a good thing. And, we also have an itinerary for this winter. Last year we had no idea where we were going or where we would stay. Everything worked out perfectly, but it is nice to not to have that worry.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,





Camping Season is Beginning

Good morning. You can tell camping season is beginning and that more of us “snowbirds” are making our way north. Instead of us being the only campers in the campgrounds as we venture north, or sharing it with one or two others, we now see a steady flow of campers coming in and out. Most RV’ers stay only one night and continue on their way. Over the weekend this campground filled with families taking time to enjoy a couple of days of family time together. There was even a tent camper in the tent area of the campground. By Sunday evening the campground was back to about a half-dozen RV’ers.

This is our last day in Ohio. Tomorrow is a travel day. We will be ending our winter adventure and be back where we started. Time sure has flown by quickly. It is hard to believe we have been full-time RV’ers for 236 days.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,




Next Stop – Lebanon, Ohio

Good morning. It looks like we are going to have a gorgeous sunny day with high around 70º. That will be nice. Today is a travel day. Our time here is up and we will be spending the next two weeks in Ohio with our daughter Melissa.

When I woke this morning and looked out into the rear of the yard I finally saw the deer that we had been told came to visit often. What a nice way to end our visit.


Day 158. It is time to get ready to leave here and head on to our destination, Lebanon, Ohio. We spent part of the day cleaning and going through our check list of items to do before we leave.

We have really enjoyed being able to spend this time with our daughter Karen and her family. Being able to move from place to place, spending time with each of our children and their spouses, our grandchildren, along with our other family members and our friends was the main reason we chose this lifestyle. It is so much easier to say goodbye when we know we will be coming back again soon for another visit. Living in a motorhome has made this possible.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,



Unfortunate Events

Good morning. Wow! What a gorgeous day it is going to be. A clear bright sunshiny day with a high of 80º. You can’t get much better than that.

Day 144. We took our time leaving the Walmart parking lot in Seymour, Indiana because we knew we only had about a 3 hour drive to reach our daughter Karen’s. We didn’t want to arrive too early, as she works nights and we wanted to let her get some sleep. It was about 10 am after we filled up with gas at the Murphy’s next door and we were on the road.

We stopped at the Midway rest area off I-64 around noon for lunch. It was crowded with truckers who had the same idea. When we arrived at the Berea, Kentucky exit we stopped to fill up the motorhome with propane at the Old Kentucky Campground which is right off the exit. With that accomplished our next stop was Walmart right down the road. They have a nice big parking lot for us to unhook the toad. It is much easier to do it there than it would be in front of our daughter Karen’s house, as she lives on a fairly busy narrow road. Our campground for the next couple weeks is her driveway.

Unfortunately everything did not go smoothly when trying to unhook the toad. Clyde had problems getting the pins out that keep the car hooked up to the motorhome and it was taking him a lot longer than it normally does. He also was not thinking clearly. Why, I have no idea. But, anyway, he didn’t follow through the unhooking procedure in the order he was supposed and missed a very important step. He forgot to put the car in park after removing the braking system from inside the car and before he unhooked the car from the motorhome. I think you can see where this is going. He needs to make himself a check list and refer to it each time he unhooks or something so this never happens again. The car, still in neutral, started to roll. Clyde tried to jump in and stop it but was knocked down by the open door of the car. The car then ran over his left foot. The car didn’t go very far and stopped at a curb.

The car sustained a few scrapes but otherwise is fine. Clyde on the other hand has a large bruise on his thigh from the car door when it knocked him to the ground. He stayed on the ground for quite a while accessing his injuries. He told the crowd forming that he was ok and didn’t need the police or ambulance. We kept telling him the car ran over his foot but he didn’t believe us. He didn’t remember that happening. When he got up off the pavement he seemed to be ok. He was walking with only a slight limp.

By then, our daughter Karen and her husband Rob had arrived. Karen rode with her dad in the motorhome. I followed behind in the car and we proceeded to Karen and Rob’s where we would be parked for the next couple of weeks.

Later that evening, after setting up, visiting with the family and enjoying dinner together, Clyde realized his foot was starting to swell and it was beginning to hurt. We had him elevate it and put ice on it.

I think today we will take the stubborn old guy to the ER for an x-ray like he should have done yesterday. I will let you all know what happens. And just yesterday I mentioned how it wasn’t a very exciting day and how that can be good sometimes.

Still loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,




Seymour, Indiana

Good morning. Today is the final leg of our journey to visit our daughter Karen and her family in Berea, Kentucky. As we traveled more than 1/2 way yesterday, that leaves us only about 165 miles to go, about 4 hours give or take.

The weather is finally nice once again. I just hope it stays that way for a while. With temperatures around 75º today and 80º Friday, who can complain.

Day 143. On travel days we like to be on the road by around 9 am. We dumped our tanks and had the toad hooked up ready to leave the park on time. Then we had a little hick-up, which delayed us a short bit. No biggy. We are retired remember. We do things on our time. Besides, by 10 am we were gassed up and on our way.

We took our time, had lunch at the Farmland rest area in Illinois just before we hit the Indiana border. PB&J for us now. No more eating out all the time. We are back to the basics, home cooking, which isn’t all that bad.

I was able to do a little beading while we were on the road. At times it becomes a little challenging to thread a bead with the condition of some of these roads. We were bouncing all around. No matter, I still enjoyed myself.

We stopped for the night a little before 5 pm having traveled a total of 291 miles to the Seymour, Indiana Walmart. 5 pm isn’t a bad time. It gives us plenty of time to heat up our leftovers and eat our dinner. Then we like to go into the Walmart to do a little shopping. As I’ve said before, it is nice for us because we can get a few things we need before arriving at our next destination and it is a way for us to show Walmart our appreciation for allowing us to spend the night in their parking lot.

This is a busy Walmart with many truckers coming and going. There is another motorhome here also. It is an easy in and out also. That is always a big plus.

If you wanted to eat out you could walk to Steak ‘n Shake. We watched a few of the truckers do just that. There is also Applebee’s across the street.

Not a very exciting day I’m afraid, but sometimes that’s a good thing. Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,