Quiet Sunday

Good morning. I think I could get used to these temperatures very easily. Mid-high 70’s is perfect. My only complaint would be the wind we had yesterday. It made it a little difficult to work with the lightweight pine needles outside.

We were able to get our fire stick working yesterday. That’s a nice addition to our antenna TV. We now have quite a few options available to us for viewing. Yesterday was football, of course.

Enjoy your day. Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,



Park Place

Good morning. We had another beautiful day here in the Rio Grande Valley. I spent the entire day outside and enjoyed every minute of it.

Once a month the park holds a craft fair and breakfast. Yesterday the breakfast was biscuits and gravy; which Clyde thoroughly enjoyed. We walked around the craft fair and admired some very beautiful projects. Clyde loved the wood working items that one man had for sale. I admired some beautiful necklaces that another woman had. My purchase was 5 used books from the library sale for $1.  You can’t beat the price. When I have finished reading them I can donate them back to the library for resale another month.

I spent part of my day relaxing in the sun, working on my pine needle basket, reading and visiting with friends. Clyde took Patty Pepper to the dog park where she can be off the leash. He also worked around the motorhome getting a few more things checked off his list. Steve came over to check out our hot water tank issue, as we still have no hot water. He determined we have a bad valve. Monday Clyde and Steve will see if they can find one. He also, with great effort, located our HDMI outlet on our TV. We got a Fire Stick for Christmas and need the outlet to install the app. The outlet was hidden behind the TV. The TV had to be unbolted and taken out to locate it. And, apparently all RV TV’s are extremely heavy for safety reasons while traveling. Not a fun job, but I greatly appreciated his help.

As promised, here is a picture of our site. I will probably be moving furniture around quite often until I come up with just the right set up. We have an awful lot of dirt, so we will be spending time watering the area to get some grass back.

o 12 park place

Loving our lifestyle.

Until next time,



Scenic Trail

Good morning. It looks like today will be another overcast day with a good chance of rain this afternoon. That’s ok, we will just plan our day around it.

Days 166 & 167. Friday went as planned. Melissa went to work, Clyde watched the Star Wars movie marathon on TBS for as much of the day as he could and I beaded. I made 3 ankle bracelets and one wrist bracelet to go with the ankle bracelets. The main bead color is Flamingo. I used #8 Miyuki beads. This is the first bracelet I’ve made from the Northern Star pattern. I am sure I will be making more. I find many of my beading patterns and inspirational ideas from Linda’s Crafty Inspirations blog.

Saturday we walked along the Little Miami Scenic State Park trail. The scenic trail covers over 50 miles from Cincinnati to Greene County, Ohio. The trail is a pleasant walk that is paved and wide enough for those walking, jogging or biking. Clyde’s only wish was for a bench or two for him to sit and rest.


Little Miami State Park Trail

When we finished our walk we had lunch at the Little River Café where we had parked our car.



1955-1957 Chevy Bel Air Camper

In the parking lot was this unique camper. Clyde talked to the owner who told him there were only 5 made just like it. What a conversation piece.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,


National Museum of the USAF – Trip 2

Good morning. Today is the May the 4th. If you are a Star Wars fan it is “May the force” (be with you). TBS is having a Star Wars marathon that started at 2:30 this morning. Clyde is hoping to watch as many of the old movies as he can. That’s ok with me, I can spend my time beading. It is going to rain on and off all day anyway and Melissa has to work.

Day 165. We went back to the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio as we didn’t get to see everything last Sunday when we were there. Today we started our tour in the Vietnam War exhibit. As this war happened during Clyde and my teen years, it was very meaningful to us.


DSC_0012 (2).JPG


The “Big Belly” Bomber




DSC_0029We then went back to tour the Korean War exhibit. The first thing both Clyde and I thought about was the old TV show Mash with Alan Alda.


Embroidered Flower Map of Korea

DSC_0080 (2)DSC_0081DSC_0083DSC_0099 (2)

DSC_0107 (2).JPG

Just  before we were ready to call it a day we saw an exhibit in the hallway that caught our eye. Our grandson Tristan had been to the museum with his scout troop many years ago and he had remembered this exhibit. As a dog lover this exhibit was special to him and he knew we would enjoy seeing it also.


Just visiting those two exhibits took us well into the afternoon. What Melissa and I don’t do for our history buff. We only wish Tristan had been able to be with us, as he loves history just as much as his Grandpa, and it would have been nice to see the two of them share this time together. I think for us to completely see all of the exhibits we will need to go back two more times. It is a good thing Melissa lives so close to the museum. I think we will save the rest of the exhibits for the next time we come to visit her.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,


Snow, Snow and More Snow

Good morning. It is a beautiful morning. The sun is up, the ground is coated with a heavy layer of snow that hasn’t been tampered with and the trees and woodland brush are also covered with snow. It is so pretty to look at from inside our motorhome. We still haven’t seen any wildlife. That would add the icing on the cake.

Day 126. Yesterday we stayed inside our nice warm motorhome watching the snow come down. It snowed the entire day into the night. At times it was heavy wet snow, other times it looked like sleet. I believe we got about 9″ total. We were advised the roads were really bad and that it would be best if we stayed put and didn’t attempt to make our way out of the park. So, that is what we did.

For me staying inside isn’t a punishment. I have many craft projects I can work on. I am never bored. And, that is what I did. But, for someone who doesn’t have a hobby (except for Facebook) watching TV was his entertainment for the day.

We do not pay for TV. We use the old-fashioned antenna on top of the motorhome. It works out just fine for us. When we arrive at a new location we scan for channels available in the area. Sometimes we get a lot of channels, sometimes only 5 or 6. We make due with what we get. We have found we are getting quite a few very old TV shows from the 50’s and 60’s to watch. We cannot prerecord programs like before, but that is ok. We haven’t been watching as much TV as before either. We have found other things to do.

When we started out living in our motorhome full-time, we were worried about how we would manage to stay warm when the weather is like this. We worried about our tanks freezing, running the furnace constantly, the snow on the roof and the slideouts, running out of propane and all that good stuff. We have found out that if the temperature doesn’t stay below freezing for a prolonged period of time and we are able to keep the inside of the motorhome warm, we do not need to worry about our tanks freezing. We also open the cupboards under the sinks (much like we did when we owned a home) as a precaution. 

As for heating the motorhome, we have both propane and electric heat. The electric heat is not meant for long periods of extreme cold. It works best to keep the chill off in the mornings. But, so far that is what we have been able to use here in an effort to preserve our propane supply.

Today our only concern is finding our way out of the campground and not getting stuck. With only one other camper in the campground and no park rangers or workers, I don’t think they will plow the roads. Right now we don’t know exactly where those roads are. The ground is beautifully covered with white stuff.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,





Weighing the Sides

Good morning.  Looking at the temperature this morning I realized it is the same temperature as it was when I went to bed last night – 64.  Our high for today is 75 and for the next 8 days the weatherman is predicting a possibility of rain and overcast, no sun.

And speaking about the weather, I just can’t believe how often and how fast the fog can roll in.  One minute we look out our window and see the water, the next it’s gone.  We have foggy mornings back home, but not as often or in the middle of the day like we’ve seen here.  The humidity in the air is thick.  You can see the drops of water on the window outside.  I thought it was raining until we realized it was just the results of the humidity. There are no good hair days with this much humidity in the air.  Curly hair is even curlier and straight hair is limp and lifeless.  At least we are all having bad hair days.

Day 78. The sun popped out for a short while yesterday and I got to sit outside and bask in it. It felt so nice. It was too breezy to do any needlework outside, but it would have been a good time to read a book if I had one.  I’ll have to work on getting one for next time.

Our daughter Melissa bought Patty Pepper a fenced yard that is open on the top but with sold sides. She is hoping it will help keep her quiet. The theory is if you can’t see it, you can’t bark at it. We finally got to try it out. We put her bed in it to help her feel more comfortable, but she never did settle down and relax.  She didn’t bark as much either, which is a plus.  I think she will just need to get used to it.


Our campsite, compared to others in the park, is a good one.  We sit so that the motorhome gives you shade from the afternoon sun.  We are on a corner lot, which helps us not feel as Claustrophobic as we would on some of the other lots.  And, we are close to the water.  On the down side the picnic table is permanently placed and is directly in front of our door.  The ground is mostly rocks and sand with very little grass and not very level.  You have no place to make a patio and put out your chairs.  The burrs are awful. They are all over the park. Our poor pug can’t take a step without getting one in her. I’m still weighing the good vs the bad here.  I’ll let you know which way I lean later.

We are enjoying the cable.  It’s nice to be able to turn to a channel and get a clear picture.  And, being super bowl Sunday, we enjoyed the game. I love a good close game like this one was.

Until next time,



Technically Challenged

Good morning.  It looks like we might have a warmer day today than we had yesterday.  Our high for today is 73.  No sun.  In fact, I don’t see the sun forecasted to be out for the next week and a half.  How am I supposed to have fun in the sun without the sun?

Day 76.  Being the weather was cool, windy and dreary we decided to take a ride into Port Isabel.  Our site here, in Isla Blanca Park, not only has full hookups (water, electric and sewer), but we also have cable.  This is a first for us.  We have only used the antenna to get our basic channels up until now and that has worked just fine.  Unfortunately, the antenna does not seem to be powerful enough here.  We keep losing the signal.  We now understand why they include cable with the amenities package. Problem is we didn’t have a coax cable to connect to the motorhome.  We had more than we need when we owned our home. Never thinking that we might need to save one for the motorhome, all the extra coax cables we had were either given away or sold with everything else we no longer needed.  Thus, the reason to go to town.

We had passed a Walmart on our way into the park, so we had a good idea where we were going.  It’s a nice big clean Walmart with a good selection. We easily found the coax cable we needed and a few other items.

It was time to find a car wash.  You wouldn’t believe how filthy the car gets being towed behind the motorhome.  We found a car wash and normally I wouldn’t write about it, but this was another first.  It was an automatic car wash with no human attendant.  You paid with the exact amount or used a credit card and selected what type of wash you wanted.  You then were directed to pull in.  There were no tracks to pull you through. If you went too far the speaker told you to back up.  If you didn’t go far enough forward it told you to keep going.  At the end there was no blower to dry off your car or an attendant to give it a quick wipe down.  It wasn’t the best of washes, but it got the job done and she sure looks a whole lot better.

Back at the campsite we thought all we had to do was connect the coax cable and we would have TV.  Wrong.  Granted we aren’t the most savvy with technology, but how hard could it be to connect one cord and turn on the TV.  We tried everything.  I scanned for new channels.  That didn’t work.  I changed the setting from air to cable and then scanned for new channels again.  Nope.  Still didn’t work.  Clyde checked the coax connection.  Still no TV.  We weren’t giving up.  We looked in the cabinet to see if we were missing something there. Nope. If all else fails, push buttons and see what happens.  That helped somewhat.  Clyde found 3 buttons (for 3 TV’s) that say “sat, DVD & aux”.  Apparently when you are using the air antenna you don’t need worry about those buttons. He changed all 3 to “aux” and we scanned for channels one more time.  We got TV, but the picture was fuzzy.  So back outside he went to check the connections one more time.  Nope.  Now what?  Finally, we saw one more button that said Winegard.  It was on. For the heck of it we turned it off. OMG! We got a clear picture.  We have real cable TV.  We have no idea what that button is for, but for now we don’t care.  It may have taken us a couple of hours to figure it all out, but we didn’t give up or get upset.  We persevered and succeeded.  Just call us happy campers.

Until next time,