Wash & Wax

Good morning. Today is travel day. Only an hour away, but still a travel day. I am ready. I am looking forward to spending time with our old friend. That is one nice thing about our lifestyle. We are able to make our rounds and visit with family and friends more often than we would have previously.

The weatherman is forecasting high winds again this morning, which isn’t the best time to travel. Hopefully we will be on the road and at our next site before they kick in or we can avoid them all together.

Day 102. Yesterday morning we spent cleaning the inside of Winnie and preparing for leaving here today. In the afternoon I enjoyed sitting outside in the sunshine. That never gets old. I would spend all day sitting outside if I could also be crafting at the same time or if I had a good book to read (which I don’t at the moment).

While we were enjoying the fresh air, we watched two guys wash and hand wax Winnie. When they were done with Winnie, they also did our car. We thought they were only going to wash the outside of our car, but they also did the inside. We got our motorhome washed, hand waxed and our car washed, hand waxed and the inside detailed for only $140 (and of course a nice tip). We weren’t sure how much to tip the guys. When we go out to eat we usually tip 20%. But, when there are two people do you tip per person on the total amount or do they split the tip figured on the total amount. We decided to figure it somewhere in the middle, 15% per guy.  It took them 2 hours to do both the motorhome and the car. We were very happy with how nice they both turned out. I also feel much better knowing we got the ocean salt removed. It will help keep our vehicles looking nice much longer.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a nice day.

Until next time,




One Last Day

Good morning. Well, this is our last day here on South Padre Island. It is hard to believe we have been here a month already. It’s even harder to believe tomorrow is the first day of March. Spring is almost here. They say March winds, well we have certainly experienced those here and it isn’t even March yet. Today is another high wind advisory day. I’m glad it isn’t a travel day. We leave tomorrow morning for Harlingen where we will be spending two weeks visiting with an old friend.

Today we will spend part of the day cleaning and getting things put away for traveling. We also have a mobile RV wash and wax truck coming this afternoon to give Winnie a good cleaning. It is important to get all of the salt from the ocean air off her. We want to keep our motorhome as nice looking as possible. We have seen 3 different companies come through the campground washing different recreation vehicles. They seem to keep themselves quite busy.

Day 101. As we were getting ready to leave yesterday to do our laundry the propane gas truck pulled up. We had scheduled a fill-up for today (Wednesday) but they decided to come a day early. That’s ok. We were still here and it was good to get it done. We like to keep the tank as full as possible because we have found it isn’t always easy to find a place that can accommodate a motorhome.

After the propane was filled, we were off to do our laundry. We had no problem getting the 4 machines we need. After we got our loads going the place got busy. It seemed like it was campers wash day. I visited with one lady from the Show and Tell group and one lady from the Beading group.

We were back home in time for lunch. I spent the afternoon divided between sitting outside enjoying the warm sunshine and beading. Just doing what I love most.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,






Wash Wax All

Wash wax all kit

How to Keep our motorhome clean and shiny was the next thing on my list to look into.  Last year, when we bought Winnie, I made sure to wash her a few times with baby shampoo and a clean shammy.  This year and from now on I want to make sure she is not only clean, but protected with a nice wax job.  I know my limitations and hand waxing a huge motorhome is not feasible for me or my husband.  After reading forums and blogs by other RV’ers we decided to try Wash Wax All by Aero Cosmetics. It is a product that can be used with water or without.  I found it available as an Amazon Prime product so I asked my daughter Melissa to order it for us – free 2 day shipping.  We will receive it tomorrow.  Now all we need is the right weather to try it out.

Until next time,