Stefano’s Brooklyn Pizza

Good morning. Well, the time has finally come to start our trek north. Winter is over for us. I just hope it is where we are going also. On our way north we will be going through states and areas we have not been before. We have not made any reservations and we have only a basic idea on which way we will be traveling to get to our first planned visit. We will try to avoid high winds, bad weather and mountains.

We are headed first to Peoria, Illinois where we will spend a good week and a half visiting with our son Scott, his wife Melissa and our adopted daughter Tina.  It’s been too long since we spent any length of time there and we are really looking forward to visiting with them.

But, today we just know we are going north. Our goal is Wharton, Texas. They have a Bucee’s and a Walmart. We were told by our friends Gary and Gale that we must stop at a Bucee’s. We love new experiences and we are looking forward to seeing what this pit-stop will be like. Depending on the time of day we get there will determine if we stop for the night or just keep going. We will see.

Day 117. Yesterday was spent doing laundry, packing things away, cleaning, checking the motorhome to make sure we are ready to leave and spending our last bit of time with our friends.

Steve’s mom Edie and his step-dad Delbert invited us over for pizza dinner. We have been hankering for pizza. We haven’t had any since we left Michigan in November and I don’t even remember when the last time was we had it there. Edie is a pizza lover too and was telling us how good the place was right by here. We were looking forward to trying it.

It was a nice evening to sit on their back deck and listen to their wind chimes. While we were sitting there talking and waiting for Steve and Delbert to get back with the pizza three Muscovy ducks waddled by. They are all black birds with a large white patch on their wings and red around their eyes. They are native to Mexico, Central and South America. I was disappointed I wasn’t able to get a good enough picture of them to post for you. It was the first time I had seen this type of duck.

When the pizza arrived we went inside to enjoy it. And enjoy it we did! It was just as good, if not better than they said it was. We ordered the supreme with everything on it and everything it had. I enjoyed every bite. The restaurant is Stefano’s Brooklyn Pizza in Harlingen, Texas. I have no idea what Brooklyn style pizza is, but it was excellent. The group also said they enjoy eating in the restaurant and that the other menu items are just as good. I guess we will just have to come back next year so we can try that too.

Our time here has come to an end. We can’t thank Steve, Judy, Edie and Delbert enough for their hospitality and friendship. We also want to thank Steve’s friends Kay and Ruth Ann for the use of their golf cart. Clyde and Patty Pepper sure enjoyed buzzing around in it. Patty Pepper especially had a good time riding in style. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we are so glad we got to spend this time together.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,





Don Wes Flea Market

Good Morning Family and Friends. This is our last day here in Harlingen, Texas. We will be starting our trek back north for the spring and summer. I just wish I could take this weather with us. I really don’t want to put on a winter coat again. I love wearing shorts and sandals every day.

Day 116. Yesterday Steve, Judy, Edie, Delbert, Clyde and I went to the Don Wes Flea Market in Donna, Texas, which is near Weslaco in the RGV. The place is huge and packed with shoppers, mostly winter Texans. Vendors are both inside the buildings and outside. The place reminds me of when we used to go to the fairgrounds in Illinois to a craft fair that was held once a year. You can find both old and new items, as well as food. Some of the food items were oranges, onions, honey, kettle corn etc. All as fresh as you could get. Many of the vendors are winter Texans. It was fun to walk around and look. Parking was free. We did find a few items to bring home.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,




Progreso, Mexico

Good morning. The temperature is slowly rising. It looks like we are going to have a beautiful day with a high in the mid 70’s and partly sunny. It will be a great day to be outside.

Day 115. Even though it was a cool cloudy day that didn’t deter us from our plans to go to Progreso, Mexico one last time before we head north. Steve, Judy, Clyde and I had a great day. We walked across the border and shopped up and down the couple blocks of stores with the sidewalks filled with vendors. The streets were crowded with winter Texans but there didn’t appear to be as many street vendors as last week when we came. There was a couple of things I wanted to buy and did not find. I guess that means we will have to come back again next year.

I’ve read and we were told that if you need any medicines, prescription or over the counter, to get them in Mexico as it is much cheaper there. We do have insurance but we both take the same over the counter medicine recommended by our doctors which can be costly. In the U.S. the pills are 36 cents each. In Mexico they were 30 cents each. We bought a couple of months worth each.

We went to a different restaurant this time and I really enjoyed the food. I have no idea what I ordered. I just know Steve and Judy highly recommended it and it was genuine Mexican cuisine. I had a half of an order and it was still way too much food for me. As we were about done shopping I was able to take a doggie bag home. I hope next year we can go there again.

The lines to get back into the U.S. were a bit longer than last time, but they moved quickly. We were asked the usual questions and the agent smiled at Clyde when he held up our bag of leftovers to declare.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,


Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge

Good morning. It is going to be another mild day with a high of only 71. Perfect for going to Mexico one last time before we leave here and start heading north. One thing I noticed that is different here than up north is that when the temperature drops suddenly there is no storm, no rain. The wind will whip up and the temperature drops. Up north the wind will whip up and the rain will pour down and the temperature drops. They sure could use the rain down here. Everything is so dry. Some of the riverbeds are dried up and the grass is dry and filled with teeny, tiny burrs.

Day 114.  Yesterday Steve and Judy took us for a drive. First we went to a town called Port Mansfield, which is along the Laguna Madre and across from where South Padre Island and Padre Island meet. It is a fishing village with many piers. It was a cool crisp day and the wind was blowing, but the pier we walked was filled with people fishing anyway. I didn’t see anyone catching anything, but they were trying. Just call them diehard fishermen.

What makes this little town unique is that there are deer wandering around all over. You see them in the yards, along the road, everywhere. Steve stopped the car so I could take a picture of one close by. I opened the van door, took a few pictures and the little guy just stood there posing for me. He didn’t take off when he heard the noise of the door opening like the deer do anywhere else. None of the deer are very big that I saw.


We then headed south toward the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. On the way we stopped at another of Steve’s favorite places to eat, Chili Willie’s Drive Inn, located in the Rio Hondo/Arroyo City area along the Colorado River. Only it wasn’t a drive-in as we would think of one-no car hop or eating outside. It was a quaint little bar-restaurant known for having good burgers and seafood. We each enjoyed a burger and fries or onion rings.

When we arrived at the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge we used our Lifetime Senior Passes to get in. It was our first time to be able to use them. We drove around the park looking for wildlife and we walked a few of the different marked paths. We were a bit disappointed we weren’t able to spot many birds or other wildlife. I guess it was too cold or the wrong time of year for the birds and animals to be out wandering around. We had a good time anyway and enjoyed the fresh air and company. It is a beautiful area that would be a great place to come when the weather is a bit nicer to hike and take photos.



We enjoyed our day with friends and have another trip planned for today. Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,


Casa Blanca Restaurant

Good morning. What a big drop in temperature. It was 96 late yesterday afternoon when I checked on my phone (it could have been warmer earlier in the day). Right now it is 61 with a high of only 68. It will be a perfect day for sightseeing.

Day 113. As I mentioned it was hot and humid yesterday. It would have been a good day for the pool, but we were too busy doing other things, like going out to lunch/dinner with our little group; Steve, Judy, Steve’s mom Edie and his Step-dad Delbert. They wanted us to try one of their favorite places to go on a Sunday. Clyde and I were told to bring cash as they do not accept credit or debit cards or checks. It’s a cash only establishment. We were also advised to bring a couple of zip-lock baggies to bring home leftovers. We both thought that was kind of weird and funny. I’d never seen or heard of anyone doing that before in a restaurant. They had our curiosity piqued and we were looking forward to going.

We went to the Casa Blanca Restaurant in Raymondville, Texas. From the outside it looked like a little hole-in-the-wall place with bars on the windows and doors. I would never have stopped here had we not been with friends.

Steve and his mom wanted to get there around 11am. On Sunday’s they serve a smorgasbord from 11am-2pm. They said the place fills up quickly and they were right. I saw no hostess to seat you. You just walked in and chose a table. Edie knew whose station she wanted to sit in and led the way. Once seated we headed up to the buffet.

There was one long table with a variety of side dishes. Too many to fit on my plate. Then along the back they had another long table where a server was slicing meats. They had roast beef, pork, ham and country fried steak. You had your choice of two. They were good-sized portions. You could go back for more of the sides but not for the meats.

The food was very good. As we ate I saw others leaving with baggies filled with food. Again another chuckle. I know it is just a different way to take a doggie bag home, but it seemed odd to me. Our server even brought us a few baggies to fill, which we all did.

The restaurant could use some updating and maintenance (damaged ceiling tiles, molding coming down, etc.), but it was very clean and the food was good. If we come back to this area again next year I would definitely eat here again.

Later in the afternoon Steve and Clyde power washed the underside of Winnie, our motorhome, to remove all the salt we accumulated while by the ocean. They said it was pretty bad and that they noticed we had rust areas underneath that need to be taken care of. It looks like Clyde has himself a project for this summer.

Salt does a lot of damage to our cars and motorhomes. Up north it is the salt from the roads, down south it is the salt from the ocean air. Our motorhome shows no visible rust areas. It wasn’t until they crawled underneath that it was noticed. Just something to think about, but you might want to check under your RV for rust. And, if you are looking to purchase a used RV, you might want to crawl underneath to check the degree of damage it has accumulated.

We’ve got a busy day planned for today, so I’ve got to get my move on. Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,









Busy Day

Good morning. It’s going to be a hot one today – 90’s and full sun. I think you might find us in the pool this afternoon.

Day 111. We had a busy day yesterday. It was golfer’s appreciation day at the local golf store here in Harlingen. We are not golfers, but our friend Steve is, so we stopped in for a short visit. We had a nice lunch and received a coupon for a free round of golf at one of the nearby golf courses.

After that Steve took us for a ride around Harlingen. We stopped at the Iwo Jima Memorial and Museum located by the airport and Marine Military Academy. This huge memorial is the original mold used to cast the famous Marine Corps War Memorial that is outside Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC. It is an interesting story about how the mold came to be erected in Harlingen. I would rather you read about it here, than me try to explain it to you.


When we got back from our sightseeing tour with Steve and Judy, Clyde and I hopped in the car and went to Hobby Lobby for some beading needles (which they were out of) and some beading thread. Much to my pleasant surprise they were having a 50% off sale on beads.  Of course I took advantage of the sale.

In the evening we went to a concert held inside the dance hall of our park. The singer was Leslie Blasing, a well know entertainer from the RGV area.  Steve spoke very highly about her and I can see why. She has a beautiful voice and sings a variety of music from all genres. She is someone I would go hear again and listen to at home or in the car. We had a very nice time and got to know a few more of our neighbors.

As you can see, we had a very busy day. I also got some beading in. (Big smile).

Loving our lifestyle. Have a great day.

Until next time,




A Normal Routine Lifestyle

Good morning. I’m so glad we picked this year to go south for the winter. I’m not sure why, but this winter seems to be colder all over the U.S. than previous years and with more snow. So while family and friends up north are wearing winter coats and shoveling snow, I’m down here wearing shorts and sitting outside in my lounge chair enjoying the fresh air. What a life.

Days 108 & 109. We’ve settled in here, at Park Place Estates, living a normal routine lifestyle. You know; shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, crafts, playing cards and sitting outside enjoying the fresh air.

I did go to the bead store and was able to get enough supplies to keep me busy for a while. As usual, I have so many ideas running through my head it is hard to know which project to start on first. And, because I will be gifting most of what I make, I cannot share my ideas or finished projects just yet. I know, boo. But be patient. I will share.

Staying in this RV park feels more like living in a small neighborhood. Everyone knows each other. You often see small groups of people gathered together, either standing around at the curb talking or sitting outside in front of their homes chatting away. Even though we are not permanent residents or even long-term winter Texans in this park, they make us feel welcome. I can understand why some full-timers choose to find one place to stay for the entire winter instead of traveling around.

We are just not ready to settle down. We have too many places we haven’t been and would like to see. If you ask us which of the places we have been this winter we’ve liked the best we couldn’t say. Every place has been completely different from the other. I’ve enjoyed each place for a different reason. That is what makes this lifestyle so wonderful.

Loving our lifestyle. Have a good day.

Until next time,